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Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)
Blast to the Past, Part 1/transcript

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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Blast to the Past, Part 1".

[Scene, Robotropolis]

Sonic: It’s cool.
Sally: Ready, Sonic?
Sonic: Are lambs woolly? Does lightning fork? Get a grip guys, I’m outta here!
[Sonic approaches Swat-Bots.]
Sonic: Yo, you bot breaths looking for me? I’m the only one here.
Swat-Bot: Hedgehog alert, Sector 7, Quadrant 5.
[Swat-Bot fires.]
Sonic: Woah! Whatever happened to hello?
[Swat-Bot continues firing.]
Sonic: Bahh! Haha! Woah! Ahh! Jelly and jam time!
[Sonic runs off, Swat-Bots chasing.]

[Scene Change.]

Sally: Good luck guys.
[Back to Sonic.]
Sonic: Later
[Sonic returns to Sally.]
Sally: They’re in. 4...3...2...
[Sonic gasps.]
Sonic: Cool plan Sal!
Sally: Ahh, thanks. Where are they?
Sonic: Sal, over there! I’ll get ‘em Sal! Meet me at the junk heap.
[Sonic chases captured Freedom Fighters. Door closes in front of him.]
Sonic: Open up, stupid door!
Swat-Bot: Hedgehog alert, quadrant 7.
Sonic: Aww man! Sometimes I seriously hate this job.

[Scene Change.]

Bunnie: See him Sally Girl?
Sally: Not yet, Bunnie.
Bunnie: Incoming Sugar-Hog!
[Sonic runs up.]
Sonic: I was too late, Sal. They took them to Robuttnik’s headquarters.
Sally: The Roboticizer!
Sonic: Yeah! We got to get ‘em out!
Sally: Agreed, but how?
Sonic: I hate when you ask that.
Bunnie: Sonic!
Sonic: What!
Bunnie: Take a look.
Sally: Sonic, what is it?
Sonic: They’re already robotocized.
[Sally gasps.]
Sally: Oh no!
Sonic: [Yelling] One day Robuttnik, you’re going down man, BIG TIME!

[Scene change: Knothole.]

Sally: No Sonic, It was my fault.
Sonic: Come on Sal, I was too late.
Sally: No, if I had spent more time on the plan, we wouldn’t have lost them. I should’ve posted guards here, here, and here.
Dulcy: Aww you can’t cover everything Sally, Robotnik’s too cagy.
Sally: Uh! That’s no excuse! The plan was no good. Period.
Sonic: Aw, come on Sal. Duce is right. Robuttnik’s holding all the aces. We should’ve taken him down a long time ago. Before he took over.
Sally: Sonic, we were five years old.
Sonic: So, we were a way cool five.
Dulcy: Well do it now, you can use the time stones.
Sonic: Say what?
Dulcy: The time stones, you know. They take you back in time.
Sally: Dulcy, the time stones are just a myth.
Dulcy: No way, they’re on the floating island.
Sally: Another myth
Dulcy: Sally, I know that island’s no myth. I bumped into it.
Sonic: Sal...
Sally: Sonic, time travel violates all the laws of physics.
Sonic: So does Dulcy’s flying but that doesn’t stop her. Let’s go for it.
[Sally sighs]

[Scene change: Sky, day.]

Sonic: What do you think Dulce?
Dulcy: We’re real close now. I can feel it.
Sally: You’ve said that 20 times today.
Dulcy: [gasps] I saw it!
Sally: You’ve said that 20 times too.
Dulcy: So sue me, now it’s 21. Going down!
[Sonic and Sally scream as Dulcy takes a nose-dive.]
Sally: How can you see anything?
Dulcy: ‘Cause I got radar eyes.
[Sonic, Sally, and Dulcy “oof” as Dulcy hits something and starts to fall.]
Sonic: Now we’re really going down.
[Sonic, Sally, and Dulcy scream and “oof” when the hit the ground.]
Sonic: Oh yeah, nice landing Dulce.
Dulcy: [Strange noise] Thanks Ma.
Sonic: So what do ya think Sal?
Sally: I think we’re back on the ground. This is no floating island.
Dulcy: Oh yeah?
[Dulcy blows away all of the fog in one breath revealing what they’re standing on to be a floating island.]
Sally: Oh my gosh. It’’s true.
Sonic: Woah, way cool! OK Dulce, now where are the ol’ time stones?
Dulcy: Like I know [Yawns]. Probably in the palace. I have enough trouble traveling forward. So I’ll just hang right here. [Goes to sleep]
Sonic and Sally: Huh?
Sonic: Hey Sal, you get the feeling someone’s watching us?
Sally: You’re just imagining things.
Sonic: What was that?
Sally: What?
Sonic: That! Don’t move, maybe they won’t notice us. Then again, not. Grab on Sal! Outta here!
Sally: Dulcy!
Dulcy: Just five more minutes, Ma. Woah...ugh. I’m up, I’m up, I’m up.
Sally: Sonic, faster. Sonic, look.
Sonic: Not to worry, Sal. I just had a brain storm.
Sally: Sonic!
Sally and Sonic: Woah!
Sally: Why didn’t I think of this?
Sonic: We’ll be cool Sal, trust me.
[Sonic whistles, Sally screams, they both scream.]
Dulcy: I’m coming Sonic. You guys all right?
Sally: Fine Dulcy, thank you for saving our lives.
Dulcy: It’s lucky I heard Sonic’s whistle.
Sonic: Yeah!
Sally and Sonic: Oof!
Dulcy: Hehehe.
Sonic: Woah.
[Sally gasps.]
Sonic: Woah!
[Sally gasps.]
Sonic: Huh? Check it out. I’m gonna fire my travel agent.
Sally: It’s not the cruise I had in mind either. Come on.
Sonic: Man, where’s an elevator when you need one? Major headache.
[Sonic and Sally give various grunts as they try to open a strange door.]
Sonic and Sally: Woah [Held out as they fall down a strange waterfall]
[Sonic and Sally scream and “oof” as they land.]
Sonic: Where the heck are we?
Sally: Good question.
Sonic: I try.
Keeper: I am Keeper of the Time Stones. To use them, you must solve this riddle.
Sonic: A riddle?
Keeper: I run, and run, but cannot flee.
Sonic: Uh, uh, uh, a dog disguised as an owl!
Sally: Sonic!
Keeper: I am often watched, yet never seen.
Sonic: That’s cake, a seeing eye owl!
Sally: Sonic!
Keeper: When long I bring boredom, when short I bring fear. What am I?
Sonic: That’s easy, Antoine.
Sally: I run, and run but cannot flee. Watched yet never see.
Sonic: Who can understand this guy? He talks in riddles.
Sally: The answer is time.
Keeper: Correct. To reach your destination synchronize your thinking.
Sonic: Synchronize your what?
Sally: Thinking! For some of us, just thinking will be a first. Remember Sonic, concentrate on the palace fountain and the year 3224, nothing else.
Sonic: No prob Sal. Palace fountain, 3224. Let’s bust!
Sonic and Sally: [chant] Palace fountain, 3224. Palace fountain, 3224.
Sonic: Palace fountain, 32 chili dog.
Sally: Sonic!

[Scene change: Mobotropolis, day.]

Sally: Where are we?
Sonic: Looks like Robo-town. Oh man, here we go again!
[Sally gasps.]
Swat-Bots: Greetings citizens, have a nice day.
Sonic: Nice day? We got to check this out.
Sally: Mobotropolis. Oh Sonic, isn’t it beautiful?
Sonic: Yeah, it sure is. Yo, there’s the palace!
Sally: Oh, despite your bad concentration and synchronization, we arrived at the right time.
[Sonic sniffs the air.]
Sonic: Home sweet home! Whooee! Two doggies with the works, pal!
Pig: You got it bud.
Sally: Sonic!
Sonic: Sal, what?
Young Sonic: Two doggies with the works, pal.
Young Sally: Sonic, that’s your third one today!
Young Sonic: Yeah, I’m really lucky.
Young Sally: That is disgusting.
Young Sonic: Nuh-uh, cool.
Young Sally: Disgusting.
Young Sonic: [belches] Cool.
Young Sally: Double disgusting!
Young Sonic: Ahh, triple cool.
Young Sally: E equals M C squared disgusting!
Young Sonic: A zillion, gillion, gillion times cool.
Sally: Ahh, some things never change...
[Sonic says “Yeah!” from the background.]

[Scene change: Uncle Chuck’s Lab, day.]

Young Sally: Sonic, you’re it.
Young Sonic: Nuh uh, you’re it Sal.
Young Sally: No I’m not, Sonic Hedgehog, it’s your turn!
Young Sonic: Sal!
Chuck: Children, childre-OOF!
Young Sonic: Uh oh.
Chuck: Sonic, you know our rule about playing in the lab.
Young Sonic: Yeah, guess I forgot Unc.
Young Sally: We’re sorry Sir Charles.
Chuck: Just play outside, OK. Rascles .[laughs]
Sonic: Yo Unc. What’s up?
Sally: Hello, Sir Charles.
Chuck: Huh?

[Scene change: The Royal Palace, day.]

King: Of course you’ll be there, Julian. Everyone is anxious to meet the man responsible for winning the great war. You’re a hero.
Robotnik: Forgive me Your Majesty, I just can’t...
King: Nonsense. Tonight I will announce the closing of the war ministry and then your appointment as minister of science. You will attend Julian, that is a royal order. And your plans for dismantling the military are approved as presented. Get started at once.
Robotnik: Of course, Sire. I am honored, Sire.
King: See you tonight.
Robotnik: Snively, ready the palace attack force.

[Scene change: Uncle Chuck’s Lab]

Sally: And, Julian has a spaceship that will destroy Robo-, I mean, Mobotopolis.
Chuck: This is horrifying.
Sally: I’m afraid it gets worse, Sir Charles.
Sonic: Yeah, Robotnik changes everybody into robots with this mondo machine.
Chuck: Robotnik?
Sonic: You know him as Julian
Sally: Show him, Nicole.
NICOLE: Accessing, Sally.
Sonic: Robotnik calls it...
Chuck: The robotocizer, I know. I invented it.
Sonic: Woah, Unc! You invented it?
Chuck: It was supposed to help older people live longer, but it changed them, took away their will. So I destroyed it.
Sally: Then, how did Robotnik...
[Screen says “Files transferred to war ministry”]
Sonic: Files transferred to war ministry?
Chuck: Julian stole them.
Sonic: It’s cool, Unc. We’ve got a whole week to stop him. Uh oh.
Young Sonic: Who are you?
Chuck: Sonic, Princess Sally, these are my friends, uh...
Sally: I’m Alicia.
Young Sally: That’s my middle name.
Sally: Oh really?
Young Sonic: So, what’s your name?
Sonic: My name? It’s uh, Juice. Call me Juice.
Chuck: [chuckling] He’s a distant cousin.
Young Sonic: Does that mean you live far away?
Sonic: Yeah, sort of.
Young Sonic: Say, you’re pretty cool looking.
Sonic: Yeah, so are you. Way cool.
Sally: Oh brother.
Young Sonic: But I’m faster.
Sonic: No way!
Young Sonic: Yeah way!
Young Sally: [sighs] So immature.
Sally: So true.
Young Sonic: Race you to the chili dog stand.
Sonic: You’re on!
Young Sonic and Sonic: Eat my dust!
[Sally and Young Sally scream as Sonic and Young Sonic race away.]
Sally: Oh great.
Young Sally: Two of them.

[Scene change: Chili dog stand.]

Sonic: Two chili dogs!
Young Sonic: With the works pal!
[Both scarf down and belch.]
Young Sonic: Race ya back!
Sonic: Go!
Young Sonic: Whe...where are they going, Juice?
Sonic: I don’t know, kid, but it’s not good. Come on.
Chuck, Sally, and Young Sally: Huh?
Young Sonic: Told you I was faster.
Sonic: Way fast for me, kid.
Young Sonic: That’s ok, you’re just old.
Sonic: Old!
[Chuck and Sally laughs.]
Sonic: Something’s up. Hover units and tanks are all over the place. Looks like Robuttnik’s already making his move.
Sally: But he couldn’t. Sir Charles, what’s today’s date?
Charles: It’s the 13th.
Sally: The 13th! Oh no! The coup happens tonight!

[Scene change: Uncle Chuck’s House, day.]

Sonic: Yo Unc, where is she?
Young Sonic: Where’s who?
Chuck: She’ll be here, she’s very prompt.
Young Sonic: Who is?
Sonic: But it could happen any time!
Young Sonic: What could happen?
Chuck: We can’t leave the children.
[There’s a knock at the door.]
Rosie: Good morning Sir Charles.
[Laughter as children run into house.]
Rosie: Oh mercy!
Chuck: Come in please.
Rosie: Oh dear, something wrong?
Chuck: I can’t explain now. But if anything unusual happens today, use the escape tunnel and take the children to knothole, understand?

[Scene change: Robotnik’s Lair.]

Robotnik: I want all engine tests completed within the hour.
Snively: We’re on schedule Uncle Julian, but the Peace-bots still need to be retro-fitted with laser weapons.
Robotnik: Thank you, Snively
Snively: By this time tomorrow, Mobotropolis will be ours.
Robotnik: Not ours, Snively, mine.
Snively: But I...
Robotnik: Switch to voice recognition mode. Block all outside users.
Computer: Voice recognition made complete.
Snively: Why are we voice activating Uncle Julian?
Robotnik: We aren’t. From now on, everything will answer only to my voice. Do you know what that means, Snively?
Snively: No, Uncle Julian.
Robotnik: It means you call me Sir.
Snively: Yes Sir.
Robotnik: From now on Snively, you do exactly as I say.
Snively: Yes S-S-S-Sir.

[Scene change: Uncle Chuck’s House, day.]

Young Sonic: Something’s going on, and we’ve got to check it out.
Young Antoine: But, we will get in ze big trouble.
Young Sonic: Shh, I’m going anyway.
Young Sally: But Sonic, Uncle Chuck said to stay with Rosie.
Young Sonic: Ahh, he always says that. Come on!
[Young Sonic runs off.]
Young Sally: Sonic, wait.
[Everyone else follows.]
Young Antoine: Please to be waiting for, me myself!

[Scene change: The Royal Palace, day.]

Sonic: Chill Sal, everything’s going to be cool.
Sally: I know, I know. It’s just that I haven’t seen him in so long.
Sonic: This is what you’ve been waiting for, Sal.
Sally: Oh...
Sonic: Trust me, Sal. It’ll be way cool.
[Chuck enters.]
Chuck: He’ll see us now.
Sonic: Ready?
[Both enter throne room.]

[Scene change: Outside the Palace, day.]

Young Antoine: Ahhh! Wait! I’m sticking to this brush! Ahhh!
Young Sonic: Wow.
Swat-Bot Officer: Flank the Palace. Secure all exit and entry points.
Swat-Bot: Intruders, sector 4.
[Kids yell in surprise as Swat-Bots surround them.]
Swat-Bot: You are now prisoners of Dr. Robotnik.

[Scene change: Palace Throne Room, day.]

King: Julian plotting against the throne? A serious allegation, Sir Charles. I assume you have proof.
Sally: Your majesty, Daddy, it’s me.
King: Sir Charles?
Charles: This will be hard to believe, Your Majesty, but she’s come from the future.
King: The future? Sally?
Sally: Yes, Daddy.
King: The royal signet! What is our secret family credo?
Sally: To rule with honor.
King: Sally, it is you!
Sally: Daddy, it’s true. Julian is going to take over! He’s...
[Everyone gasps as the palace shakes. Swatbots invade.]
Swat-Bot: Freeze prisoners.
[A huge “tank” busts through the wall.]
Swat-Bot: Do not move.
[Robotnik emerges from the tank.]
Robotnik: Greetings, Sire.
King: Julian?
Robotnik: Your Majesty, members of the royal court, welcome to Robotropolis, the capitol of my kingdom. [Laughs]