The Black Hawks (ブラックホーク Burakkuu~ingu?) is an enemy that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a small winged Black Arms which is much stronger than the Black Wings.


Black Hawks have transparent and tincture color schemes, having a black squamous with red wide lines from their head to the end of their back fins.


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Black Hawk's energy wave

Black Hawks are more powerful than the Black Wings, being capable of firing blue energy waves by tilting and rushes themselves, and flying unhindered in space.[1] They take three hits with the Homing Attack to be defeated.

The Black Hawks can be used as a flying vehicle after being defeated. To get on one, the player has to press Gamecube X Button/PSObutton/XboxB and A Button GameCube v2/PSXButton/XboxA to speed it up. Note that their shots cannot be triggered by the player. However, Shadow can use a weapon while riding one by pressing SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO/PSSquareButton/XboxX, excluding melee weapons as Shadow discards them once mounting the Black Hawk.

Each Black Hawk has a health measure that depletes whenever it takes damage, until it empties, leaving the player to fall into a bottomless pit. Its health measures can be refilled using Damage Recover. The pilot of the Black Hawk cannot ride it indefinite though, meaning that it will leave the player in some parts of the Stages. Sometimes, the Black Hawks also appears in groups as a game mechanic to reach other areas using the Homing Attack.



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