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The Blue Force One[1] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is Sonic the Hedgehog's personal vehicle for traveling where he cannot run.[1]




The Blue Force One's instrument board.

The Blue Force Once resembles a cabin motorcycle. It has a blue frame with a black undercarriage, a yellow streak on the roof, white front lights, a brown seat with a yellow section up front, and a red windshield with wing mirrors on the side. Its instrument board includes a high-tech touchpad and a simple, yet adjustable, handlebar. It also has a single black wheel on the rear and two parallel ones up front. Also, between its front wheels is a yellow license plate with a red version of Sonic's face on it, and on its rear is a rocket exhaust.

Features and abilities

The Blue Force One has quick acceleration and, with its rear rocket added for propulsion, it can reach speeds at about 100 mph.[2][3] Being designed to let Sonic travel where he cannot run,[1] the Blue Force One can reconfigure itself into different forms, granting it alternate traveling modes to tackle different terrains and environments:

  • Flight mode: By adjusting its wheels so they form lift fans, the Blue Force One can achieve flight and hovering. This is useful when Sonic has to cross surfaces that are unsuitable to be standing on, like large bodies of water or lava.[2][4]
  • Snowmobile mode: By protruding spikes on its wheels, the Blue Force One can get a firm grip on ice and in snow. This is useful when Sonic has to travel across snowy mountain ranges and through snowstorms.[3]


TV series

Season two


Sonic riding the Blue Force One.

When not used, the Blue Force One would be parked outside Sonic's Shack.[5][6][7][8] Sonic eventually took the vehicle for a ride, denying Orbot and Cubot a lift to Eggman's lair along the way.[2] The Blue Force One was later used by Sonic to help pull his friends up a mountain when the weather there proved too rough. He likewise used it to escape said mountain when an avalanche occurred.[3] Sonic soon after brought out the Blue Force One to rescue some Gogobas stuck on a lava river, although he only got to save one before his new ally, Steve Eggman, got the rest to safety.[4] Upon getting vacated from his shack, Sonic rode the Blue Force One to his temporary living arrangement.[9]

The Blue Force One would get stored onboard the Dude-Mobile for Dude-itude's road trip, during which the crew would chase after the Bike Chain Bandit. When a lava river separated the Dude-Mobile from the Bike Chain Bandit while he escaped on a scooter though, Sonic used the Blue Force One and its flight mode to catch up to the bandit and stop him.[10] When Team Sonic later had time to goof off, Sonic used the Blue Force One to drag his friends around on their Hoverboards.[11] The Blue Force One would some time afterward be taken back and forth between Tails' House and Sonic's Shack.[12] After this, it ended up at Tails' Workshop under unspecified circumstances.[13] The vehicle was later taken back to Tails' Workshop while Sonic was visiting Tails.[14] Sonic would some time afterward use the Blue Force One to search for Dr. Eggman and his inter-dimensional doppelganger in order to prevent the end of the world.[15]





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