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Blizzard Peaks

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Blizzard Peaks (ブリザードピークス Burizādopīkusu?) is either the fifth or sixth stage of Sonic Rush Adventure, depending on the player's choice. It is an ice-covered island located in the far north on Blaze the Cat's planet and the home of the Vikings, a tribe of anthropomorphic ice bears. Aqua Material can be earned by completing this stage's Acts.


Blizzard Peaks is a frozen island covered entirely in snow and is surrounded by icebergs and icy peaks. Befitting its name, the island has many (rather sharp) snowcapped black-stoned mountains whose upper peaks breach the white clouds obscuring the blue sky. Along the mountainsides, pure and often colorful ice structures form winding roads, paths, icicles, crystal clusters, symmetric blue ice pillars and spiky ice formations resembling pine trees. Additionally, the island holds an ice house village where the Vikings live.


Hoping to learn more about Captain Whisker and his crew from the Vikings, who have presumably met them before, Sonic, Tails, Blaze and Marine traveled to Blizzard Peaks. Upon arriving at the Vikings' village, Marine was amazed over experiencing snow for the first time. However, the heroes soon discovered the village was deserted. Suspecting the pirates, Sonic and Blaze set off on snowboards provided by Tails to find the Vikings.

The quartet eventually found the Vikings, encaged in ice. As if on cue, Whisker then emerged, gleefully proclaiming his responsibility (with aid from Mini & Mum) and summoned the Ghost Whale to do the same to the heroes, but Sonic and Blaze destroyed the robot. Though Whisker got away, Blazed managed to thaw out the Vikings and one among them named Norman revealed that the pirates were hiding in some ancient ruins that Blaze had heard about. Sonic and his crew then sent off to find more clues.


The main gimmick of Blizzard Peaks is the snowboard which the player rides for a proportion of Act 1. Other exclusive gimmicks for Blizzard Peaks include thin snow-covered ice sheets that bounce the player into the air like Springs upon contact. However, they have to be touched from above or the side. There are also half-pipes that keep the player sliding back and forth through them down their entire length. The player can use Trick Actions when launched into the air by the half-pipes or use the Humming Top/Jump Step to skip large sections of them. In some places, there are also ice slopes that the characters will slide down on, during which all controls are disabled except for the boosting moves, and will end with the characters being flung into midair. Finally, there are icicles that the characters spiral down on upon touch. The player can either jump off these icicles to another or jump off before it is too late.

In Blizzard Peaks, the Bungee Rope gimmick takes the appearance of a long blue springy vine, but otherwise works in the same way. Unique obstacles in this stage include avalanches that will follow the player for a while and take away a life if they touch a character, and ice cubes. The latter can be destroyed with a Spin Jump/Axel Jump or Super Boost/Fire Boost and are useful stepping stones.


Main article: Ghost Whale

The boss of Blizzard Peaks is the Ghost Whale, a large mechanical whale. It can be fought after clearing Blizzard Peaks Act 2.

At the start of this battle, the player stands on an ice floe while the Ghost Whale charges at the characters. To combat this boss, the player must stun the Ghost Whale by hitting its forehead and then jump into its mouth. The player then has to reach and hit the Ghost Whale's core after crossing an obstacle course within a time limit. The player is then sent back to the ice floe. Repeat this process two more times, and the Ghost Whale can be destroyed.


Sonic Rush Adventure "Blizzard Peaks Act 1" Music Request

Sonic Rush Adventure "Blizzard Peaks Act 1" Music Request

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