The Blacksmith's Soul Surge is the Blacksmith's Soul Surge technique in Sonic and the Black Knight. When using this technique, the Blacksmith unleashes a flurry of bombs. However, this move can only be used in multiplayer mode as it is the only time where the Blacksmith is playable.


When the Blacksmith is performing his Soul Surge, the Blacksmith shouts "I'll see you!" before starting to unleash a rain of small round black bombs all around him that creates small, but powerful explosions upon impacting the ground or the enemy.

In order to perform the Blacksmith's Soul Surge, the Blacksmith's Soul Gauge must contain some energy. To activate this Soul Surge in gameplay, the player must press WiiB and then swing the Wii Remote. To cancel the move while being used, the player must press WiiB again. Using this Soul Surge deceases the energy in the Soul Gauge and if it runs out of energy, the move will end. After initiating his Soul Surge, the player can move the Blacksmith around freely, while he continues to launch his bombs for about three seconds, allowing the player to cover a greater area. Any lesser enemies that come into contact with the Blacksmith's explosives are either instantly destroyed or receive massive damage. If other players' characters get hit by these explosives, they take damage as well.

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