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Blizzard Peaks

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Blizzard Peaks (ブリザードピークス Burizādopīkusu?) is either the fifth or sixth zone of Sonic Rush Adventure, depending on the players choice. If the player chooses to go to Sky Babylon first, this will be the sixth level.

Blizzard Peaks is an area of frozen islands with icebergs and icy peaks, and is located in the far north of the sea in the Sol Dimension. It is the home to the Vikings, who reside in an ice house village on the island. Aqua Material can be earned from this stage.


This stage takes place in the far north, and as such, the island is covered in ice and snow, with slippery mountainsides and ice patches.

The main gimmick of this stage features Sonic the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat passing through much of the first level with snowboards, given to them by Tails. Other gimmicks featured are Ice sheets that will launch the player into the air by contact, half-pipes made of ice that will keep the player sliding back and forth down their entire length, blue spring wines that can launch the player into the air, and icicles that can be climbed down on.

The boss of this stage is the Ghost Whale, a large mechanical whale. Sonic or Blaze will be trapped on a block of ice that the Ghost Whale charges at while distracting the player with robotic fish. When the Ghost Whale collides with the ice block, it takes a bite out of the right side, which is the cue for the player to whack the jewel on its head. This makes it open its mouth so that Sonic or Blaze can go inside of it to attack its core. When Sonic or Blaze are inside of it, it can use its internal defenses, such other robots, missiles (which double as platforms), ice patches or electric currents to slow down Sonic and Blaze, before flushing them out, either after its core is hit or the 30 second time limit runs out. The time limit can be reset by destroying certain nodes inside it.


Sonic Rush Adventure "Blizzard Peaks Act 1" Music Request

Sonic Rush Adventure "Blizzard Peaks Act 1" Music Request

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