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Blue With Envy

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"Blue With Envy" is the twenty-eighth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 8 April 2015 in France and on 14 July 2015 in the United States.


A too cool new shrew comes to town and threatens Sonic's status as the town's biggest hero. Can this guy be for real?



Races and species:





Team Sonic is enjoying another meal at Meh Burger when a mysterious person speeds into the village and makes his presence known. He continues to show off, this time by riding a skateboard, which impresses everyone but Sonic. Eventually, the skateboarder introduces himself as "Swifty the Shrew", and manages to earn Tails' admiration, Amy's and Sticks' affection, and even more of Sonic's annoyance. Just then, Lady Walrus alerts everyone to the peril her baby is facing; Swifty speeds off to save the baby as people cheer him on, while Sonic follows in order to save his face despite failing to come up with a catchphrase. Sonic quickly catches up, but Swifty's showboating leaves him temporarily blinded, trapped in glue, and covered by a net. As a result, Swifty reaches the baby first and gets the glory, much to Amy and Sticks' excitement.

Later, at Tails' House, Sonic is busy scraping the glue off his shoes and angrily muttering about Swifty while he is subjected to Amy and Sticks' fawning over the new hero, which just annoys him even more. He then visits the workshop, only to find that Swifty and Tails are bonding in there. The sight of this causes Sonic to tell Swifty off in jealousy. As Knuckles, Amy and Sticks appear due to the commotion that Sonic made, Swifty provokes him further by claiming to be the faster one. Sonic challenges the upstart to a race around the village, who agrees on the condition that the loser leaves town. Though caught off-guard by the penalty, Sonic accepts anyway and leaves to get ready. His friends now realize that Swifty is trying to gain fame at his expense, so they reject the shrew and tell him to leave as well.

Back at the village, the race is about to begin, with everyone but Sonic's friends cheering for Swifty. Overseeing things is Mayor Fink, who reminds the contestants of what is at stake before starting the race. Sonic soon gains the lead, but is shocked when he finds Swifty inexplicably ahead of him several times. Even when forced to run at maximum speed, Sonic reaches the finish line only to find that Swifty had beat him to it some time ago. The hedgehog refuses to believe his loss and even suspects foul play, but in the end Mayor Fink officially banishes him from the village. The Beaver Policeman and Wolf Policeman then escort Sonic to just outside the village boundaries and stick around to keep him from sneaking back in.

Team Sonic laments the loss of their leader when Dr. Eggman suddenly arrives in the village and reveals that Swifty the Shrew is not only a robot he created, but that there are multiple Swifty clones as well, confirming Sonic's earlier suspicions of cheating during the race. His plan was to use the Swifty-bots to make Sonic jealous enough to challenge him (or rather them) to a race, so that he would be exiled, therefore unable to stop Eggman's plot of fulfilling his lifelong evil dream: building a theme park; when questioned about how such a dream could be "evil", Eggman states that he will force visitors to wait in long lines, purchase expensive merchandise, and eat stale food covered in preservatives. He then orders the Swiftys to erect a statue and ransack the village for building supplies.

Seeing what has transpired, Team Sonic requests that Mayor Fink unbanish their leader. The mayor insists on following official procedure, such as having a council to perform a majority vote, but Amy forces him to speed things up. The banishment is rescinded, and the officers allow Sonic back inside the village. In a flash, he smashes all the robots and hijacks the Eggmobile by locking the steering wheel, sending Eggman away from the village. Sonic regains his status as the village hero, and even coins the catchphrase "Catch ya later, Eggface!" He quickly wears out its novelty, however.


  • Gil reminds the villagers of his "irritable bowl syndrome," which he explained in "My Fair Sticksy".
  • The shot of the Swifty and Eggman statue being raised would be used in a movie created by Eggman in "Eggman the Auteur".
  • Sonic finds his catchphrase which he would coin in the next episode.
  • Dr. Eggman would recall his failed scheme in this episode in "Lair On Lockdown".


  • While Swifty performs tricks with his skateboard, Lady Goat is miscolored peach (given the limited budget for the creation of characters for Sonic Boom however, this could just be a different goat borrowing Lady Goat's character model).
  • As Swifty is preparing to save Chumley, Lady Goat is missing her irises in the shot where everyone says "radical speed."
  • In the scenes with the villagers near the end of the episode, two identical Child Monkeys can be seen in the crowd.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 蓝色嫉妒 Blue Jealousy
Finnish Komea ja kadehdittava Handsome and enviable
French Bleu de jalousie Blue with Envy
German Grün vor Neid Green with envy
Hungarian Kék vagy zöld? Blue or green?
Italian Invidia blu Blue envy
Japanese ソニックのライバル登場 Enter Sonic's Rival
Korean 겁나 빠른 스피디 Speedy, the Quickest of All
Persian موش تندرو Fast Mouse
Polish Niebieski z zazdrości Blue with envy
Portuguese (Brazil) Velocidade Radical Radical Speed
Portuguese (Portugal) Azul de Inveja Blue with Envy
Romanian Albastru de invidie Blue with envy
Russian Посинеть от зависти Blue with envy
Spanish (Latin America) Azul de Envidia Blue with Envy
Turkish Gerçek Hız True Speed
Ukrainian Могутня заздрість Powerful envy


  • The title of this episode is a reference to the phrase "green with envy."
    • The German title has literally the phrase.
    • Swifty is green.
  • Eggman's desire to built a theme park might be a reference to his main series counterpart who has a penchant for creating amusement park-themed bases, like Eggmanland.
  • This episode aired in France as the twenty-seventh episode in the series.
  • This episode was originally meant to air on 30 May 2015 in the United States.[3]
  • Several of the elements Eggman used to represent his amusement park make allusions to the The Walt Disney Company:
  • In the Russian dub of this episode, instead of opposing Sonic's unbanishment, Dave said that nobody was against Sonic's return.
  • This episode aired in Finland as the eight episode in the series.


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