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Jet the Hawk, Sonic the Hedgehog: Annual 2019

The blimp[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a type of airship used by the Babylon Rogues.



The blimp is a large red, yellow, white and gray aircraft with several details. It has a yellow and gray underbelly with two propellers attached to it. It has a large propeller at the back. The bow of the ship is shaped like a beak. Also at the belly of the ship is the red colored cockpit.

Abilities and features

Being an airship, the blimp is capable of flight.[1]


Bonds of Friendship

The blimp was flown over Spiral Hill Village by the Babylon Rogues. From it, the gang flew down to the town's Mineral Museum, stole its many jewels, and flew back to the blimp on their Extreme Gear. On the blimp, as the Babylon Rogues celebrated a successful heist, they found out that Storm had accidentally kidnapped Jewel the Beetle, the museum's curator. Her friends Tangle and Whisper then intruded on the blimp to get Jewel back. Eventually, Jet told Storm to throw the trio off of the blimp. Storm did exactly that and threw Jewel off of the blimp. In response, Whisper jumped down to save her, with Tangle following her. In the process, Tangle took back Jewel's stolen gems.[1]

All or Nothing

The Babylon Rogues were soon contacted by Amy Rose to meet her and a group of Metal Virus survivors on Angel Island. The trio used their blimp to fly over there.[2]



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