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Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)
Blast to the Past, Part 2/transcript

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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Blast to the Past, Part 2".

[Part 1 Recap.]

Sonic: Sal and I used the time stones to blast to the past and stop Robuttnik before he messed everything up. We got there too late. Things were looking mondo ugly. Especially Robuttnik.

[Scene: Royal Palace, day.]

Dr. Robotnik: [laughs] Your majesty. Members of the Royal Court, may I welcome you to the capitol of my new kingdom. Robotropolis. A city. Of the future.
Chuck: Sonic, you and Sally must leave, now.
Sonic: Not without you, Unc.
Dr. Robotnik: Any final words for your subjects? Sire?
King: You can’t win this, Julian.
Dr. Robotnik: The name is no longer Julian! From this day forward, I... am Robotnik.
Chuck: I mean it. Take the others now and get out.
Sonic: No way Unc!
Chuck: There’s no time to argue Sonic. You must get the kids to Knothole. Now I’m going to scramble the program on the bots, then you take off. Run like the wind, boy! Hey bot, say cheese!
Dr. Robotnik: Sir Charles, you dare resist! Get him, get him!
Sonic: Grab on, Sal!
[Sonic runs off with Sally.]
Dr. Robotnik: Snively, what was that?
Snively: Something very blue, sir!

[Scene Change: Uncle Chuck’s House, day.]

Sally: Sonic, Sally!
Sonic: Maybe Rosie already took them to Knothole.
Sally: Maybe
[The Swat-Bots crash through the wall.]
Swat-Bot: You are under arrest

[Scene Change: Holding Cells.]

Young Sonic: Juice!
Sonic: Hang in kids, we’ll get you out. Hey, chill metal head! We’ll be back
Sally: Sonic, we have to get the kids out! If they’re roboticized...
Sonic: Then we’ll be robots too.
Sally: Worse, we won’t exist.
Sonic: Won’t exist, you mean like not alive and kicking?
Sally: Precisely.
Sonic: Oh, very uncool.

[Scene Change: Robotnik’s Lair.]

Snively: Starting launch sequence.
[The rockets on the Destroyer fire up.]
Dr. Robotnik: Ahhhhhh. Taste that polluted air, Snively. Isn’t it marvelous?
Snively: Yes, Sir, [Coughs] delightful.
Dr. Robotnik:: Soon, all of Robotropolis will have the same fragrance. Oh, life is good.
[The Destroyer takes off. As the pollution spreads, Mobotropolis transforms into Robotropolis.]

[Scene Change: Holding Cells.]

Sonic: If I only would’ve kept my mind off of chili dogs we could’ve stopped him.
Sally: Forget it, Sonic. We have to find a way out of here.
Sonic: No prob, Sal! Stand back!
Sally: Wait! First we need a plan. Nicole, give me a holo-map of all maintenance tunnel systems in Robotnik’s headquarters. [The map appears] We’re here, and if it’s the same as in the future there’s a connecting service tunnel... one, two, three, four, five... right under here.
Sonic: Spin and win time! Hang tight Sal! [Sonic drills a hole out] Yo Sal, I’m in.
[Sally jumps in after him.]
Sally: Good job Sonic!
Sonic: I know, I know.
Sally: And so modest.
[Sally hangs on as Sonic speeds out.]

[Scene Change: Robotnik’s Lair.]

Dr. Robotnik: Status Report Snively.
Snively: Yes, Sir. The Destroyer reports 90% of Robotropolis affected, sir.
Dr. Robotnik: Excellent! What are the prisoner numbers?
Snively: 85% of the population captured and awaiting robotcization, sir. However, two prisoners escaped from their cells, sir. One, a very fast, blue hedgehog.
Dr. Robotnik: Blue hedgehog? Hmm. Ah, nothing to fret about. Is the roboticizer ready?
Snively: Yes, sir! Capacitors charged and waiting.
Dr. Robotnik: [Laughs evilly] It’s showtime.

[Scene Change: Prison Tunnel.]

[Sonic and Sally are speeding through the tunnel.]
Sally: Sonic, stop here. We’re close. We saw the kids on level two when we came in. Our cell was in level three.
Nicole: Location verified, Sally
Sally: They should be right below us.
[Sonic and Sally look through the vent.]
Sonic: They’re gone Sal.
Sally: Sonic, the roboticizer!

[Scene Change Roboticizer Chamber.]

[Young Bunnie is strapped to the roboticizer, as Snively is at the controls.]
Dr. Robotnik: Energize inverted stabilizers.
Snively: Energize, sir.
[Sonic and Sally look through the vent.]
Sonic: We’ve gotta do something Sal.
Sally: Nicole, can we shut down the Roboticizer?
Nicole: Available power insufficient, Sally. Damage analysis: loss of power amplifiers and sequential systems processors.
Sonic: Nicole, in English!
Nicole: In plain English, we can shut it down for about two hours, Sonic.
Dr. Robotnik: Snively, activate!
Sally: Nicole, activate!
[The Roboticizer and controls start to spark]
Snively: It won’t respond, sir!
Dr. Robotnik: Snively! Shut it down, Shut it down!
[Controls start smoking, as Snively screams and runs away.]
Sally: Great! That buys us two hours. Let’s get to Robotnik’s main computer. We’ve got to locate those kids.
Sonic: Cool, let’s torque!

[Scene Change: Robotnik’s Lair.]

[Sally is on Robotnik’s computer, as Sonic is waiting impatiently.]
Sonic: Find anything, Sal?
Sally: Nothing yet. But I did find the original Roboticizer plans.
Nicole: Roboticizer plans downloaded. Accessing monitors.
Sonic: So, you got the plan, Sal?
Sally: Yes, but we have to...

[Sally looks into the monitor to see the Destroyer heading into the Great Forest.]

Sally: ...Oh my gosh! It’s headed for the Great Forest!
Sonic: Oh man!
Sally: Sonic, that never happened. We must have changed history. Do you realize what that means?
Sonic: Yeah, it means another mondo headache.
Sally: If that machine destroys the Great Forest, Knothole will never exist. And chances are neither will we.
Sonic: Bu-bu-bu...but I thought if the kids were roboticized we wouldn’t exist.
Sally: That too! Somehow we have to stop both events from happening.
Sonic: Oh man! I hate time travel. So what’s first?
Sally: We have less than two hours before the roboticizer comes back online. How long to reach the Destroyer?
Sonic: A Sonic second.
Sally: OK, Knothole first, and then the kids. It’ll be tight.
Sonic: No prob. Let’s kick it!
Snively: Halt! And just who are you?
Sonic: What’s up, Snidely?
Snively: It’s Snively. Do I know you?
Sonic: Not yet, but you will pal, big time! [Ruffles Snively’s hair amidst his protesting] Nice hair, Snide! Enjoy it while you can.
Snively: [Growls while combing his hair while Sonic laughs.] You’re the blue hedgehog that escaped! [into com] Security to war room, now!
Sally: Sonic, time is not on our side.
Sonic: I hear ya, Sal
Snively: Get him, get him, there he is, get him!
Sonic: Chow, Snively.
[Sonic and Sally rushes off, blowing Snively’s hair with them, as he screams.]
Snively: [Growls] Sonic, ooh, you’ll pay for this, hedgehog!

[Scene Change: Robotropolis.]

[Sonic and Sally rushes through town, as Sonic stops at an abandoned chili dog stand.]
Sonic: Oh man, this is like a bad dream.
Sally: Sonic, we don’t have time for...
[Sally gasps at the sound of sirens and a dragon roar. Camera changes to see Sabina surrounded by three Hover Units.]
Hover Unit: Surrender dragon, resistance is futile.
Sally: [Gasps] That’s Sabina!
Sonic: Sabina? Right, Dulcy’s mom!
[Sonic creates a whirlwind which takes care of the Hover Units. Sabina flies away. Young Dulcy peeps out from the pouch and waves.]
Sonic: [Waves] Later Dulce!
[Sonic and Sally speed off.]

[Scene Change: Robotnik’s Lair.]

[Robotnik is standing in a control room looking through a window into a strange room where the King is being held.]
King: No matter how long it takes Julian, I will stop you!
Dr. Robotnik: Courageous words, Sire, but where you’re going that won’t be possible. Open the Void.
[A robot pushes some buttons and a wall opens up in the holding room revealing a strange purple and yellow spiral. The Void tries to suck the King in.]
Dr. Robotnik: Impressive, don’t you think? Be sure to give Naugus my regards. He’s the sorcerer who invented it and your new neighbor. Safe journey, Sire.
King: You’ll regret this Julian, you’ll regret this!
[The King is sucked into the Void.]

[Scene Change: Great Forest, day.]

[Sonic and Sally are following the Destroyer.]
Sonic: How do we kill that thing?
Sally: I’m working on it. I’ve got it!
[Sonic and Sally approach the sliding tree.]
Sally: Stop here.
Sonic: What?
Sally: This is it.
Sonic: The sliding tree is your big plan?
[The Destroyer approaches. Sally reaches into Sonic’S backpack and gets a Ppower Ring.]
Sally: Just trust me, Sonic.
Sonic: OK. Let’s rock it!
Nicole: Prepare to launch in five, four, three, two, one.
[Sonic activates the Power Ring and shoots off up through the sliding tree and into the air.]
Sonic: Whoa, that was big time kicking! [Sonic's shoes are smoking] Hey, check the ol’ sneaks!
Sally: Lovely.
[Sonic and Sally begin to fall towards the Destroyer.]
Sonic: Sal, we’re gonna get squashed when we hit that thing. What’s the landing plan?
Sally: I don’t have one. Think of something!
Sonic: Like what? The anti-grav’s!
[Sonic pushes a button on his sneakers and they start blowing out air, as Sally screams. They land safely on the Destroyer.]
Sonic: Now what?
Sally: We get inside, we find the master computer, and we scramble its brain.
Sonic: Cool.

[Scene Change: Large Holding Chamber.]

[Robotnik enters with a Tech-Bot, as a dragon is strapped to a table.]
Dr. Robotnik: This is the one?
Tech-Bot: Affirmative. She destroyed 53 Swat-Bots and five Hover Units. Her powers are well developed, Sir.
[The dragon blows steam out her nose towards Robotnik, as he makes a startled noise.]
Dr. Robotnik: The dragons must all be captured and their powers harnessed! [To the dragon] And we’re building a special Roboticizer just for you, darling.
[The dragon blows steam again, as Robotnik makes a startled noise again.]
Dr. Robotnik: Roboticize this one first!

[Scene Change: Robotnik’s Lair.]

[Snively is looking in a mirror, mourning the loss of his hair, as the computer starts beeping.]
Snively: Sir! I’ve found those escaped prisoners!
Dr. Robotnik: Switch to visual. I see we have a new look, Snively. Who are they?
Snively: It’s the blue hedgehog, Sir. His name is Sonic.
Dr. Robotnik: Sonic? Isn’t that the name of Sir Charles’ nephew?
Snively: I believe so, Sir.
Dr. Robotnik: Alert ship security. Tell them I want that hedgehog alive.

[Scene Change: Inside the Destroyer, day.]

[Sonic is trying to open a trap door in the floor. He finally succeeds to find several Swat-Bots climbing up the ladder to meet them.]
Swat-Bot: Freeze, you are under arrest.
Sonic: Arrest this, pal! [Shuts the trap door in the Swat-Bot’s face] How did they know we’re here?
Sally: That’s how. [Points to a Surveillance Orb]
Sonic: Right. [Spots a massive amount of Hover Units coming] Whoa! Oh man, it just keeps getting better.
[The Swat-Bots try to push through the door, as Sonic shoves them back down laughing. Sally tries unsuccessfully to open the other trap doors before giving up and opening Nicole.]
Sally: Nicole, bring up a schematic of the Destroyer.
[Sabina flies in and uses her wind power to divert the Hover Units. The Hover Units crash into the Destroyer, destroying it, as Sonic and Sally fall off from it.]
Sally: Sonic!
[Sonic and Sally scream, as Sabina catches them and the Destroyer crashes.]

[Scene Change: Robotnik’s Lair.]

[Robotnik watches a video feed as the Destroyer is destroyed.]
Dr. Robotnik: What is the hedgehog doing so far from home?
Snively: We’re trying to find out, Sir
[Robotnik lifts Snively by the collar, as he squeals.]
Dr. Robotnik: I want that dragon and the hedgehog! Can you make me happy twice in one day, Snively?
Snively: [Whimpering] Yes, Sir.
Computer: Roboticizer repairs complete in 20 minutes, Sir.
Dr. Robotnik: Excellent!

[Scene Change: Great Forest, day.]

Sonic: Thanks Sabina, later!
Sally: Sonic, we have to go. The Roboticizer will be back online in 10 minutes!
Sonic: Aw man, the kids! Bail time!
[Sonic and Sally run off.]

[Scene Change: Roboticizer Chamber.]

Swat-Bot: Online in five minutes, Sir.
Dr. Robotnik: Excellent, the natives are getting restless.
[Outside, Sally is trying to break into the ventilation system.]
Sonic: How much time?
Sally: Two minutes, let’s go!
[Sonic and Sally rush into the ventilation system.]
Dr. Robotnik: [Talking to the captured dog] Any advice for your friends, citizen?
[Robotnik activates the Roboticizer, as the dog is Roboticized. The prisoners gasp.]
Dr. Robotnik: What’s the reading?
Swat-Bot: 100 percent, Sir.
Dr. Robotnik: Excellent, excellent!
Chuck: Julian, you are nothing but scum!
Dr. Robotnik: Hehehehehe. I relish the thought. Citizens of Robotropolis. May I present the esteemed inventor of this marvelous device, Sir Charles, Hedgehog!
Chuck: And you stole it, you thief!
Dr. Robotnik: Bring him forward.
Young Sonic: Chuck!

[Scene Change: Ventilation System.]

Sonic: How much time, Sal?
Sally: 45 seconds!
[Sonic and Sally nearly bump into Rosie]
Rosie: Oh thank goodness I found you! Where are the children?
Sally: Tell you on the way, Rosie. Grab on.
Sonic: Outta here!
[Sonic, Sally, and Rosie take off.)

[Scene Change: Roboticizer Chamber.]

Dr. Robotnik: Ladies and gentlemen, bots and Swat-Bots alike. This humble hedgehog, so brilliant that he was knighted by the king, will now serve a new leader - me.
Young Sonic: [while sobbing] Uncle Chuck.
[Robotnik activates the Roboticizer, as Chuck is Roboticized. Sonic busts through the ventilation, making random attack noises.]
Sally: Kids, come on, hurry!
[Sally takes the kids through the ventilation.]
Young Sonic: Uncle Chuck!
Sally: Come on, Sonic!
[Sally takes Young Sonic.]
Sonic: Out of my way, botheads! Hiyah!
Dr. Robotnik: HEDGEHOG!!
Sonic: Uncle Chuck! Fight it man, fight it!
[Robotnik grabs Sonic.]
Dr. Robotnik: Who are you?
Sonic: Someone you’re gonna learn to hate, Robuttnik.
Dr. Robotnik: I already hate you.
Sally: Sonic, we have to go!
Sonic: I don’t know how or when, but you’re gonna crash and burn, pal!
Dr. Robotnik: Oh my, I’m shaking in my boots.
[Sonic takes off, knocking Robotnik slightly into the Roboticizer and causing his left arm to be Roboticized.)
Dr. Robotnik: [yelling] Get that hedgehog, get him, get him!
Sonic: [Sees the Swat-Bot] Oh man!
Young Sonic: Juice, is Uncle Chuck gonna be alright?
Sonic: Listen real close now Sonic, You’ve gotta trust me on this, okay.
Young Sonic: Okay.
Sonic: Uncle Chuck’s gonna be cool. It’ll take some time but he’ll be just like he always was.
Young Sonic: Really?
Sonic: Serious.
Young Sonic: Cool. [High-fives Sonic]
Sally: Sonic, we have to go.
Sonic: In a sec, Sal. I’m cooking a plan. [To Young Sonic] Think you’re fast enough to help me unload some bots?
Young Sonic: No prob!
Sonic: Let’s kick it!
Young Sonic: Yeah!
[Sonic and Young Sonic work together to destroy the Swat-Bots, creating a diversion for the others to get away.]
Sally: Come on kids, hurry!
Sonic and Young Sonic: Way past!

[Scene Change: Uncle Chuck’s House.]

Young Sonic: I’m still the fastest, Juice!
Sonic: He beat me!
Sally: No, you beat yourself.
Sonic: Oh yeah, right, cool.
Rosie: Oh dear. The passageway is buried somewhere under all that.
Sonic: No prob, stand back guys!
[Sonic uses a spinning attack to clear the passageway.]
Young Sonic: Whoa, I’ve got to try that.
[Rosie opens the hidden door.]
Sally: Let’s go kids, into the tunnel.
Rosie: [To Sally] I know it’s you, Princess. You can’t fool your old nanny.
Sally: Rosie, I have to tell you something.
Sonic: Bots coming!
Sally: I can’t explain now, just promise me you’ll never leave Knothole.
Rosie: Never? Dear...I don’t...
Sally: Never! Please Rosie, it is very, very important.
Rosie: Well alright then. I promise.
[Rosie leaves through the tunnel.]
Sonic: What was that all about, Sal?
Sally: Don’t you remember? Worker-Bots captured her in the Great Forest when we were kids. Robotnik roboticized her.
Sonic: Yeah, but I thought we weren’t supposed to mess with the space and time and stuff.
Sally: Well... yes, but... [Gasps]
Sonic: [Looks out the window] Whoa, Robuttnik is serious.
[Robotnik shows up, as the house is totally surrounded.]
Sonic: We need a plan, Sal.
[Sally tosses Sonic a Time Stone.]
Sally: This time, concentrate.
Sonic: Hedgehog’s honor.
[Sonic and Sally activate the time stones and disappear before Robotnik invades the house.)
Dr. Robotnik: W-what? [Screams in anger and frustration.]

[Scene Change: Present Day Knothole, Sally’s hut, day.]

Sonic: I’m telling ya, Sal, blasting to the ol’ past was a total waste.
Sally: No, it wasn’t
Sonic: Was!
Sally: Was not!
Sonic: Was!
Sally: Was not! We have the original Roboticizer plans, remember?
Sonic: Big deal! We still didn’t stop Robuttnik.
Sally: But we came close.
Sonic: Sal, this ain't horse shoes!
Sally: Sonic, we’ll keep trying until we do beat him. Right?
Sonic: Right, as usual.
[Tails flies in.]
Tails: Hey guys, Rosie’s looking for ya.
Sonic: Rosie?
Tails: Yeah, she fixed a really cool dinner.
Sonic: You mean Rosie the nanny is here?
Tails: Sure she’s here Sonic, she’s always been here. What’cha think?
Sonic: But how could she...I mean how did we...well I mean what...well I don’t get it.
Sally: Never mind Sonic, I’ll explain it to you. Some time in the future.
Sonic: Oh, don’t start, Sal. I’m getting another headache.