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The Blue Ring[1] (青いリング Aoiringu?) is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a type of collectible object that is associated with the Blue Cube and the Cube Wispon.


The Blue Rings are transparent, blue Rings with an equally transparent blue cube inside their center. In gameplay, these objects can be picked up by the playable character for special effects.

Game appearances

Sonic Colors

A large cluster of Blue Rings in Starlight Carnival, from the Wii version of Sonic Colors.

In the Wii version of Sonic Colors, and the remaster Sonic Colors: Ultimate, the Blue Rings appear in the Areas where the Blue Wisps are present, namely Sweet Mountain, Starlight Carnival, Planet Wisp, Aquarium Park and Asteroid Coaster. In this game, the Blue Rings are about two meters in diameter and they float in fixed positions.

In gameplay, the Blue Rings can be collected when the playable character touches them, which causes them to vanish. For each Blue Ring collected, the player gains 3,000 points. Also, when using the Blue Cube, the player can turn all Blue Rings on the screen into Blue Blocks, which are solid platform-like objects. Once the Blue Cube's Wisp Gauge runs out, however, the Blue Rings will revert back to their original form.

Sonic Forces

The Avatar using the Cube Wispon to create Blue Rings, from Sonic Forces.

In Sonic Forces, the Blue Rings only appear in the stages featuring the Avatar and the Tag Team mechanic. In this game, they are much smaller than they were in Sonic Colors.

In gameplay, the Blue Rings appear as by-products of the Cube Wispon. When smashing an enemy that is encased in a Blue Cube by the Cube Wispon, the playable will release Blue Rings that are automatically drawn towards the Avatar, which will increase both their Ring count and score.





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