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Sonic the Hedgehog
Blast to the Past, Part 2

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"Blast to the Past, Part 2" is the eighteenth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It first aired on 8 October 1994.








Sonic and Sally have used the Time Stones to go back in time to stop Dr. Robotnik before he rose to power in Mobotropolis. They arrived too late, however, as Dr. Robotnik has already begun his coup. Now, his Swat-Bots have surrounded Sonic, Sally, the King and Sir Charles in the place's throne room. The King promises Julian that he cannot win this. He then learns that Julian is now calling himself Robotnik, the ruler of the city of Robotropolis. Charles whispers to Sonic to take Sally and run away. Although Sonic insists that he is not going without him, he eventually listens to Charles. Charles then begins throwing hi-tech needles into the Swat-Bots, which scramble their programming. Charles then turns his attention to Robotnik, who orders him to be taken away. Sonic then takes Sally and escapes the palace with her, creating a strong wind in his wake that befuddles both Robotnik and Snively.

Sonic proceeds to run away from the Swat-Bots with Sally, all the way to the house where Rosie was supposed to watch the children. All they discover is an empty house however, prompting Sonic to assume that Rosie have already taken the children to Knothole Village. Immediately after, Sonic and Sally are surrounded by Swat-Bots. The heroes are subsequently arrested and taken to prison. Upon arriving there, Sonic and Sally see the younger versions of themselves, as well as the younger versions of the Knothole Freedom Fighters's core members, behind bars. Sonic promises them though that they will get them out of here. Sonic and Sally are soon after locked inside an armored cell by the Swat-Bots. Sally tells Sonic that they must save themselves and the children versions of themselves and their friends, or they will ease to exist. Meanwhile, Dr. Robotnik and Snively are launching the Destroyer - a huge spaceship that spreads pollution. Robotnik has them savoring the polluted exhaust from the Destroyer, and Snively tries to share his enthusiasm despite having no choice and choking on the pollution. After the Destroyer takes off, it covers the sky in a dense cloud of pollution and destroys all plant life in its way. Not long after, Mobotropolis has been transformed into the mechanized Robotropolis. Back in Robotnik's headquarters, Sonic and Sally decide that they must escape their cell as soon as possible. Rather than having Sonic waste his energy though, Sally has Nicole display a map of the tunnel systems in Robotnik's headquarters. Tracing the nearest tunnel, Sally manages to locate it just beneath their cell. Sonic then begins running around intensely until he drills into the floor and reaches the tunnel below them. With Sally joining Sonic in the tunnel, Sonic takes Sally with her as he runs away.

Meanwhile, Snively is bringing Robotnik a status report on their conquest efforts. Snively reveals that ninety percent of Robotropolis has been affected by the Destroyer and that eighty-five percent of the population has been captured and awaiting roboticization. However, Snively also reveals that two prisoners have escaped, one of them being a very fast blue hedgehog. Upon hearing this, Robotnik starts to ponder for a moment, but then says that they are not a problem to be concerned with. Learning immediately after that the Roboticizer is ready, a giddy Robotnik heads out to see it in action. At the same time, Sonic and Sally are running through the corridors in search of the children. Eventually stopping at one of the tunnel grids, Sonic and Sally break into the cell where they believe the children are. However, they see that the children are gone, having probably already been taken to the Roboticizer. Later, in the Roboticizer chamber, Dr. Robotnik and Snively prepare to subjugate young Bunnie to the Roboticizer. While inside the vents, Sally tries to have Nicole shut down Roboticizer. Lacking the necessary power for this feat, Nicole suggests instead turning the Roboticizer off for two hours. Accepting this option, Sally has Nicole create a short circuit that stops the Roboticizer. Snively tries to shut off the Roboticizer, but to no avail, and begins to run away. Having two hours to spend now, Sonic and Sally head to Robotnik's main computer to track down the children with it. While Sally searches Robotnik's computer however, Sonic starts to get impatient. As Sonic comes over to Sally, Sally reveals that she has not found the children yet, but she did find the original Roboticizer plans, which she has downloaded into Nicole. After a moment, however, Sally is shocked to see the Destroyer is heading towards the Great Forest on a monitor. This is something that never happened in the original timeline, making Sally realize that they have changed history somehow. Sally then tells a confused Sonic that if the Destroyer destroys the Great Forest, Knothole as they know it will never come to exist, like the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Sonic and Sally thus have to find a way to stop the Destroyer and keep their younger counterparts from being roboticized.

Sally tells Sonic that they have less that two hours before the Roboticizer comes back online, giving them time to deal with the Destroyer. Sonic replies that it will take them a "Sonic second" for them to get to the Destroyer, and gets ready to run away with Sally. However, Snively gets in the way. At first, Snively does not recognize Sonic, but Sonic tells him that he will in the future. Sonic then tells him to enjoy his hair while he still has it before messing it up, prompting Snively to comb it back with a comb. A moment afterward though, Snively realizes that Sonic is the prisoner from the prison. Snively thus begins calling for security, prompting Sonic to run away with Sally and escape Snively. Upon taking off though, Sonic creates a strong wind that tears off most of Snively's hair. Now practically bald, Snively swears revenge against Sonic. A moment later, Sonic and Sally pass by the city's chili dog stand, and Sonic stops up momentarily to mourn how this place has been ravaged. A moment later, the heroes see some Hover Units, who have driven a dragon against a wall. Sally recognizes the dragon as Sabina, who is Dulcy's mother. Sonic promptly saves Sabina by running in-between Sabina and the Hover Units. Sonic then begins running around in circles, creating a whirlwind that grabs the Hover Units. Using this opportunity to escape, Sabina and young Dulcy thank Sonic and Sally before flying away. Meanwhile, Dr. Robotnik has the King locked in a small room. The King promises Robotnik that he will stop him. Robotnik, however, knows that this will not be possible because he is sending the King into the Void. Upon Robotnik's command, his Tech-Bot proceeds to open the portal to the Void, which begins sucking in the King. Robotnik then tells the King to give his regards to Naugus, the sorcerer who invented the Void and the King's new "neighbor". As he is pulled into the Void, the King promises Robotnik that he will regret this.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Sally have caught up to the Destroyer, which is leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. As Sonic wonders how they are going to get onboard the Destroyer, Sally comes up with an idea. She tells Sonic to stop by the trunk of a tree that looks like a slide. With it, Sally plans to launch themselves into the air and land on the Destroyer's deck. To help them, Sally pulls a Power Ring out of Sonic's backpack and give it to him. She then pulls out Nicole and has her count down the time to take off. Once the time is ready, Sonic draws upon the Power Ring's power and runs into the tree trunk with Sally and they are fired from the tree trunk like from a cannon. During the flight, smoke emits from Sonic's soles. However, the heroes have flown too high up and begin to fall down towards the Destroyer's deck. Having not foreseen this, Sally tells Sonic to think of something. Sonic then remembers his sneakers' anti-gravity function. Using this function, Sonic and Sally lands safely on the Destroyer's deck. Sally then says that they need to get inside the Destroyer, find its main computer, and scramble it.

Meanwhile, Dr. Robotnik goes to see the dragons that are going to be roboticized. The Tech-Bot leads him to a constrained dragon, who managed to take out fifty-three Swat-Bots and five Hover Units. While Robotnik is very happy with this addition to his army, the dragon retaliates by blowing smoke in the face of Robotnik. Furious, Robotnik announces that all dragons must be caught so their powers can be harnessed. He also decides to build a special Roboticizer just for dragons. After the dragon blows smoke in Robotnik's face for a second time, the angry doctor tells his Tech-Bot to roboticize this dragon first. Meanwhile, a wimping Snively is looking in a mirror and combing the leftovers of his hair. He stops, however, when he detects intruders onboard the Destroyer on the radar. Being in the same room as Snively, Robotnik orders him to switch to visual mode. He then goes up to the monitors and comments humorously on Snively's new hairdo. As Robotnik sees Sonic and Sally on the monitor, Robotnik is informed by Snively, who has overheard Sonic and Sally's conversations, that the blue hedgehog is named "Sonic". Remembering that it is the name of Sir Charles' nephew, Robotnik orders the destroyer's crew to be alerted and to capture Sonic alive. Meanwhile, Sonic and Sally opens one of the Destroyer's flaps, only to encounter Swat-Bots on the other side. The heroes thus close the flap and block it with their own bodies. As Sonic wonders how the Swat-Bots knew they were coming, Sally spots a Surveillance Orb watching them, explaining for how the Swat-Bots knew their presence onboard the Destroyer. Immediately after, a group of Hover Units come flying.

As the Hover Units approach, the Swat-Bots manage to break through the flap, but Sonic manages to close it again by jumping onto it. Meanwhile, Sally tries to open another flap, but to no avail. She thus brings out Nicole and asks her to display the schematics for the Destroyer. However, she is interrupted by the roars of Sabina, who attracts the attention of the Hover Units. Sabina proceeds to suck in a huge amount of air before blowing it back at the Hover Units, causing them to be pushed off-course and fly into the Destroyer. The Destroyer is subsequently seriously damaged and begins to fall. As the Destroyer falls, Sonic and Sally fall off the spaceship, but Sabina catches them in midair. Meanwhile, the Destroyer crashes into the ground, sending Robotnik into a rage. The doctor wants to know what the hedgehog is doing so far away from home, and Snively informs him that he is trying to find that out now. Unsatisfied with the answer, Robotnik grabs Snively by the collar and picks him up. He then askes Snively if he can make him happy twice in one day. He releases Snively, however, when the system informs him that the Roboticizer will be ready in twenty minutes. Back in the Great Forest, Sonic and Sally thank Sabina as they say goodbye to her. Sally then reminds Sonic that the Roboticizer will be operational in ten minutes, prompting Sonic to grab Sally and run back to Robotropolis.

Inside the Roboticizer room, a Swat-Bot informs Robotnik that the Roboticizer will be ready in five minutes. Pleased with this, Robotnik looks over at his prisoners, who have been lined up for roboticization. Two minutes before roboticization, Sally unscrews the grille in a ventilation shaft, allowing Sonic to run into it with Sally. Soon after, the Roboticizer is ready, and Robotnik gets ready to roboticized his first victim: an anthropomorphic dog. Put into the Roboticizer, the dog is immediately turned into a Worker-Bot. Robotnik then has a Swat-Bot scan it, who gives him an one hundred percent reading. Robotnik then approaches Sir Charles, who cannot contain his anger. After hearing the elderly hedgehog express his contempt for the doctor, Robotnik introduces Charles as the inventor of the Roboticizer to the citizens, but Charles reminds Robotnik that he stole his plans. In response, Robotnik orders Charles to be brought in and be roboticized. Seeing this, young Sonic begins to cry. Meanwhile, having only forty-five seconds to spare, Sonic runs through the corridors with Sally. Suddenly, however, they come across Rosie, who is looking for the children. Sonic and Sally decide then to take Rosie with them.

Back in the Roboticizer room, Robotnik triumphantly introduces Charles as the royal knight of the King who will now serve a new ruler - him. As Charles is subjugated to the Roboticizer, young Sonic and Sally look on with tears in their eyes. Suddenly though, Sonic runs into the room and begins to fight the Swat-Bots. Sally, in turn, call the children to her. She also takes along young Sonic, who is still staring at his now-robotic uncle Chuck. Meanwhile, Sonic runs between Robotnik's legs and knocks down another Swat-Bot before turning to Charles, trying to tell him to regain his free will. However, he is interrupted by Robotnik, who grabs Sonic and asks who he is. Sonic, however, only replies that he is someone he will learn to hate. After Robotnik admits that he already hates Sonic, Sonic tells Robotnik that he will someday, somehow, go down in a blaze of glory. Sonic then frees himself from Robotnik and runs circle around him, causing Robotnik to loose his balance and accidently extend his left arm into the Roboticizer while it is still active, leaving his left arm roboticized. Furious, the doctor orders Sonic to be captured, not knowing that he has already escaped with his friends.

Escaping through the vents, Sonic and co. arrive on the outskirts of the building, only to find several Swat-Bots patrolling the area. Meanwhile, young Sonic is very sad about what has happened to his uncle Chuck. Sonic consoles however, however, and says that in time, uncle Chuck will be like he always was. This improves the mood of young Sonic. Sally interrupts the moment, however, saying that they have to go, and Sonic comes up with a plan. Convincing young Sonic to help him defeat the Swat-Bots, the Sonics run out into the open together and destroy several robots, thereby attracting the attention of the others. Sally then takes the opportunity to lead the children and Rosie out of town. Meanwhile, the Sonics escape from their robotic pursuers.

The Sonics subsequently run back to the hut where Sally and Rosie are waiting, with young Sonic arriving first. At first, Sonic is shocked that his younger counterpart beat him in a race, but Sally reminds him that he defeated himself, improving Sonic's mood. Rosie then reveals that the secret passageway to Knothole has been blocked by overturned furniture. Sonic, however, steps up to remove this mess and begins spinning around like a living top, causing the furniture to be blown away. Impressed, young Sonic decides that he must learn that technique. After leading the children into the secret tunnel, Rosie reveals to Sally that he knows who the princess really is. Having no time to explain, Sally urges Rosie to never leave Knothole. Promising Sally this, Rosie evacuates together with the children. Confused about what Sally just did, Sonic asks her about it. In turn, Sally reminds Sonic that Rosie got captured by Worker-Bots in the Great Forest when they were just children and was roboticized afterward. Sonic remembers this, but wonders if it is right for them to mess with the space-time continuum. Sally admits that they should not do that, but before she can explain herself, a huge army and Robotnik himself arrive outside the hut. With Robotnik ready to enter the hut with his machines, Sonic notes that they need a plan. In response, Sally pulls out the Time Stones, and she and Sonic use them to return to the future. Entering the hut a moment later, Robotnik sees no one is there and yells out in frustration.

Back in present-day Knothole, Sonic argues with Sally that their whole journey back to the past was huge bust since they did not manage to stop Robotnik. Eventually, Sally reminds Sonic that they have obtained the original Roboticizer plans, but Sonic is not satisfied with that. However, he changes his attitude after Sally reassures him that they will keep fighting until they eventually do beat Robotnik. Immediately after, Tails flies in and informs Sonic and Sally that Rosie is looking for them. Sonic starts to ask about Rosie because he does not understand how Rosie could be here. Tails, however, simply states that Rosie has always been here and does not understand Sonic's strange behavior. Sonic feels confused, but Sally humorously tells him that she will explain everything to him in the future.



  • When Sonic and Sally fall down towards the Destroyer after being launched into the sky, unpainted parts of several frames can be seen at the top right of the screen.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Croatian Povratak u prošlosti, 2.dio Back To The Past, Part 2
Czech Skok Do Minulosti Část Druhá Jump To The Past Part Two
French Un saut dans le passé [2/2] A leap into the past [2/2]
German Die Reise mit den Zeitsteinen The Trip with the Time Stones
Korean 과거 속으로 Part 2 Into the past Part 2
Latin American Viaje al pasado (parte 2) Journey to the past (part 2)
Persian برگشتن به گذشته, Part 2 Back to the Past, Part 2
Russian Рывок в прошлое, часть вторая Dash to the past, part two