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Sonic Boom
Blackout (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Blackout".

[Scene: Comedy Chimp Show]

Comedy Chimp: You know, we have a lot of fun on our show, but I'd like to get serious for a moment while we honor a real hero.
[Comedy Chimp takes out a big sandwich. The audience laughs.]

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, night.]

[Team Sonic sit at a table, watching the Comedy Chimp show on Meh Burger's TV.]
Knuckles: [Sniffs] Oh, bless that sandwich.
[TV shuts down. The lights in Hedgehog Village turn off.]
Tails: The power's out. Luckily we have our Luminous Suits.
[Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy press the pad on their respective Communicators that turns each of their Luminous Suit on.]
Old Monkey: [Walking] I don't need a fancy Luminous Suit. I can see just fine.
[The Old Monkey walks away from the camera's view. He hits a tree, making the camera shake. A trash can is knocked over.]
Old Monkey: Oh, irony. I didn't see you coming. If only I had a Luminous Suit. Oh, what a twisted web the fates have woven.
Sticks: [Angrily] I know whose behind this blackout!
Amy: Let me guess. Martians? Pod people? [Annoyed] Inspector 34?
Sticks: Don't be ridiculous. Pod people have better things to do than monkey with the lights. I'm talking Eggman here.
Sonic: I agree with Sticks; which actually isn't the most comforting feeling in the world. To Eggman's Lair!

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, night.]

[Team Sonic knock down the door to the Lair.]
Dr. Eggman: Hey! I have a doorbell for a reason, you know.
Sonic: The power's out?
Dr. Eggman: In that case, just smash away.
Sticks: Why'd you turn off the juice?
Dr. Eggman: Hello? I make my living with robots. I can't seize power unless I have power to power them!
Orbot: We, however, are still on full charge, thanks to our incredibly long battery life.
Dr. Eggman: That's only because your brains use so little power. Woah. [Laughs] Up top! [Lifts his hand for a high five]
[Team Sonic glare at Eggman and do not move.]
Dr. Eggman: Oh sure, you leave a dude hanging, but you call me the villain.
Tails: Eggman makes a good point.
Knuckles: Fine.
[Knuckles walks over to Eggman and gives him a high five.]
Tails: No. I meant it's not his MO to shut off the AC.
Cubot: [Excitedly] So little brain power. I just got it! Haha.
Dr. Eggman: At this rate, those batteries should last another decade.

[Scene Change: Mayor's Mansion, night.]

[Mayor Fink is walking hopelessly inside his mansion. Team Sonic arrive.]
Amy: You want to tell us what's going on?
Fink: Nothing's going on. It's just an expected blackout. On the plus side, that crisis alarm that's been sounding for days has finally stopped.
Sticks: [Snapping] This bureaucrat is lying! He's spinning yarn, talking tripe, telling porkies!
Sonic: Sticks is right.
[Everyone looks at Sonic]
Sonic: Geez. This is the second time I'm agreeing with her. Should I see a doctor?
Fink: Fine. It's not a routine blackout. Our village is powered by an Ancient crystal - or at least it was. I'll show you.
[The Mayor pulls a lever on a statue to reveal a button on the wall panel. The Mayor presses the button. Nothing happens.]
Fink: In hindsight I probably shouldn't have put the town power supply crystal behind a secret door that can only be opened with electricity.
[Team Sonic stare at the Mayor with a miserable look. The Mayor tries pushing the bottom flap on the wall. The two flaps open and reveals the dead Meroke Crystal.]
Fink: The Meroke Crystal. It has been passed down from Mayor generation to Mayor generation, but now its electrical capabilities appear to be drained.
Amy: So... How do we power it up again?
Fink: [Shows everyone a map] Take this map and find a new crystal. [Passes the map to Sonic] I don't want to go down in history as the mayor who resided over the crystal when it broke.
Sonic: We're on it! Say no more!
Fink: [Glumly] I have nothing more to say.

[Scene Change: Mountains, day.]

[Scary music plays. With the wind and snow blowing in their faces, Team Sonic, now dressed in winter clothes, slowly walk up the mountain. Tails is writing a letter while he walks.]
Tails: Dear Zooey. Day one. It's amazing how much snow there is, just two minutes outside of town.
[Zooey waves back at Tails from the edge of the snowy terrain, which stretches into Hedgehog Village.]

[Scene Change: Mountains, day.]

[Tails sits next to a tree writing his letter while the rest of Team Sonic try to light a campfire.]
Tails: Day three. The cold is unbearable. For the first time in my life, I actually considered wearing pants. Desperate times indeed.

[Scene Change: Mountains, day.]

Tails: Day twelve. [Holding a map] I'm losing track of time. It might actually be day two.
[The map is blown away by the wind, followed by Tails. Amy tries to hold Tails, but they both get blown back. Sticks tries to hold Amy and Tails, but they slowly slide down. Sonic tries to Spin Dash the three members of Team Sonic forward, but to no effect. Knuckles crawls his way up the snow. They all grab hold of each other, with Knuckles taking the lead, and walk up to a sheltered area on the mountain.]
Knuckles: That call me [Shows them his glove] Knuckles for a reason. Because it's my name.
Sonic: Maybe it would be easier if we used Blue Force One in snowmobile mode.
Amy: Blue Force One has a snowmobile mode [Angrily] and you only mention it now?!
[Sonic gives an embarrassed look to the rest of the team before rushing down the mountain.]

[Scene Change: Outside Sonic's Shack, day.]

[Sonic hops into the Blue Force One. Rock music plays. He presses a few buttons that converts the Blue Force One into hover mode. The wheels float and a jet turbine activates. Sonic then flies away in the Blue Force One.]

[Scene Change: Mountains, day.]

[Sonic flies his way back up the mountain in the Blue Force One. He then converts the Blue Force One into snowmobile mode. The wheels are turned into winter tires and the vehicle falls onto the snow. Sonic drives further up the mountain and parks next to the rest of Team Sonic.]
Sonic: Need a ride?
[The rest of Team Sonic, on snowboards, hold on to a rope behind the Blue Force One as it drives up the mountain. They eventually arrive at the Stone Guardians' temple. Amy rubs the snow off a sign.]
Amy: Ooh. It's an Ancient dialect. Allow me. I took a night class once. [Clears throat and reads the sign] "Strength and logic will lead you astray. If you want to enter, try the lazy way."
Sonic: [Grunts] We don't have time for this. [Prepares a spin attack] I'll smash our way in.
[Sonic spin attacks the temple's door but it does not receive a scratch. Instead, a massive clump of snow falls on top of Team Sonic.]
Tails: [Angrily muffling] Thanks, Sonic. My letter to Zooey got ruined! Now I have to start over. [Scary music plays] Dear Zooey. Day one...

[Scene Change: Mountains, day.]

[The Scary music stops. Tails looks on the left side of the door.]
Tails: It must be a combination code, but there are so many possibilities. [Moves the sliders] It would take me centuries to figure out how long it would take me to figure out the right combination.
Knuckles: Oh, centuries huh?
[Knuckles sits down on a rock. The rock slides into the ground and the temple's door opens.]
Tails: Now I get it. Only Knuckles did what the riddle actually suggested: Try the lazy way.
Knuckles: Oh. Now I get it. [Patronizing voice] "Hero" is another word for "Sandwich".

[Scene Change: Inside the Stone Guardian's temple.]

[Team Sonic walk their way across the corridor and notice a Stone Guardian.]
Stone Guardian: Noble travelers! If you want to reach the Meroke Crystal, you must answer three riddles, and overcome three obstacles.
Amy: Including the one outside?
Stone Guardian: Not including the one outside.
[Team Sonic stare at the Guardian with an annoyed look and groan. Sticks cuts in front of them]
Sticks: Why should we listen to this jabroni? Outta the way, rocky.
[Sticks screams and charges at the Stone Guardian, but he does not move.]
Sticks: Maybe I stepped over the line with that jabroni remark. But we all said things we didn't mean.
Amy: Noble Stone Guardian, we accept your challenge.
Stone Guardian: Cool. See ya.
[The Stone Guardian vanishes in a bright light and the door at the end of the corridor opens, allowing Team Sonic to walk through it into the first room, which has another Stone Guardian.]
Stone Guardian: Noble travelers! To continue on your journey and move this slab, tell me, how many sides does a circle have?
Sticks: [Sarcastically] First, you tell me why you think "slab" rhymes with "have"?
[Red gas spews out from the walls of the room. Team Sonic cough at the fumes.]
Sonic: When he said obstacles, [Coughs] I was kind of hoping for Bounce Pads, not poisonous gas!
Tails: A circle is round. [Stands up and puts his hand in the air] It has no sides!
[The Stone Guardian does not move. Tails coughs and faints.]
Sonic: Well, that clearly didn't work. Anyone else got an idea?
Knuckles: A circle has two sides: Inside and outside.
Stone Guardian: That is correct.
[The gas stops spewing from the walls and vanishes. The Stone Guardian vanishes in a bright light and the door at the end of the corridor opens.]
Tails: [Tiredly] Did I solve it?
[Team Sonic move into the next room, which has another Stone Guardian.]
Stone Guardian: Noble travelers! I pass before the sun both high and low, and yet I cast no shadow.
Sticks: That one rhymes, but the meter is terrible.
[The floor of the second room separates beneath Team Sonic, dragging them towards the walls of the room.]
Tails: [Frustrated] Ugh... I don't know. A cloud? No, those have shadows.
Sonic: Oh! What about a bird? Oh, eh, b-but, you know, like a-like a-like a clear one...
[The platforms of the floor move closer to the wall. Team Sonic look down in fear.]
Knuckles: Pretty soon we'll be dust in the wind.
Stone Guardian: Wind! That is the correct answer.
[The floor platforms merge back together. Team Sonic cover their eyes as the Stone Guardian vanishes in a bright light. A circular door opens at the end of the corridor.]
Amy: [Happily] Alright, Knuckles! Two for two!
Knuckles: Are we saying random numbers now? One. One! [Pauses] One. I don't know many numbers.
[Team Sonic climb through the circular door into the next room, which has another Stone Guardian.]
Stone Guardian: Noble travelers! Try as you might, no sound it makes. When you speak its name, it's so fragile it break.
Sticks: Good rhyme, good meter... I see why you are the final guard.
[Team Sonic panic as several Stone Guardians appear through the walls and surround them, stomping right at their feet.]
Sticks: Ain't you guys ever heard of personal space? Alright, Knuckles. [Angrily] Make with the simple-minded, yet somehow profound answers so we can get out of here!
Knuckles: Hmm... Let me use my think muscle.
[The Stone Guardians roar and their eyes light up as they close in on Team Sonic. As Team Sonic get squashed between them, Sonic tries to push them away. He tries to spin attack them, but they do not budge.]
Sonic: Oh yeah. Immovable, right.
Sticks: [Snapping with her head at Knuckles' face.] Come on. Come on, come on!
Knuckles: Silence! I can't hear my brain thoughts.
Stone Guardian: Silence...! Is the correct answer.
[All the Stone Guardians vanish in a puff of smoke. The final door opens. Team Sonic walk through it and discover the Meroke Crystal on a pedestal with a light shining on it.]
Sonic: There she is. Just gotta switch it out with something that weights the same.
[Sonic picks up a golden statue and nervously swaps the Meroke Crystal with it. Team Sonic look on in amazement. Dramatic music plays and the room shakes as the pedestal with the statue lowers.]
Tails: It's gonna collapse! We better get out of here!
[Team Sonic run through the temple. Sticks side steps and dodges a falling brick. As Team Sonic escape the temple, the temple completely collapses. Sonic, grabbing the Meroke Crystal, uses the Blue Force One to drive down the mountain while Tails, Amy and Sticks are on snowboards. Suddenly, Sonic hits a hump and goes flying, with the Meroke Crystal slipping out of his hand. Sticks catches the falling crystal and tries to control her snowboard. She tosses the Meroke Crystal to Knuckles, who slips off his surfboard while still holding the crystal. Arriving at the foot of the mountain, Knuckles slides down next to Sonic, who has parked his Blue Force One, while the rest of Team Sonic come to a stop beside them. Team Sonic celebrate.]
Amy: Yeah!
Sonic: Alright!
Knuckles: Woohoo!
Tails: We did it!
Amy, Knuckles, Sonic and Tails: Yeah!

[Scene Change: Village Center, night.]

[The villagers continue their riots. Team Sonic arrive with the Meroke Crystal. The Ice Cream Vnedor arrives with his ice cream cart.]
Ice Cream Vendor: Stay back! Stay back or I'll flip this thing and it'll explode!
[Team Sonic run towards the Mayor's Mansion.]

[Scene Change: Mayor's Mansion, night.]

[The Mayor is sleeping in his chair. He wakes up and notices Team Sonic have arrived.]
Fink: There you are. I was beginning to think you disappeared forever. Like the last group I sent.
Knuckles: Nope. We made it. [Shows him the Meroke Crystal] And here is your Meroke Crystal.
[Knuckles places the Meroke Crystal into the wall panel. The Meroke Crystal begins glowing.]

[Scene Change: Village Center, night.]

[The villagers continue rioting and shouting, but then notice the lights have come back on, silencing them and making them drop their torches and pitchforks. The TV turns back on with Comedy Chimp eating his sandwich.]
Mike the Ox: Hey. TV's back.
[The rest of the villagers gather around to watch the TV. The camera cuts to Team Sonic.]
Sonic: [Pats Knuckles' shoulder] Knuckles, you were great up there. You're actually a lot smarter than we give you credit for.
Knuckles: Me am?!
Sonic: [Miserably] Forget I said anything.