The Blackened, Bumpy, and Thoroughly Unpleasant Zone is the final fate of the Brown Hill Zone as shown in Sonic the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimension. This zone is the consequence of Dr. Robotnik altering history.


The zone is now populated by clones of Sonic's animal friends, such as Lightfoot Clone Type B. Sonic and Tails had to lie to this clone that they too were "a special batch" of clones in order to avoid trouble. Notable sights in this zone include hillocks, valleys, new buildings, and a great cliff. The cliff was so slippery that Sonic's shoes could not find a solid grasp on the mountain no matter how hard Sonic tried. Sonic saw no sign of Eric the Echidna in this zone.

Down a long and straight tunnel, past rusting Robotnik machinery, lay Robotnik's own secret laboratory. Inside was an upgraded Egg-o-Matic, known as the Egg-meister.[1]


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