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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Blank-Headed Eagle

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"Blank-Headed Eagle" is the eighteenth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the eighteenth episode, it aired as the twelfth episode during the show's original run.





Sonic's Disguises

  • Police Officer (also used by Tails)
  • Flight Attendant
  • Doctor


The story starts with Scratch and Grounder watching their favorite show "Edgar Eagle". But, Dr. Robotnik comes into the room to see what is going on and makes the Badniks kiss his feet instead. As usual, Scratch and Grounder argue over who Robotnik likes more, so Grounder challenges Scratch to a race, claiming that whoever caught Sonic first would determine who Robotnik likes more. Grounder jets out of the door, leaving Scratch jealous that Grounder is faster than him. Soon, a commercial airs on the television advertising an authentic, easy-to-build Eagle Chopper. Scratch, convinced it will help him catch Sonic, buys an Eagle Chopper. Unfortunately for him, construction of the chopper was way more complicated than advertised! The next morning, Scratch has completed the chopper, although it looks nothing like the real chopper. He took off in it, hoping it will catch Sonic. Later, Sonic and Tails were heading towards the farmland to answer a distress call from Farmer Peck, when Scratch arrived in his chopper, shooting flaming egg bombs at Sonic. After being outsmarted by Sonic, Scratch crashlands in the farmlands, where Henrietta finds him. The crash altered Scratch's memory, making him think that he was Edgar Eagle. Meanwhile, Farmer Peck explains to Sonic that Robotnik wanted to destroy his farm and build the planet's largest robot factory. Sonic tries to stop the robots, but to no avail. Soon, Henrietta appears with the deluded Scratch, saying that he was a big star, leaving Sonic confused. This time, Scratch tries to destroy the factory, but Sonic drags him to safety as the robots shoot at them. Sonic and Tails manage to use Scratch's delusions and his knowledge of Robotnik to their advantage. Once Sonic, Scratch, and Henrietta arrive near Robotnik's fortress, Grounder tries to lure the trio into a trap by setting up a chili dog vending machine that turns into a rocket when activated. Fortunately, Sonic safely brings the two back to the fortress unscathed, while the rocket crashes into Grounder. Once they infiltrate his fortress, they find the remote that controls the robots in Robotnik's lab coat pocket, but Robotnik arrives and orders Grounder to capture Henrietta. He then threatens to kill her if they don't give him the remote. Scratch then jumps on Robotnik's leg to distract him while Sonic saved Henrietta. Robotnik flings Scratch off of his leg, slamming him against the wall and restoring his full memory. Using the remote control, Sonic sets the robots in reverse, then destroys the remote to prevent overriding the command. As Sonic and Henrietta escape, Robotnik advises to escape the fortress before destruction, but not without "turning Scratch into a toaster oven" first. Later, back at the farm, Farmer Peck thanked Sonic for reversing the robots and returning the farm back to normal, although he is quite upset about Henrietta being heartbroken by Scratch. So, Sonic makes a phone call and the real Edgar Eagle arrives to spend time with Henrietta. Afterwards, Sonic gets the idea that he should have his own TV show one day just like Edgar Eagle.

Sonic Says

Scratch and Edgar have a race in their choppers to determine who deserves to be the real Edgar Eagle. Although Scratch wins the race, Sonic disqualifies him for not wearing a seatbelt like Edgar.

Sonic: "The first contestant to fly around that tower and back will be the real Edgar Eagle! Go!"

(Edgar and Scratch race, Scratch wins)

Scratch: "I'm the real Edgar Eagle! I won!

Sonic: "Sorry Scratch, you're disqualified. Edgar Eagle always wears a seatbelt, and that goes for you too pals!"

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Héros du soir, espoir Hero of the evening, hope
German Knallkopf Scratch Blockhead Scratch
Italian Eroe per sbaglio Hero by mistake
Portuguese (Brazil) Uma Águia Apaixonada A Passionate Eagle
Portuguese (Portugal) O Scratch Fica Amnésico Scratch Gets Amnesic
Spanish (Spain) Águila con amnesia Eagle with amnesia
Spanish (Latin America) Águila cabeza borrada Erased head eagle


  • The alternate titles for this episode is "Illegal Eagle" and "Scratch Goes Good".
  • Sonic breaks the fourth wall near the end of the episode, stating that he would want to have his own television show entitled Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and he already has a TV show that goes by that same title.
  • The voice Sonic uses in his flight attendant disguise sounds very similar to the voice Jaleel uses for Myrtle Mae Urkel, Steve Urkel's cousin from Biloxi on Family Matters. In his disguise he also wears mascara, a flight attendant dress, a pillbox hat, a blonde wig, lipstick and heels.
  • This is the fifth episode in which Robotnik doesn't say "I hate that hedgehog!" at the end.