Metal Sonic 15

Metal Sonic with the Blue Devil.

The Blue Devil (ブルーデビル Burūdebiru?) is a vehicle that Metal Sonic is seen using as his racing car in Sonic Drift 2.


The Blue Devil is an all-blue convertible sports car with a yellow colored edge in front of the control seat, which has made to fit only for Metal Sonic. It has a rag reduction system and two motors behind the back-wheels.


Along with Sonic and his Cyclone, Metal Sonic and his Blue Devil have the highest speed of all characters, while counterbalance having the worst handling. The player is able to do the High-Speed Dash, which is more powerful than what Sonic is capable to make. However, doing this costs three rings that the player has.

Driver Vehicles Special Power Picture
Metal Sonic Blue Devil A High-Speed Dash similar to that of Sonic, except with greatly increased Power and Acceleration. However, it's so powerful, it requires 3 Rings to use, instead of the usual 2. Metal Sonic 15


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