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Miles "Tails" Prower, Sonic Colors (Wii)

The Blue Cube (ブルー・キューブ Burū kyūbu?), also known as the Cube form, is a transformation for potentially multiple users which appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is the Color Power gained by absorbing a Blue Wisp and its Hyper-go-on, which turns the user into a cube with environment-altering effects.


When using the Blue Cube, the user transforms into a perfectly shaped blue cube. In Sonic's case, his version of the Blue Cube has several vertical and horizontal straight recesses on his surface and on one side, his eyes and ear channels can be seen, albeit they are now yellow and has straight outlines.

Game appearances

Sonic Colors

The Blue Cube made its first appearance in the Wii version of Sonic Colors. In this game, it can first be used in Starlight Carnival Act 1. When utilizing the Blue Cube in gameplay, the user only turns into the Blue Cube when utilizing this form's powers, unlike most other Color Powers. In gameplay, when using the Blue Cube's powers, the playable character unleashes shockwaves that can destroy all enemies (first by launching them into the air and then destroying them) and otherwise destructible obstacles on-screen, though things such as Wisp Capsules remain unharmed. Using the Blue Cube near Blue Rings will likewise turn them into Blue Blocks and vice versa. This way, the player can create new platforms from Blue Rings, which the player could not walk across earlier because they were intangible Blue Rings, or get through passages blocked by Blue Cubes by turning them into intangible Blue Rings.


The Blue Cube's ground pound as it coverts Blue Blocks to Blue Rings and vice versa.

To use the Blue Cube in gameplay, the player must possess a Blue Wisp. If the player is in an area not suited for the Blue Cube however, the Blue Wisp will go dormant (which is illustrated by its on-screen icon sleeping), thus preventing the player from becoming the Blue Cube. Once the player starts utilizing the Blue Cube, the player's Wisp Gauge starts to deplete, and once it runs out, the playable character will revert back to normal. To extend its duration, the player has to collect more Blue Wisps. Also, once the Blue Cube wears off, all Blue Rings and Blue Blocks affected by the Blue Cube will revert back to their original state.

When using the Blue Cube in gameplay, the player has the following controls:

Standard Wii Remote Sideways Classic Style GameCube Controller
Activate/use Blue Cube Shake Wii Remote Shake Wii Remote ButtonIcon-WCC-R Gamecube Z Button

Team Sonic Racing

TSR PromoScreenshot BlueCube

The Blue Cube used in Team Sonic Racing.

In Team Sonic Racing, the Blue Cube make an appearance as a product of the Blue Wisp Item Box power-ups that can be obtained on the race tracks. In this game, rather than transforming the playable character when using the Blue Cube, the game manifests the Blue Cube form separately from the playable character.

To use the Blue Cube in gameplay, the player has to press PSXButton/A button/Switch b while in possession of at least one Blue Wisp. This will make the playable character deploy a manifestation of the Blue Cube on the race track (similar to the Blowfish) to serve as an obstacle for other races. Colliding with a Blue Cube will cause a racer to take damage and spin out for a few moments. The Blue Cubes can either be thrown ahead of the user in an arc or dropped directly behind the user, and will remain on the race tracks for the entire duration of the race until someone collides with them or destroys them with an Item Box power-up, such as the Orange Rocket or Crimson Eagle. If played right, the Blue Cube can even be used to defend against inbound projectile-based Color Powers.

Powers and abilities

When transformed into the Blue Cube, the user can send out powerful shockwaves across the vicinity by slamming into the ground, which have different effects on the objects in the area. Enemies and troublesome obstacles caught in the shockwaves are hit with such force that they are blown apart, while Blue Rings will turn into Blue Blocks and vice versa. The Blue Cube's only known weakness is that it can only be used for a few seconds and requires more Hyper-go-on from Blue Wisps to be maintained.


Name Game Artist Length Music Track
"Color Power - Blue Cube" Sonic Colors Tomoya Ohtani 0:31


  • When Sonic is using the Blue Cube, he glows blue.
  • The Blue Cube is the only Color Power that transforms Sonic only for the gimmick of its abilities.
  • The Blue Cube is the only transformation-inducing Color Power that does not grant the player any form of Color Bonus points from its actions or presence.
  • The Blue Cube and the Purple Frenzy are the only Color Powers that cannot be combined with any Color Power in the 2 Player mode of Eggman's Sonic Simulator.
  • The Purple Frenzy, Green Hover, and Blue Cube powers are the only Color Powers not to be used in a boss fight.






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