The Blue Devil[1] (ブルーデビル[2] Burūdebiru?) is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a racing car used by Metal Sonic during the second Chaos GP.


The Blue Devil is designed to be an all-blue convertible sports car with a yellow-colored edge in front of the control seat, which has been designed so that it will only fit Metal Sonic. It also has a rag reduction system, and two motors behind the back-wheels.


In Sonic Drift 2, the Blue Devil appears as Metal Sonic's personal racing car, which he uses during races.

In gameplay, the Blue Devil is a more extreme version of Sonic's Cyclone, as it possesses the highest acceleration and top speed of all the vehicles in the game. In return, it has the worst handling, which makes getting through tights corners a troubling matter. As its special ability, the Blue Devil can perform a "Super Dash",[1] which is a even more powerful speed dash than the dash ability of Sonic's Cyclone. However, it is so powerful that it costs three Rings to be performed instead of two.[1]

Image Driver Vehicle Special Ability Attributes
Acceleration Speed Handling
Metal Sonic 15 Metal Sonic Blue Devil If you think Sonic's Dash is hot stuff, wait 'till you see Metal Sonic's Super Dash, which possesses even greater speed and acceleration! It's so hot it costs three rings for him to use it. Very high Very high Very low


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