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Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic and the Secret Rings

The Blue Ring, also called the Blue World Ring, is a reoccurring object in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is one of the seven World Rings which is infused with the emotion of prayers.

Game appearances

Sonic and the Secret Rings

In Sonic and the Secret Rings, the Blue Ring was the third World Ring that Sonic obtained. The ring appeared before him and Shahra as they passed through Levitated Ruin, and Sonic felt a surge of its power when he grabbed it.

During the final confrontation with Erazor Djinn, Sonic used all the World Rings to access Erazor's inner sanctum, before the djinn got Shahra to hand them over to him. Absorbing the Blue Ring along with the others while their control was still incomplete, Erazor transformed into the monstrous Alf Layla wa-Layla. Sonic however took the World Rings of Hatred, Sadness and Rage to become Darkspine Sonic and literally beat the World Rings' power out of Erazor.

Sonic Rivals 2

SR2 card 9

The Blue World Ring in Sonic Rivals 2.

In Sonic Rivals 2, the Blue Ring is called the Blue World Ring and is one of the collectible cards in the game. The player can obtain it by successfully copying every rival characters' Signature Moves with Metal Sonic's Copycat.

Sonic and the Black Knight

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The Blue Ring.

In Sonic and the Black Knight, the Blue Ring is one of the collectibles in the game. Its profile describes it as one of the seven World Rings that contain the emotion of hope within it. Collecting this ring, along with the other six World Rings in the game, will unlock the song "Seven Rings In Hand".


  • No: 78
  • ID Point Price: 10
  • Rarity Level: 8/10
  • Item Type: Ring
  • LocationTitanic Plain (Legacy Mission)


  • In Sonic and the Secret Rings, the Blue Ring was found on the Rukh, the blue sky representing the ring.
  • In Sonic and the Secret Rings the ring was associated with prayers, while the treasury in Sonic and the Black Knight the description says it is "A ring containing hope."

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