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The Black Sword[1][2] is an object that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. A sword used by the Black Arms, it is a close-quarters combat-type weapon usable by both enemies and the player.


Loosely based off of a talwar sword, the Black Sword is a dark purple sword about Shadow the Hedgehog's height. It has a space in-between the latter half of its blade, a dark purple cup guard with a black handle.


In gameplay, the Black Sword can only be found in certain Stages. They can be wielded by Black Warriors and Black Oaks, who will use them against the player.

Black Swords can be dropped by defeated enemies that wield them or released from breakable Containers. They are also hidden inside the Black Oak statues in Glyphic Canyon and Sky Troops. Touching one will make the playable character pick it up automatically, and pressing PSSquareButton.png/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png/XboxX.png (whether on the ground or in mid-air) makes him attack with it. As a close-quarters combat weapon, the Black Sword is designed for face-to-face combat. As such, it has a short attack range, and it deals poor damage, although it can still take out up to three enemies. A Black Sword can swung a total of six times, and once those tries are spent, it becomes useless. However, it can be reloaded with another six attacks by picking up another Black Sword.

In other media

Archie Comics

Shadow using the Black Sword, from Sonic Universe #59.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Shadow faced a Black Assassin wielding a Black Sword when Team Dark and the Spider Troupe invaded the New Black Comet in Sonic Universe #59. Stealing its Black Sword, Shadow used it to stab a Black Oak.[3]


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