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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Blue Ridge Zone

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So, this is Blue Ridge Zone.
We don't know much about this place. We need to be careful.

Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

The Blue Ridge Zone (ブルーリッジゾーン Burūrijjizōn?) is the fourth area visited by Sonic's team in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Although the other areas on the world-map (Green Hill Zone, Central City, Mystic Ruins, and Metropolis) have all been appearing in previous Sonic games, Blue Ridge Zone is a new location. Mainly this takes place throughout Chapter 4 of Sonic Chronicles.

Blue Ridge Zone is also the first time that the party learns of Shade (and the Marauders') true identity: Nocturnus Clan echidnas, ancient enemies of Pachacamac and Knuckles' own ancestral Knuckles Clan.


The chilly alpine region features fir trees, distinctive azure grasses, and snowfall as you head further north. Giant freshwater alligators—dragodons—are encountered here, as well as roving squads of Marauder-controlled Eggman mechs.

In the southeast, the team finds the remnants of Station Square. After being destroyed by Perfect Chaos in Sonic Adventure, the city has been reduced to a tumble-down shanty-town. Nonetheless, its surviving residents carry on as best they can; the place even sports a rudimentary airfield, where the Tornado biplane lands.


Within the story, Blue Ridge Zone is simply a through route for the heroes; they land in Station Square with the intention of accessing Metropolis, located at the northern edge of Blue Ridge. However, Procurator Shade stops their progress by detonating an avalanche to close the pass - thereby obliging the team to find another entrance. Dr. Eggman reveals that there is such a way inside: a code-locked doorway hidden under an ice formation, which the avalanche conveniently dislodged.

Side Missions

Side-quests in Blue Ridge Zone include:

  • Recruiting Shadow the Hedgehog, who is also in Blue Ridge looking for the entrance to Metropolis (so he can rescue E-123 Omega).
  • Saving Timmy, who fell down the well (according to his absent-minded father).
  • Preventing a power-plant explosion, after an incompetent technician failed to reset the breakers.
  • Escorting a GUN Official back to Station Square, after his squad was attacked by Marauder forces.
  • Delivering a copy of the Blue Ridge Times newspaper to a citizen who's somewhat... indisposed.


Name Price
Health Root 12 Rings
Health Leaf 10 Rings
Blue Ridge Times 1 Ring
POW Drink 12 Rings
POW Gum 10 Rings
Ring of Life 20 Rings
Antidote 10 Rings
Clover Juice 15 Rings
Crazy Beans 15 Rings
Speed Bar 15 Rings
Iron Tonic 15 Rings
Work Boots 75 Rings
Stiff Sneakers 70 Rings
Tough Slippers 65 Rings
Gritty Gloves 70 Rings
Power Gloves 100 Rings
Polymer Gloves 80 Rings
Spooky Charm 100 Rings
Angel Amulet 40 Rings
Replenisher 150 Rings
Pretty Dress 125 Rings
Economizer 150 Rings








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