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PandyPiggy PandyPiggy 9 days ago

I have a Secret...

If you don't know me, this blog isn't for you. I suggest you leave.

My name is PandyPiggy and by the time you are reading this, I'm 13 years old. You may remember me for my roleplaying, my love of Elise or an interest for the drama. I was a user from September 2022 - February 2023. I was 11 then. Heck, I was 9 when I joined the Piggy wiki!

I guess I tricked you all.

I know this might seem useless, dumb if you may, to tell you all this so long after I left, but for me, it feels just right to finally share the truth.

In hindsight, it wasn't that I tricked you all with my "maturity", it was more that I was able to keep it a secret for so long. Maybe you, the one reading this, is 12 and we might not know it.

I don't really mind, admins, moderators, …

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FunniMemeBoi2023 FunniMemeBoi2023 14 days ago

Dear blog post AGAIN!!!

Sooooo, you guys know the Sonic Championship gallery on this wiki?

If you look in the models section right now, you’ll see that Sonic looks different.

Well, that’s because I updated the image.


Well, before I updated it, it looked like this:Now his t-pose is straight and symmetrical, he has that little smile, and the buckle used the right texture this time. I also decided to use the open hand poses, because yes

I plan on updating the other character t-pose renders, but MEGAF0XX didn’t rip all of the characters (YET), so I’m gonna work with what I got.

Hope you guys understand.

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Garfield peanuts Garfield peanuts 15 days ago

Sonic hat

A family member went to Curaçao and got me this abomination.

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best moment in a father's life

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TheAverageLifeForm TheAverageLifeForm 18 days ago

Finally! A good conversation on this fandom that doesn't have any stupid drama or under-age weird'o's!

Sonic x Shadow Generations website hints at unannounced 4th playable character | Fandom

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G u n dancer G u n dancer 18 days ago

my blog post.

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Cbbazinga12 Cbbazinga12 18 days ago

Sonic the Hedgehog (film series) (My Humanized Vision) Changes

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Southernhavyn Southernhavyn 18 days ago


I just want to say that I love you guys so much!!! I like this wiki forever and enjoy making pages!!!

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Cbbazinga12 Cbbazinga12 19 days ago

The Sonic the Hedgehog Trilogy stories

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Cbbazinga12 Cbbazinga12 20 days ago

Sonic the Hedgehog (film series) (My Animal Vision)

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Cbbazinga12 Cbbazinga12 20 days ago

Sonic the Hedgehog (film series) character birth dates

Here is a list of the birthdays of characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog film series:

  • Pachacamac - October 22, 1938
  • Pete Whipple - October 26, 1942
  • Wendy Whipple - February 13, 1944
  • Commander Walters - February 1, 1951
  • Crazy Carl - June 2, 1951
  • Doctor Ivo Robotnik - January 17, 1962
  • Major Bennington - March 13, 1966
  • Longclaw - August 29, 1967
  • Jack Sinclair - May 4, 1968
  • The Buyer - April 24, 1969
  • Randall Handel - April 20, 1970
  • Shadow - September 2, 1970
  • Tom Wachowski - September 15, 1973
  • Rachel - June 20, 1978
  • Maddie Wachowski - October 21, 1980
  • Wade Whipple - March 18, 1982
  • Agent Stone - May 31, 1982
  • Agent Willoughby - November 4, 1983
  • Agent Mason - January 30, 1984
  • Knuckles - June 15, 2005
  • Sonic - August 18, 2006
  • Miles "Tails" Prower - September 27, 2008
  • Jojo …
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DiegoUreta68 DiegoUreta68 20 days ago

ChatGPT experimentation

This page is to detail my experiments with ChatGPT regarding Sonic the Hedgehog knowledge. Unless otherwise noted I'll be using GPT-4o, updated with information from before 2024. I've tried this already on the Angry Birds Wiki and saw good results on most pages. Since GPT-4o can only be used for a certain amount of time before the user has to wait to use it again, there may be delays in the project.

The aim of this project is to see how reliable LLM models like ChatGPT can be when covering Sonic-related topics, specifically major ones like the games. It does not aim to replace human-written text with AI-generated text. LLMs remain a young technology and can produce false, misleading or biased information, specially when the prompts given aren't…

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Cbbazinga12 Cbbazinga12 20 days ago

Sonic the Hedgehog (film series) Humanized

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Cbbazinga12 Cbbazinga12 21 days ago

Sonic the Hedgehog (film series) (My Humanized Vision)

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Ava the star warrior Ava the star warrior 21 days ago

Hi, I'm new here lol

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Cbbazinga12 Cbbazinga12 22 days ago

Sonic the Hedgehog (film series) (My Vision)

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Cbbazinga12 Cbbazinga12 22 days ago

Sonic the Hedgehog Humanized

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Darth Crucible 01 Darth Crucible 01 23 days ago

Possible fourth movie

What do you want to see in a possible fourth movie

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Mozartmanz Mozartmanz 25 days ago

I’ve returned to the wiki (earlier than expected)

I’ve decided that I’d return to the wiki because I’ve grown attached to the people in this fandom. Because yes while some people start drama this place is a pretty nice place and a side of the Sonic Fandom I had never experienced 1 year & 11 months back.

so uh yeah.

I’m Back.

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Josiahblaze Josiahblaze 26 days ago

Sonic Sprite Wars: Shadow's birthday

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Cbbazinga12 Cbbazinga12 29 days ago

Sonic the Hedgehog (film series) character roles

Here are the roles of the characters in Sonic Cinematic Universe.

  • 1 Overall
  • 2 Sonic the Hedgehog
  • 3 Knuckles
  • 4 Sonic the Hedgehog 3
  • 5 References

  • Sonic the Hedgehog - The titular main protagonist
  • Miles "Tails" Prower - One of the two deuteragonists
  • Knuckles the Echidna - One of the two tritagonists
  • Dr. Robotnik - The main antagonist
  • Tom Wachowski - One of the two deuteragonists
  • Maddie Wachowski - One of the two tritagonists
  • Agent Stone - The secondary antagonist
  • Wade Whipple - A major character
  • Shadow the Hedgehog - The final antagonist
  • Rachel - A supporting character
  • Commander Walters - A major character
  • Randall Handel - A supporting character
  • Wanda Whipple - A supporting character
  • Wendy Whipple - A supporting character
  • "Pistol" Pete Whipple - A major antagonist
  • The …

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LouisEugenioJR LouisEugenioJR 22 June

June 2024 Updates

Hey. Been a while, huh?

I heard Sonic X Shadow Generations got an official release of October 25th, which will come in a heartbeat. Apart from that, I still await to see a Sonic the Hedgehog Movie 3 trailer. My best bet is that the trailer will be revealed at the San Diego Comic Con.

That's all for now.

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Sonic Frontiers: The Final Horizon- Full Review

I have reviewed Sonic Frontiers’s main campaign fully, in my review of it. In that review, I promised that I would do a review of The Final Horizon after I was done with it. Now that I have done that? Let’s get to reviewing. Overall, I was a fan of this update, but there were some parts I wasn’t a fan of. The Final Horizon gives us a new ending for the game, after the poor reception of the original ending.

  • 1 Ouranos Island
  • 2 The Playable Characters
    • 2.1 Amy
    • 2.2 Knuckles
    • 2.3 Tails
  • 3 Koco Trials
    • 3.1 Master King Koco’s Trial
  • 4 The Final Boss
    • 4.1 Supreme
    • 4.2 The End
  • 5 Conclusion

The Final Horizon revamps Ouranos Island entirely. Sadly, it still looks like Kronos and Rhea Island, but I feel like the new content makes up for that. You get to play as Amy, Knuckles and Tail…

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Sonic Frontiers- Full Review

Hello everyone, I posted a thread a while ago showing that I bought Sonic Frontiers. This is a blog post where I will be reviewing the entire game, not including the Final Horizon, which will get a separate review of its own. Sonic Frontiers was released in November of 2022 after the post-Forces drought since 2017, to celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary (although the game came out a year later). Sonic Frontiers is an open-world game (a genre I’m fond of), so I was pretty excited. However, I couldn’t buy it in 2022 or even 2023, so I bought it this year, and I can tell you that I loved it, and it’s my favorite Sonic game of all time, I’d say. Honestly, most stuff I don’t like is probably skill issue.

The game has five islands, and I will go thro…

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Top2456 Top2456 19 June

Sonic The Slenderhog

  • 1 Story
  • 2 Playable Characters
    • 2.1 Default
    • 2.2 Collection Mode
  • 3 Maps

Metal Knuckles has Created Blue Rings that turn Characters into Monsters. Sonic was Corrupted by them and proceeded to Kill his Friends and even Eggman, turning them into Monsters like himself. You play as Emma and you must collect all the Blue Rings to save the World from Sonic and his Corrupted Friends.

  • Emma The Hedgehog

  • Zoey The Fox
  • Eleanor The Echidna
  • Ivy The Hedgehog
  • Tough The Armadillo
  • Eliza The Squirrel
  • Shell The Turtle
  • June The Sungazer
  • Leila The Rabbit
  • Gracie The Bat
  • Auto-Fiona

  • Green Hill with Sonic.
  • Chemical Plant with Tails.
  • Collision Chaos with Amy.
  • Angel Island with Knuckles.
  • Scrap Brain with Eggman.
  • Stardust Speedway with Metal Sonic.
  • Leaf Forest with Cream.
  • Radical Highway with Shadow.…

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Noahthec00 Noahthec00 18 June

Archie sonic multiverse question

So archie comics published multiple series like the mainline sonic the hedgehog comics, sonic universe, sonic x, sonic boom, etc. To my knowledge the only one of the other series that is canon to the main continuity is sonic universe, however the sonic x and sonic boom series while considered a different universe are still considered within the same multiverse, along with sonic underground. But why? Isn't every installment of the sonic series part of the same multiverse? the universes never crossed over (That I know of) so what makes them special compared to the movies or games continuities? Let me know if I'm missing something, like if they did cross over or if they are the result of timeline splits from the main continuity.

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Madeinheavens Madeinheavens 16 June


Elements of Archie that made it into the games/IDW:

  • >Chaos Emeralds being from space
  • >Chilidogs
  • >"Let's do it to it"
  • >Eggman taking over 99.9% of the world
  • >Robotomy/Metal Virus
  • >Surge being a Scourge expy
  • >Sonic being part of a freedom fighter group
  • >Racial segregation between Mobians and Humans
  • >The concept of a Multiverse
  • >Bean and Bark working with Fang
  • >Silver looking for a traitor in the freedom fighter group
  • >Eggman creating an artificial daughter
  • >a comic original character with no powers treating the game heroes like inexperienced children
  • >Ray’s blue shoes

Speaking of Sonic Prime, I think it's one of the greatest examples of how up their own ass sega is. They want to write a multiverse plot and capitilize on the recent multiverse fad, but beca…

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Cbbazinga12 Cbbazinga12 15 June

Sonic the Hedgehog (2020 Films) Outfit List

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NewMarioBobFan NewMarioBobFan 9 June

What would happen in Sonic 3?

Amy is introduced. She has a hammer that she made herself. She wants to find Sonic.

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Myself 123 Myself 123 8 June

Sonic X Shadow Generations Gerald's Journal excerpts

Figured a blog would be more appropriate for this. I've been looking at the images on Sonic X Shadow Generations website and the image of Gerald's Journal - which will be available as a pre-order bonus - is high enough quality that you can actually read the content on the two pages, so I've decided I'm going to write out what can been seen for everyone's convenience. Enjoy:

I deciphered the engravings on an ██████████████ I found on a previous dig in the Mystic Ruins Jungle and calculated the location of a fabled flying paradise. I went alone to verify my findings and was rewarded with the spectacle of an angelic island.

The land was vast, lush, and hosted a number of biomes in close proximity to each other. I believe I could see an entire …

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SonicFan7108 SonicFan7108 7 June

I want a badge

That’s it

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Nightboy13x Nightboy13x 3 June

The Daily Nightboy13x Blog - June 3rd 2024

Hey yall, welcome to the first daily blog.

My throat hurt alot today, that sucked. I had a pretty usual day at school excluding the fact we watched that one Matilda Musical Movie in English and another movie in Swedish class. Overall, pretty normal day.

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TheRealValce TheRealValce 2 June

IHOP article

Finished IHOP article. My second biggest contribution since finishing the transcript for the Sonic Boom episode "Curse of the Cross Eyed Moose".

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Modestat Modestat 30 May

Sega Store

It's pretty strange but while editing the sega store article I noticed that Sonic Forces soundtrack released in 2017 but the actual game itself (in japan) released in 2019. That's pretty funny, forces has to be a failure.

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Mozartmanz Mozartmanz 30 May

*deep breathe* What the hell happened?

I was just checking the wiki (I do that every now & then on my break to see if things are good or not) and I see Saeed’s Post with 101 replies about regelating @SilverPlays97 allegedly abusing his position as a bureaucrat. It got so bad, that the Community Manager (who is doing a good job) stepped in which rarely happens. I swear to god this happens every fricking time I’m gone, I quite literally dodge a bullet with choosing to either go on a break or not.

Not only that, but HulkHoganFan has returned and is more chill than ever (welcome back). But uh bye & I’ll see you all on August or September.

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TheRiddlerLord TheRiddlerLord 29 May

Duo's character introduction

I guess they gave up on hiding Duo's secret identity during character introduction.

I have no complains about it, but I feel like it would keep new readers intrigued, those who haven't read before issue 69.

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TheRiddlerLord TheRiddlerLord 27 May

Barry's back!

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I am never giving up

When I made this account on July 21 2023 I made mistakes,,I was very disrespectful and I was just an overall donkey to everyone I offended and wronged,I have regrets but I have coem to accept them into me being a human being.

I am 13 years old I should have known better that what I did last year and you know what,I am gonna fix it,

when I lose this proposal(in a few days) I will never give up,I will edit like a madlad,I will try to learn to be a better person and not be disrespectful and I will read the rule FULLY. why? Because i'm Nathan,Nathan the hazing daze

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DeCool99 DeCool99 25 May

The DeCool Finale

Hey there!

I find it really funny how the last two blog posts I've actually made on here have to do with inactivity. Now, this is the big one and it's pretty definitive.

I am leaving Sonic Wiki Zone.

I've been an active editor on this site for nine, almost ten, years. First started off in December 2015 because I was frustrated that Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 279 (now one of the wiki's Featured Articles haha) had no summarized content on the page. I added everything that I could with my nifty iPad 2 back then. It was meant to be a one and done until I saw a few more articles that could use the same treatment. Eventually, I found myself putting in more time and effort everyday to try and contribute just one thing to this ever growing knowl…

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Leslie1Adam12 Leslie1Adam12 24 May

Challenge of the Superfriends the First Season

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TheRiddlerLord TheRiddlerLord 20 May

Retiring soon.

Hello, I might retire soon due to mental problems, as it's too hard for me to go on and editing everything. It's like an anvil inside me, and tearing myself apart from inside. There's another reason for me leaving: not having self-esteem, as I can be hurt by every single opinion or reason (It includes: deleting the articles I've created, reverting my updates, etc (sorry if I offended anyone)), and due to it I can cause pretty drastic actions, such as putting my own articles into deletion candidate (please remove The Buyer's lair from it), and might even cause vandalism by deleting the whole article (thankfully I never done it as I'm afraid to be blocked). I doubt anyone will read this post.

I hope you all understand. Thank you.

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Mozartmanz Mozartmanz 19 May

Summer Break Time! :D

You know what time it is… yep, my annual summer break which means I’ll be gone til Either August or September. It also means no Sonic Memes in that time frame. The reason I do this is because

  1. My Mental Health is pretty important, I mean it’s good to take a break every once in awhile.
  2. i can have more time to free my brain to come up with funny memes.

don’t worry, I won’t leave for too long. Bye!

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Ask questions about me. Message me!

Message Wall:Dat1RougeSimpIsBack

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Cbbazinga12 Cbbazinga12 10 May

The Sonic the Hedgehog Trilogy (2010-2014)

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Sclera1 Sclera1 10 May

Draft for sonic dash

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Mozartmanz Mozartmanz 9 May

Sonic Mania is good! (and mentally broke me.)

Sonic Mania, it needs no introduction. It’s good, but can crush you mentally…

but we’ll get into that later.

  • 1 Gameplay
  • 2 Special Stages
  • 3 Encore Mode
  • 4 How it mentally broke me
  • 5 In conclusion

its great, it plays like the Classic Sonic Trilogy with different mechanics & stuff that is easy to use, hard to master. And how each zone has it own unique mechanic is pretty neat. Speaking of zones I’ll just rank em all here:

  1. Studiopolis (love the boss battle)
  2. Chemical Plant
  3. Press Garden
  4. Green Hills
  5. Stardust Speedway
  6. Lava Reef
  7. Metallic Madness
  8. Flying Battery
  9. Mirage Saloon
  10. Hydrocity
  11. Titanic Monarch
  12. Oil Ocean (obviously, cuz I have a giant distaste for this level) (fun to burn it though)

i haven’t played Egg Reverie yet.

ehh… I’m kinda mixed on this one, cuz on one hand I ge…

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TheRiddlerLord TheRiddlerLord 8 May

The same game two times.

Hello, fellow editors, moderators, and administrators. If you see that the same game is written two times (not different version of the game such as 8 bit or DX), please remove it as it makes such a mess on article(s). Thank you.

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Jetduhhoverboardguy2 Jetduhhoverboardguy2 30 April

Hi ima make a timeline with a everygame and what happens befor then

  • 1 The beginning of the sonic world
  • 2 1 million years later
  • 3 100 years later
  • 4 50 years later
  • 5 Classic era
  • 6 Sonic tails and knuckles spit up...
  • 7 (Sonic side)
  • 8 (Tails side)
  • 9 (Knuckles side)
  • 10 They rejoin with amy
  • 11 Modren era(and adventure)
    • 11.1 Different universe:sonic boom
    • 11.2 different universe:sonic movie

duing the flashbacks of

Sonic Frontiers

Then was chaos and the echidna tribe trying to take the master emerald

Then Gerald Robotnik created Shadow the Hedgehog to hope find a cure for Maria

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic Underground

SegaSonic the Hedgehog

Tails Adventure

Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit)

Sonic cd

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic the hedgehog 2 8 bit

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic Chaos

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Sonic & Knuckles

Sonic jam

Sonic Drift

Sonic Drift 2

Sonic L…

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CyberSonic6096324.0 CyberSonic6096324.0 27 April

Might leave for good soon.

And for once, it ain’t ‘cause of my mental health.

I’m just gonna come out and say it: things just aren’t the same as when I first came here. Most of the friends I made on arrival are gone, the routines I go through on this site have become a tad monotonous since off-topic posts and such had been prohibited like a year ago (and I’m NOT talking about the posts people have been decrying as “low-quality” and all that crap), I’ve frequently been disappointed with the actions of several people here (people fighting against staff actions out of a sense of entitlement, those who have disappointingly stooped as low as advocating for the ban/restriction of posts they don’t like simply because they don’t like them, people who have even harassed those…

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