Blue Sky Zone is a Zone in the 2012 remake of Sonic Jump and later appeared in Sonic Jump Fever.


The Zone features green hills/mountains with white houses similar to the ones from Apotos/Windmill Isle in Sonic Unleashed. There are balloons in the foreground and in the background. Clouds are used as platforms, with one hue cloud is a regular platform and ones with multiple clouds as breakable and fake platforms. 


In Sonic Jump, the Zone consists of eleven Acts and a boss fight while in Sonic Jump Fever, there are multiple level layouts in terms of the position of the enemies, platforms and objects and the player can play this Zone as many times possible during a period of two days before the game switches to Green Hill Zone.


  • The starting platform has grass like the grass in the Green Hill Zone stage.
  • The Zone itself looks like Apotos from Sonic Unleashed.
  • This stage can be considered Amy's stage in the game due to her being released along with it as well as having the stage in the background of her wallpaper for the game.
  • The Zone's music was later remixed for the main menu theme of Sonic Dash.




Name Artist Length Music Track
N/A (Sonic Jump) (2012) N/A 1:46
Sonic Jump (2012) OST - Blue Sky Zone
N/A (Sonic Jump Fever) N/A 1:20
Sonic Jump Fever OST - Blue Sky Zone

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