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Sonic the Hedgehog
Blast to the Past, Part 1

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"Blast to the Past, Part 1" is the seventeenth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It first aired on 1 October 1994.








The episode begins in Robotropolis, with Sonic and Sally leading two Freedom Fighters through the streets, past two Hover Units. They manage to hide from a Swat-Bot patrol, which Sonic soon after runs up to in order to get their attention and drive them away from his allies. Taking this opportunity, Sally launches a rope into one of the buildings in Robotropolis and sends the two Freedom Fighters across the ravine to the other side via the rope. After hiding from the Swat-Bots and their Hover Units, Sonic joins up with Sally, and, together with her, watches as a powerful short-circuiting occurs in the building in front of them, which leads to the power being turned off in Dr. Robotnik's headquarters. Sally notices after a while, however, that the two Freedom Fighters she send in have been captured by the Swat-Bots. Sonic runs after them in order to save them, but the Swat-Bots make it inside Dr. Robotnik's headquarters with their prisoners before Sonic can reach them, and closes the door to the headquarters in front of Sonic. As Sonic tries to open the door, a group of flying Swat-Bots spot him. Sonic, however, manages to escape them and return to Sally and Bunnie. As Sonic and Sally make plans on how to save their fellow Freedom Fighters though, Bunnie hands Sonic her binoculars so he can see something. Through the binoculars, Sonic spots the two Freedom Fighters and sees that they have already been roboticized. While Sally realized to her horror of what has happened to her friends, Sonic begins to threaten Robotnik and swearing that the doctor will "go down big time" one day.

The next day in Knothole Village, Sally blames herself for having lost their two Freedom Fighters. Dulcy, however, comforts her, saying that she cannot predict everything, especially when it comes to Robotnik. Sonic agrees with Dulcy and says that they should have taken him down long ago, before he rose to power. Sally reminds him, however, that they were only five years old when that happened. Dulcy then suggests that they should do it now with the Time Stones, which are located on the Floating Island and give their wielders the power to travel back in time. Sally, however, remarks that the Floating Island and the Time Stones are just myths and that time travel violates all the laws of physics. Dulcy can confirm that the Floating Island does exist however, because she has bumped into it. Despite Sally doubting this errand, Sonic and Dulcy convinces her to undertake this expedition.

Sonic and Sally soon find themselves flying through the sky on Dulcy's back. Dulcy notes that they are really close to the Floating Island, but Sally mentions that she has said that twenty times now. Eventually though, Dulcy notices a piece of land and dives into the clouds. However, she soon flies into a tree and crashes down to solid ground. After landing, Sally simply believes that they have landed on plain land. Dulcy, however, sucks in a big amount of air before using it to blow away the clouds, revealing the Floating Island in all its majesty, with its palace and two stone Gargoyles guarding the palace's entrance. Sonic asks where the Time Stones are, but Dulcy admits that she does not know that, although she is guessing that they are in the palace. Dulcy then proceeds to latch onto a branch on the nearest tree with her tail and begins to take a nap upside down. Now on their own, Sonic and Sally decide to enter the palace, but Sonic gets the feeling that someone is watching them. Sally tells Sonic that it is just his imagination, but after a moment, Sonic hears a strange sound. Sonic then points to one of the stone Gargoyles, who turns its head towards them. Sonic hopes that the island's guards will not notice them, but then the second Gargoyle comes to life and jumps down from its pedestal. Sonic thus has Sally grab onto him while he begins to run away from the Gargoyles, who begin to pursue him. While Sonic runs away from the Gargoyles, one of the runs into Dulcy, causing her to be thrown to the ground and wake up.

Sonic continues to run around the island with Sally, but the Gargoyles are slowly getting closer to them. As they approach the edge of the island though, Sonic gets an idea and jumps off the island. When he does, the Gargoyles do the same thing, only to disappear into thin air. Meanwhile, as Sonic and Sally fall down from the sky, Sonic begins to whistle in order to summon Dulcy. Hearing Sonic's whistling, Dulcy comes to the pair's rescue and catches them on her back before taking them back to the Floating Island. Along the way, Sally expresses her annoyance at Sonic for making such a reckless plan. A moment later, Dulcy lands on the Floating Island, but accidently slips, causing Sonic and Sally to be thrown off her back and be send flying into the temple, whose door closes behind them. Inside the temple, Sonic and Sally find a purple door with clock hands. After touching the door, a bright light emerges from it. As the light dies down, Sonic and Sally find themselves in a labyrinth of staircases. Sally proceeds to take Sonic by the hand and pulls him into the labyrinth. As they walk through it this maze, Sonic begins to get a headache from the ever-changing angles. Eventually, they find a sparkling and shinning white door. As Sonic and Sally try to pull it open, they are suddenly sucked into it and find themselves in a river of shiny purple water that turns into a waterfall. Sonic and Sally then find themselves getting pulled into a whirlpool, after which they land on floor with white and black chessboard patterns. The lights then goes out for a minute. When it returns, Sonic and Sally see a bright light from which another light emerges and turns into a pair of eyes. Those eyes are then revealed to belong to an old owl-like entity. The entity reveals himself as Keeper of the Time Stones and tells Sonic and Sally that in order to use the Time Stones, they must first answer a riddle.

Keeper of the Time Stones proceeds to tell the heroes his riddle: "I run and run, but cannot leave. I am often watched, yet ever seen. When long, I bring boredom, when short I bring fear. What am I?" Sonic himself makes several guesses based on the first thing that comes to mind, but none of them are correct. After thinking for a moment however, Sally finds the answer to the riddle: time. Conforming the answer as correct, Keeper of the Time Stones disappears in a flash of light and presents the heroes with the Time Stones. He then explains that in order to use the Time Stones to travel through time, they must synchronize their thinking. Sally explains to a confused Sonic that it means that they both have to think about the time and place they want to go to at the same time. Sally tells Sonic to concentrate on the palace fountain in the year 3224. They both subsequently start think, but along the way, Sonic starts to think about chili dogs. Immediately after, the Time Stone teleport Sonic and Sally to a city alley, where they encounter two flying Swat-Bots. Sonic wants to run away with Sally, but then suddenly the Swat-Bots greet them and wishes them a nice day before flying away. Surprised, the heroes go into the streets and it turns out that they have arrived in Mobotropolis before Robotnik changed it into Robotropolis. The two of them enjoy the beauty of the city, and Sally believes that despite Sonic's bad attempt to synchronize his thoughts with her, they seem to have arrived at the right time and place. Sonic soon after smells chili dogs from a nearby chili dog stand, and runs over to it. Sonic proceeds to order a chili dog, but before he can take a bite, Sally pulls him away and has them hide behind some trash cans. It soon turns out that Sally has them hide from the younger versions of themselves from this time, who have arrived at the chili dog stand. There, young Sonic proceeds to eat a chili dog in one gulp, disguising young Sally. While Sonic cheers for his younger counterpart, Sally notes that some things never change.

In Sir Charles Hedgehog's lab, Charles is working on a device in his workshop, but is disturbed by a game of catch between young Sonic and young Sally. Eventually though, young Sonic bumps into his uncle, causing him to drop an important part from his device on the floor. Charles thus has young Sonic and young Sally go outside and play. Soon after though, Sonic and Sally arrive and greet him, leaving Charles dumbfounded. Meanwhile, the King is talking with his Minister of War, Julian, about a meeting. The King wants Julian to appear at the meeting because he wants everyone to meet the man responsible for their victory in the Great War. The King also promises that he plans to announce the closing of the War Ministry and make Julian the Minister of Science. The King is also happy with Julian's plans to dismantle the military and tells him to implement them immediately. Julian seemingly acts modest and very grateful, but after the King leaves, he contacts Snively and tells him to ready the palace attack force.

meanwhile, Sally, with the help of Nicole, shows Charles that Robotnik, whom he knows under the name Julian, plans to use a spaceship to destroy Mobotropolis. The heroes also show Charles how Robotnik would begin turning everyone into Worker Bots with the Roboticizer. Recognizing it, Charlies reveals that the Roboticizer is his invention, which he made to prolong the life of the elderly. However, he destroyed it when he learned that the Roboticizer deprived people of their free will. As Sonic and Sally then wonder how Robotnik could have gotten his hands on it, Charles discovers via his computer that the Roboticizer's flies have been transferred to the War Ministry, revealing that Julian has stolen them. Sonic consoles his uncle, however, telling him that they have a whole week to stop Robotnik. Soon after though, young Sonic and young Sally enter Charles' workshop and see their counterparts. Sally introduces herself to her younger self as "Alicia" (which is her middle name). Sonic, in turn, introduces himself to young Sonic as "Juice", and Charles assures young Sonic that Sonic is a distant cousin of his. Sonic and his younger counterpart then begin arguing over which one of them is better and faster, prompting the Sallys to comment on their behavior, which they consider immature. Sonic and young Sonic then decide to race to the chili dog stand. When they get there, they order two chili dogs for themselves. After eating them, they proceed with their race. Soon after though, the Sonics see military vehicles, such as flying Swat-Bots and Hover Units, drive through the city streets. Sonic does not like the sight of this and quickly runs back to Charles' workshop with young Sonic. Upon arriving there, young Sonic says that he is faster and calls his counterpart old before running off with young Sally. Sonic then informs Charles and Sally about the events in the streets. Getting concerned, Sally asks Charles what day it is. As it turns out, today is the thirteenth, which means that Robotnik's coup happens tonight.

Later, Sonic, Sally and Charles have taken young Sonic and young Sally to a small house while they wait for Rosie. Sonic, however, is getting very impatient, and young Sonic is asking a lot of questions. A moment later, Rosie shows and Charles let her in, along with the accompanying children versions of Rotor, Bunnie and Antoine. Charles tells Rosie that if anything unusual were to happen today, she should take the children through the secret tunnels to Knothole. Meanwhile, Swat-Bots are preparing Julian's Destroyer for today's attack. Julian tells Snively that he wants all engines tested within the hour, but Snively notes to his uncle that the Peace-bots still need to be retrofitted with laser guns. Regardless, Snively is very excited that Mobotropolis would soon belong to them. Julian replies however, that things were going to be a bit different, noting that Mobotropolis would soon be his. Julian then proceeds to change the system settings so that everything would only respond to his voice commands. He then grabs a confused Snively by the collar and explains to him that he would be the ruler and orders him to call him "Sir" from now on. Snively understands the message, but is extremely terrified.

Meanwhile, young Sonic and his friends are staying with Rosie. However, young Sonic starts to get impatient and decides to investigate the strange happenings in the palace. Young Sally, however, tells young Sonic that Charles told them to remain with Rosie. Young Sonic dismisses that however, and runs off, with his friends following him. Not wanting to be left behind, young Antoine decides to join his friends. Meanwhile, at the place, Sonic and Sally are waiting for an audience with the King. Sally is very nervous about this, however, because she has not seen her father in a long time, but Sonic comforts her. Soon after, Charles tells them that they can enter the throne room. Sally then corrects her hair before taking Sonic's hand and departing with him. Meanwhile, the children are sneaking through the palace gardens. Along the way, young Antoine gets his sleeve stuck on a branch, but his friends pulls him free. Hiding within a bush, the children watch ships full of Swat-Bots arrive and the Swat-Bot commander commanding its troops to secure all entry and exit points. The children are then suddenly found by a group of flying Swat-Bots that take them prisoner in the name of Dr. Robotnik.

At the same time, Sonic, Sally and Charles have informed the King about Julian's conspiracy. The King does not believe this, however, and wants hard evidence for such a serious accusation. Approaching the King, Sally adresses him as her father. Charles them explains that Sonic and Sally are from the future. The King, at first, cannot believe this, but he changes his mind after looking into Sally's eyes. He then runs over to her and sees the royal signet ring on her finger. Upon her father's request, Sally recites the family's secret creed, which convinces the King that Sally is his daughter. Sally proceeds to warn him about Julian's plot, but it is too late. Immediately after, Swat-Bots fly into the throne room and surround the heroes. The Destroyer proceeds to demolish the palace walls. Julian then emerges from the Destroyer and welcomes everyone in the room to Robotropolis - the capital of his kingdom.


  • In this episode, young Antoine's eyes are colored brown when they are supposed to be blue.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Russian Рывок в прошлое, часть первая Dash to the past, part one