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We are the Black Arms. We are here to take rule of this planet. Any attempts to resist are futile and will result in death. You humans are SO pathetic. As of today, this planet is MINE!... Now we will begin to exterminate all of the world's leaders who resist. Annihilation for this planet is near. It is time to embrace the dawn of your demise and despair.

— Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog

Black Doom (ブラック・ドゥーム[4] Burakku Dūmu?) is an antagonist from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He was the sinister leader of the Black Arms and the creator[4] of his kind. For thousands of years, Doom planned to impose terror on the earth and use the local human population as a livestock for his minions. Ultimately, however, he met his defeat at the hands of Shadow the Hedgehog, his own offspring.


Black Doom has a jet black[5] legless body with three red bestial eyes, twin wide horns with red tips, a set of spines on his scalp, three-fingered paws with claws, and no lips.

For attire, Doom wears a dark brown worn robe with black-brown shoulder pads and golden accents, a maroon drape scarf with tattoo markings hanging from the back, golden chains with a set of silver-spiked medallions possessing a gem, and a double black cord necklace with red, blue and purple ornaments on one and golden and silver pendants on the other.



At least two thousand years ago, Black Doom created the Black Arms legion.[4] For millennia, he and his army made several visits to earth. While the effects of their appearances on the planet's history are uncertain, it is known that they would transport bird-shaped flying temples to some areas on the earth to terrorize the local population.[6]

Dolphin 2015-12-02 19-07-24-069

Black Doom making his deal with Professor Gerald Robotnik fifty years ago, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

While the Black Arms were planning to conquer earth, they were unable to do so since their home, the Black Comet, was unable to enter a planet's atmosphere. However, fifty years ago, Black Doom formed a sort of alliance with Professor Gerald Robotnik. The two created the Ultimate Lifeform, Shadow the Hedgehog, in order to expand Robotnik's research and help the alien retrieve the seven Chaos Emeralds. The resulting creature was created from Doom's blood, giving him access to his Chaos Control abilities. However, the professor realized the threat his new alliance presented to earth and secretly planned to use the black hedgehog and the newly built Eclipse Cannon to destroy the Black Comet when it made its next regular fifty year visit.[7][8] Soon after the events detailed in the Space Colony ARK incident occurred, Gerald's initial plan was forgotten as he sunk into grief and madness after his granddaughter, Maria Robotnik, died during the raid on the ARK to shut down Project Shadow by GUN.

Shadow the Hedgehog[]

Shadow the Hedgehog Black Doom appears

A hologram of Black Doom appearing before Shadow, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

In Shadow the Hedgehog, when the Black Comet returned to earth, Black Doom and his army made a full-scale attack on the planet, ravaging various cities around the world and causing severe damage and casualties.[9] The alien overlord later appeared before Shadow and ordered him to collect the seven Chaos Emeralds and bring them to him; his plan was to lure the black hedgehog to his side to commence the so-called "prosperity ritual", where the Black Arms would use the human population as a livestock and conquer the earth in the process.[note 1]

Throughout the events that unfolded after the Black Arms' invasion, Black Doom would have his third eye follow Shadow and observe him. While Doom was aided by the black hedgehog at least once,[note 2] the exact events that occurred during this incident are uncertain. Eventually, Shadow would collect all seven Chaos Emeralds and was about to give them to the alien overlord onboard the Black Comet, but Sonic and his friends entered the scene and asked him not to do so. Black Doom, however, took the gems for himself and used a super-charged Chaos Control to transport the comet down to the surface of the earth to initiate his "prosperity ritual". As he revealed his master plan and his deal with Gerald, the Black Comet emitted a paralyzing gas that incapacitated Shadow and the others to prevent them from interfering with his plans. Regardless, the black hedgehog, as a Black Arm himself, proved himself invulnerable to this paralysis, and gave chase to the alien overlord through the Black Comet. When cornered, Doom tried to take control of Shadow's mind, but a video feed of Gerald revealing the truth that was played by Team Chaotix caused the hedgehog to break free and use the Emeralds to transform into Super Shadow. Black Doom took on the transformed Shadow under his "Devil Doom" form. Ultimately, however, the alien overlord was defeated for good and the black hedgehog used the Eclipse Cannon to destroy the Black Comet.

Sonic X Shadow Generations[]


Black Doom (as Doom's Eye) appearing before Shadow, from Sonic X Shadow Generations.

Black Doom is set to make an appearance in Sonic X Shadow Generations as the main antagonist of the "Shadow Generations" story. Through unknown means, Black Doom reemerges from his supposed "death" and threatens to continue his plans of taking over the world, but is once again opposed by his old nemesis, Shadow.[10]


Black Doom is presented as a highly ruthless, sadistic, manipulative, and power-hungry tyrant. He regards humans as pathetic creatures that will lead themselves to their own extinction, and always looks down on them and their technology. He has neither affection nor sympathy for anybody or anything, specially his enemies, referring to foes like Dr. Eggman as "incompetent imbeciles". Regardless, he also appears to possess a degree of self-awareness, acknowledging that the actions he encourages are "evil",[11] even reaching such levels that he outright refers to heroics as "hypocritical acts"[12] and says that his creations will impose terror "in unimaginable ways".[6]

Black Doom's plans for the planet extend much further than simply conquering earth. His main goal is to have him and his armies feed off the humans, which he states are a great energy source for them. According to Doom, once the planet is under his control, the humans will never see the sun again and the planet will cease to be blue. It seems Doom wants to conquer the planet as a step closer to the entire universe.

Powers and abilities[]

Whilst few would challenge Black Doom, he has numerous abilities which make him a fearsome foe for those who would dare. For important long range communication, he can send his third eye forth to do various tasks that would require him while he is away. Doom's Eye can speak and project holograms of Doom himself, which possess many of his abilities as well.

Dolphin 2015-12-02 19-06-37-553

Black Doom inducing Chaos Control, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Black Doom can levitate/float which seems to be his primary method of mobility as he appears to have no legs, even when transformed into Devil Doom. One of his main abilities is inducing Chaos Control, which he can use with just as much proficiency as Shadow. When using all seven Chaos Emeralds, he could teleport the Black Comet down to earth from space. He is capable of teleportation and is capable of transporting others as well as he demonstrated transporting Shadow to various locations on earth and even into cyberspace. He also seems to be able to phase right through solid objects. Compared to humans, Black Doom seems to have eternal youth, or at least extended longevity, as he lived for over 2000 years. His blood was used to help create Shadow, who obtained eternal life.


Black Doom creating an illusion around Shadow, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Black Doom possesses a large amount of mystical abilities. He can telepathically give someone like Shadow the illusion of going back to another time and place, and can sense energies, a person's presence, and their inner thoughts and emotions. He also possesses a mental link with Shadow due to Shadow being created from him; he failed in his attempt to use mind control on Shadow. He is also capable of telepathy, as there were a few incidents where he communicated with Shadow or multiple people yet was nowhere to be seen, and he also uses telepathy through Doom's Eye.

Dolphin 2015-11-28 00-22-49-594

Black Doom's ability to create illusionary copies of himself, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

While engaged in battle, Black Doom can summon and throw flaming meteors[13] towards enemies with devastating force and use a vertical disc attack[14] that can slice partially through large obstacles. His aim with these weapons is recognized by many characters as having deadly precision, along with "swift strike", a long, sideways, light-blade boomerang[15][16] which spins around at floor level and bounces against obstacles.

Devil Doom[]

Main article: Devil Doom

Devil Doom, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Devil Doom is the true form of Black Doom, and he appears as such as the final boss of Shadow the Hedgehog. While he is in Devil Doom form, he still can use Chaos Control, but adds the abilities to seemingly telekinetically rip up entire roads and buildings, and hurl them at Super Shadow. He can also breathe fire and summon floating, rock-like spheres that fire lasers.


Main article: Black Doom (boss)

Black Doom is a boss encountered in the game after completing the Hero mission of GUN Fortress, Cosmic Fall and Final Haunt. During the battle, the guide for the player is either Rouge the Bat, Vector the Crocodile or Sonic the Hedgehog.


Shadow the Hedgehog[]

I gave you life, and THIS is how you repay me! The irony of it all... is that I gave you life... NOW, I'll take it back.

— Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
Dolphin 2015-09-05 20-27-45-016

Black Doom trying to lure Shadow to his side, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

The relationship between Shadow the Hedgehog and Black Doom may have been brief, but it has played an important role in Shadow's life. Shadow was made of Black Doom's blood, in a deal between the alien and Professor Gerald; this technically makes Shadow Black Doom's biological son. Black Doom even states that being a part of his blood, Shadow is more akin to him than he thinks.

Black Doom constantly follows Shadow throughout his invasion of earth, trying to get Shadow to see what he believed to be the truth about humanity and that they needed to be punished. Even after Shadow opposes him several times, Black Doom still insists on trying to get Shadow to join him, turn on humanity and see things his way. He even persists to do so as they fight in their final bout well after his plans have gone into action, suggesting Black Doom really did have a genuine attachment to Shadow. Black Doom sought to open Shadow's eyes to their wrong doings in order to get him to realize humanity deserved to be punished for their terrible nature and selfishness, something he does even to the bitter end during their final bout. He even tried to put Shadow on his side by playing with what was left of Shadow's painful memories of losing Maria. Regardless of the path taken during the incident, Shadow defeats Black Doom and destroys Black Comet along with Black Arms.

While Doom claims to have Shadow's best interest at heart, he does not care for him at all and is only interested in his power. He often tried to manipulate Shadow in order to turn him against humanity, but this caused Shadow to see Black Doom as his ultimate enemy in the end. Doom sees Shadow as his gateway to the Chaos Emeralds and his unusual skills would make him a great addition to the army. Doom often used Shadow to do tasks that would give him an advantage, such as destroying the humans' data servers so information could no longer be transferred among the humans, awakening dormant temples to be used as weapons, and even attempting to assassinate the president.

Throughout the events of the Black Arms incident, Black Doom threatens Shadow and demands extreme loyalty and respect without compassion, even when it helps. Nor does he tolerate any type of error or failure, no matter how difficult Shadow's task may be. In the end, Shadow refused to help him and decided to put an end to his biological father and his "offspring" after learning of his true plans.



In other media[]

Books and comics[]

Archie Comics[]

Black Doom with Shadow

Black Doom, from Sonic Universe #59.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Black Doom worked with Professor Gerald Robotnik to create Shadow the Hedgehog for his own hidden agenda of conquering Mobius. However, when the time for Doom's return came, the Black Arms ran afoul with a rival group of conquering aliens, the Xorda which they engaged in a galactic war.

In the reality created by the Super Genesis Wave, Black Doom and the Black Arms made their return trip to Sonic's World and were destroyed by Shadow the Hedgehog. In the event of his death though, Black Doom left behind a successor named Black Death to finish a conquest on another planet; as such, the Black Arms endured under Black Death, who made plans to return to Sonic's World to finish what Black Doom started.


"Shadow, I understand that you're training to be the Ultimate. As to be expected of my bloodline. Now, Go! Head for the Goal ring!"
—Black Doom during Expert Mode in the Death Ruins, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Those are our larvae, which mature into fine soldiers. Protect them!"
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Shadow, that foolish scientist still seeks to resist us. Use our cannons and blow his ships out of the sky!"
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"You are late Shadow, from now on my eye shall follow you and observe you for me!"
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Annihilation for this planet is near; it is time to embrace the dawn of your demise and despair."
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Just look at how those humans flee without a fight! To you go the spoils of their folly."
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Get these worthless machines out of my sight!"
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"The scientist is an incompetent imbecile, and now he shall uncover his foolishness."
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"The Black Arms are more than superior... We are perfect!"
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"What do you think vermin like you can accomplish on your own? Let me show you...those who commit mutiny against me will see no mercy...and do not defy me again!"
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Now I will show you just how pitiful you Inferior Life forms are!"
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"I shall put an end to your foolish attempts to defy me, and your miserable existence!"
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"The humans have brainwashed you and your feeble mind. Allow me to remind you of the truth!"
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Shadow! This isn't over yet! The Black Arms...will rise again!"
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Now... Come, Shadow! Die along with these foolish humans!"
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Im... Impossible! I am the supreme being that rules this universe... I... am the immortal lifeform! I... AM THE ULTIMATE POWER! GAAAAAAH!"
—Black Doom's last words after Super Shadow defeats him, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Those are our black arms soldiers, do not interfere with them!"
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"We're here to save the humans from their own demise. We offer salvation."
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Friend or foe means nothing to us! We are merciless until the end!"
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Mere children's toys, Crush them!"
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Failure is not an option. Now go!"
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Shadow, let me share with you a piece of your past. It's filled with nothing but hatred and contempt for the humans."
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Humans, willing to sacrifice their own when overcome by greed. They...are a foolish race."
—Black Doom before the Heavy Dog boss battle, Shadow the Hedgehog
"The time has come! Now, that the gas has overrun this tainted world, MY reign has BEGUN! Mwahahahahaha!! Hahahaha! HAH-hahahaha!!"
—Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Well done, Shadow."
—Black Doom upon completing a Dark mission in a stage with Doom's Eye, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Make the humans suffer!"
—Black Doom when defeating an enemy associated with GUN, Shadow the Hedgehog
"What are you doing, you traitor?"
—Black Doom when defeating any Black Arms enemy, Shadow the Hedgehog


  • Black Doom (as Devil Doom) is the first, and only, villain Super Shadow battles and defeats on his own.
  • Black Doom, and likely the rest of the Black Arms, do not know what lightning is. During the thunderstorm segment of Sky Troops, Doom's Eye will see the lightning strikes in the distance and comment, "What is that massive electric shock? Is it an attack from one of the battleships?"
  • Black Doom bears a resemblance to Wizeman from NiGHTS, another Sonic Team franchise. Both characters share a "blood relation" to their respective protagonists, wear similar clothing, and lack legs. The two also share a similar power, in that Black Doom can send his third eye to watch people, whereas Wizeman uses one of his many hands, which have eyes in the palms. Maybe not coincidentally, both the NiGHTS series and Shadow the Hedgehog were directed by Takashi Iizuka.


  1. Black Doom revealing that he would use the human populace as a livestock to provide energy to the Black Arms, and conquer the planet in the process only appears in the Japanese version; in the English localization of Shadow the Hedgehog, Doom does not mention his intention to use humanity as a livestock (though he does say that they are a great energy source for the Black Arms), whereas Gerald Robotnik claims in his video feed that the aliens were planning to destroy the planet rather than conquer it.
  2. At one point in Shadow the Hedgehog' Expert Mode, Cream thanks Shadow for saving her. This is something that can be done in Cryptic Castle, which is acceeded after helping the Black Arms in either Digital Circuit or Glyphic Canyon. As such, it can be assumed that Shadow teamed up with the aliens during at least the early phases of their invasion.


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