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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Black Bot the Pirate (episode)

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Black Bot the Pirate"

[The episode begins with a view outside Robotnik's fortress as the camera zooms in on it. Inside Robotnik's fortress, Robotnik impatiently taps his right foot and looks over at the watch on his left wrist.]

Dr. Robotnik: It's time!

[Robotnik walks up to Professor Caninestein, who is building a time machine.]

Robotnik: This thing should have been finished hours ago!

[Robotnik points his left index finger at Caninestein.]

Robotnik: You're stalling, aren't you, Professor Caninestein?

[Caninestein, who is holding a wrench in his right hand, turns to face Robotnik.]

Professor Caninestein: I can't go through with this! My theories of time und space were developed for peace, not for your evil schemes
Robotnik: Oh, that's all right, Professor. You don't have to do anything you don't want to... as long as you don't mind being thrown into a dungeon full of snakes and eating dead spiders for the rest of your life!

[Caninestein gets back to working on the time machine, and grabs a cable in each hand. The time machine starts up.]

Caninestein: Um, uh, it's f-f-f-finished!
Robotnik: At last!

[Robotnik hugs the time machine.]

Robotnik: My very own time machine! Now I can proceed with my cleverest plan of all time!

[As Robotnik talks, he walks up to a projection screen.]

Robotnik: Gathering the four most important items in the history of Mobius;

[Robotnik pulls down the projection screen with his right hand.]

Robotnik: The all-powerful Chaos Emeralds! With them, I will possess...

[As Robotnik continues talking, he points at the respective Chaos Emeralds with the pointer he is holding in his right hand.]

Robotnik: Invisibility, invincibility, immortality, and finally, the power of life itself! With the Chaos Emeralds, no one can stop me from becoming the Supreme High Robotnik!

[Robotnik folds the pointer back in with his right hand and walks up to the time machine, then holds up his right index finger.]

Robotnik: Today, Mobius, tomorrow, the universe!

[Scratch and Grounder walk in.]

Grounder: Good morning, your bloatedness!

[Robotnik growls at Grounder. Scratch and Grounder walk up to the time machine.]

Scratch: Wow! This must be the new vacuum cleaner we sent away for! Your lab is a mess! How bout' I try it out!

[Scratch gets into the driver's seat, and Robotnik stares in shock.]

Robotnik: No! That's my time machine!

[Robotnik runs up to the time machine.]

Scratch: Huh?

[Scratch pushes the lever forward with his left hand. The time machine disappears, leaving behind a cloud of dust, and Grounder flinches as he stands atop the table. He then falls back down as Robotnik runs up to him. Robotnik turns to face Caninestein as Grounder looks down ,at the ground.]

Robotnik: Where did he go?
Caninestein: Ze time controls were set for 300 years ago.

[The Time Machine re-appears atop Grounder, with Scratch as a roast turkey on a plate standing above it. Robotnik and Caninestein run up to him.]

Scratch: Help! D'oh, get me out of this thing!

[Grounder pulls his head out, and his nose his bent. He shakes his head, and his nose straightens.]

Grounder: What happened?
Scratch: Stupid Pilgrims! It's bad enough they tried to eat me for dinner, then they had the nerve to say I tasted lousy!

[Grounder grabs Scratch with both his drills, and Scratch climbs down from the time machine.]

Robotnik: Ha! It works!

[Robotnik laughs evilly as he jumps into the driver's seat. He then turns to face Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: Scratch, Grounder, get in! We've got work to do!

[Scratch and Grounder jump into the passenger seats, and Robotnik pulls the lever forward with his left hand. The time machine disappears, and Caninestein stumbles back and hits the wall. A lantern above him gets knocked loose, falls, and covers his head. The door opens on it, and Caninestein groans.]

Caninestein: What have I done? Robotnik must be stopped!

[Caninestein runs away. The screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place on the beach. Sonic, who is dressed in a bathing suit and sunglasses, is relaxing in a beach chair, holding a beverage cup in his left hand. Tails flies down to him, holding a surfboard in both his hands.]

Tails: Come on, Sonic! The waves are awesome!
Sonic: Not now, Tails. Can't you see I'm soaking up some rays?

[Sonic lifts up his sunglasses with his left hand and looks down at his body.]

Sonic: You think I'm getting too blue?

[Just then, a hedgehog resembling Breezie, but with grey fur and yellow hair, passes by, carrying a surfboard in her left arm. She blows a kiss at Sonic with her right hand.]

Sonic: On second thought, the sun can wait!

[Sonic tosses his sunglasses aside with his left hand and runs up to his surfboard, which he grabs with both his hands. Before he gets far, Caninestein walks up to him.]

Caninestein: Excuse me, are you Sonic the Hedgehog? I'm Professor Caninestein, you know, "The Theory of Irrelativity", "E-Flat Equals MC Squared"?
Sonic: Get to the point, Professor, I've got waves to catch! Not to mention a cute little hedgehog in a polka-dot bikini!

[Sonic points his left thumb behind himself, then waves his left index finger at the viewers.]

Caninestein: You're the only one who can stop Robotnik!
Sonic: Everyone on Mobius knows that!
Caninestein: You don't understand; I built him a time machine! He's gone back in time to get ze Chaos Emeralds!

[Tails flies down to Caninestein.]

Tails: Chaos Emeralds? If Robotnik gets them, he'll be unstoppable!
Sonic: But what can I do about it? I don't have a time machine!

[As Caninestein talks to Sonic, he reaches into the collar of his shirt with his left hand.]

Caninestein: You don't need one.

[Caninestein pulls out a pair of Atomic Relativity Boots.]

Sonic: Hey, cool sneaks!
Caninestein: With these Atomic Relativity Boots, you'll be able to circle the planet at the speed of light, and enter the time warp!

[Caninestein sets the Atomic Relativity Boots down. He pulls the lever on the left one with his left hand.]

Caninestein: Now, push this lever forward, you travel into the future. Pull it back, and you go into the past!
Sonic: But how will I know where to find Robotnik?

[Caninestein reaches into the collar of his shirt with his right hand, and pulls out a card, which he hands to Sonic with his left hand.]

Caninestein: Here's the list of the points in time where he intends to get the Emeralds.
Sonic: I don't know...

[Just then, the hedgehog resembling Breezie passes By Sonic, with a grey muscular hedgehog walking alongside her. Sonic looks over at this and frowns.]

Sonic: On second thought, looks like I've got plenty of time on my hands!

[Sonic grabs an Atomic Relativity Boot in each hand, and grunts as he puts them on the correct feet.]

Sonic: Not to mention my feet!

[Sonic runs in place.]

Sonic: Nice bounce! Come on, Tails, it's time to travel! Up, over,

[Sonic grabs Tails' right wrist with his left hand and runs into the air.]

Sonic: And gone!

[The camera cuts to t a view outside the planet Mobius as Sonic runs around it several times. Eventually, the planet flashes, and the camera cuts to a view inside the time warp as the clock hands move counter-clockwise. Sonic, who is no longer wearing his bathing suit, runs through the time warp, holding Tails by his right wrist with his left hand. Inside the same time warp, Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder are riding in their time machine.]

Scratch: Approaching time-space coordinates in three seconds! Two, one!

[Scratch pulls the lever forward with his left hand.]

Grounder: Hang on, we're going down!

[Scratch squawks as he, Robotnik, and Grounder fall. The screen transitions to a view of a seagull flying through the air in pirate times. The seagull lands on the edge of the crow's nest of Captain Blackbeard's pirate ship. Captain Blackbeard is behind the wheel of his pirate ship.]

Blackbeard: Yo ho ho, and a bottle of...

[Before Blackbeard can finish, sparks of electricity emit from his beard.]

Blackbot: What in shark's breath?

[Scratch and Robotnik scream as they, along with Grounder, fall into the water, which splashes Blackbeard. Under the water, Robotnik turns to face Scratch and grabs him with both his hands, while Grounder flinches.]

Robotnik: Get me on the deck of that ship, you chicken of the sea!
Scratch: Yes, your sogginess!

[Scratch pulls the lever forward with his left hand. The time machine disappears, much to the bewilderment of a passing fish, with clouds resembling exclamation points emitting from him. He turns to face the viewers and shrugs his fins, with clouds resembling question marks emitting from him. The time machine reappears on the deck of Blackbeard's ship, and Robotnik now has an octopus on his face, and he grunts as he removes it with his left hand. The octopus lands on Scratch's face.]

Grounder: Oh, allow me.

[As Grounder picks up Robotnik by his armpits with both his drills, Scratch grabs the octopus with his right hand and tosses it aside. The Octopus lands back in the water with a splash. Robotnik walks out of the time machine and screams as he lands with a thud. Grounder then falls out of the time machine.]

Grounder: Whoa!

[Grounder lands with a thud and grunts. He lands atop Robotnik.]

Grounder: Sorry, your klutziness.

[Robotnik tries to get back up, and Grounder falls over and lands with a thud. Blackbeard walks up to them.]

Blackbeard: No one steps foot on Blackbeard's ship uninvited,

[Blackbeard pulls his sword out of his holster with his right hand.]

Blackbeard: And stays in one piece!

[Robotnik grabs Grounder by his shoulders with both his hands and pushes him towards Blackbeard.]

Robotnik: Grounder, show this ignorant pirate who's boss!

[Grounder smiles nervously as he salutes Robotnik with his right drill.]

Grounder: Aye-aye, sir!
Grounder turns his right drill into a sword, then rolls up to Blackbeard.]
Grounder: En guarde!

[Blackbeard slashes his sword at Grounder. Grounder looks down at his body.]

Grounder: Ha! Never touched me!

[A piece of Grounder's nose falls off.]

Grounder: Whoa!

[Grounder falls to pieces, and his head lands on the deck of the ship.]

Grounder: Okay, so you nicked me.

[Robotnik points his right index finger at Blackbeard.]

Robotnik: Scratch, take care of him!

[Scratch jumps out of the time machine and lands near Blackbot in a kung fu-esque pose.]

Scratch: Give up, you scoundrel! I'm a blackbelt!

[Scratch squawks angrily at Blackbeard.]

Blackbeard: Oh, yeah? Well, I'm a blackbeard!

[Blackbeard pulls out a pair of nunchucks in each hand, and Scratch screams as he stares in shock. He then tries to run away as Blackbeard whips him with the nunchucks. Scratch, who is now shaped into a ball, groans as one of the nunchucks lands near him. Blackbot then points his right index finger at Robotnik.]

Blackbot: And how are you going to try to stop me, you scurvy blob of whale fat?
Robotnik: Actually, what I had in mind was,

[Robotnik pulls out his Robot-Transmogrifier Ray with his right hand and points it at Blackbeard.]

Robotnik: Blasting you with my Robot-Transmogrifier Ray!

[Robotnik fires his Robot-Transmogrifier Ray at Blackbeard, turning him into Black Bot. He then walks up to Black Bot and puts his left hand on his left shoulder.]

Robotnik: Now I'm in command! Isn't that right, Black Bot the Pirate?
Black Bot: Aye aye, Captain Robotnik!
Robotnik: Good! I understand you have a treasure map showing the location of a certain large Emerald!

[Black Bot nods his head, "Yes". Robotnik then holds out his right arm.]

Robotnik: Show me!

[Black Bot walks away, and Robotnik follows behind him. Robotnik then slips on a puddle of water and groans as he falls over. Black Bot walks into his cabin, and Robotnik runs behind him. Black Bot then picks up a tiny treasure chest with both his hands. It opens, revealing a treasure map inside, which Robotnik takes with his left hand as the camera zooms in on him.]

Robotnik: There it is!

[Robotnik unfolds the map with his right hand. The camera zooms in on the X.]

Robotnik: The location of the Chaos Emerald of Invisibility!

[Back in the time warp, Sonic is still running while holding Tails' right wrist ith his left hand.]

Sonic: Hang on, Tails, Time to hit the warp brakes!

[Sonic screeches to a halt. He and Tails fall as the screen transitions to a view of Black Bot's pirate ship. Robotnik is now dressed like a pirate captain, Scratch is dressed in a pirate hat, and Grounder is dressed in a bandana. As Black Bot is behind the wheel of his ship, Robotnik pulls out a sword with his left hand and points it as Scratch walks up the stairs.]

Robotnik: Head due east till' we get to Shark Island!
Black Bot: Aye, Captain!

[The sound of Sonic running can be heard, and Robotnik stares in shock as Sonic runs through the sail, knocking it down, and causing it to cover Robotnik, Scratch, Grounder, and Black Bot. Scratch gets up from under the sail, and Robotnik crawls out from underneath.]

Robotnik: What was that?
Scratch: A fighter jet?

[Scratch pulls the sail off Black Bot with both his hands.]

Robotnik: There's no jets in the days of pirates, you idiot!

[Scratch backs up nervously, and trips over Grounder, who is covered up by the sail.]

Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho!

[Grounder gets back up from under the sail and lifts the Sonic-shaped hole in it with his left drill.]

Grounder: Uh-oh! I think I know who it was!
Robotnik: Who?

[Grounder grabs the rope that lifts the sail with both his hands, and he pulls on it, lifting up the sail, and revealing Sonic and Tails-shaped holes in it.]

Robotnik: No! It can't be!

[Robotnik jumps up and down furiously.]

Robotnik: Sonic won't be born for another 300 years!

[Sonic and Tails are now standing atop the ship's mast, and Sonic is leaning against it by his left arm.]

Sonic: That gives you plenty of time to get me a birthday present!

[Robotnik points his left index finger at Sonic.]

Robotnik: Blast that blue beast to the bottom of the sea!
Grounder: With pleasure!

[Scratch and Grounder run towards a cannon. Grounder then puts a cannonball in it with both his hands.]

Scratch: Ready!

[Grounder aims the cannon at Sonic.]

Scratch: Aim!

[Scratch then pulls out a match with his left hand and lights the cannon's fuse with it.]

Scratch: Fire!

[Grounder covers his ears with both his hands as the cannon fires. He and Scratch then hold each other.]

Sonic: Hit the deck, Tails!

[Tails grabs Sonic's right wrist with his left hand and flies into the air. The cannonball hits the top of the mast, causing it to fall over. Robotnik stares in shock and screams, then groans in pain as the mast hammers him into the deck, with Sonic leaned against a stack of barrels and watching behind him. The camera zooms in on Sonic. Scratch then squawks and points his right index finger at Sonic.]

Grounder: There he is!

[Grounder aims the cannon at Sonic. Scratch then pulls out another match with his left hand and lights the cannon with it.]

Scratch: Fire!

[The cannon fires a cannonball at Sonic, and pushes Scratch and Grounder away. Sonic is now standing atop the barrels as he combs his quills with a comb he is holding in his left hand.]

Sonic: Waiting for cannonballs is so boring!

[Sonic runs away, causing the cannonball to hit the barrels, causing them to roll towards Robotnik, who stares in shock at them.]

Robotnik: Oh no!

[Robotnik groans in pain as the barrels bounce off his head. Scratch and Grounder then look around.]

Scratch: Where'd he go?

[Sonic opens the cellar door with his right hand.]

Sonic: Here I am!

[Sonic closes the cellar door. Scratch and Grounder stare in shock, and the former jumps atop the latter.]

Grounder: Whoa!
Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho!

[Grounder aims the cannon at the cellar door. Scratch pulls out a match with his right hand and lights the cannon's fuse with it.]

Scratch: Fire!

[The cannon fires at the cellar door, breaking a hole in it and the port side of the ship, and causing clouds of smoke to emit from them. Robotnik angrily runs up to them.]

Robotnik: You fools! Sink Sonic, not our ship!

[Sonic runs up behind Robotnik and waves his right hand at Scratch and Grounder.]

Sonic: Yeah, here I am, sink me if you can!

[Scratch and Grounder aim the cannon at Sonic.]

Scratch: Ready!

[Scratch pulls out a match with his right hand and lights it.]

Scratch: Aim!

[Robotnik stares in shock and screams as Sonic runs away. He then holds out both his hands like stop signs at Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: Don't!

[Scratch lights the cannon's fuse.]

Scratch: Fire!

[Robotnik tries to run away, but only runs in place.]

Robotnik: No!

[The cannonball lands behind Robotnik and blows a hole in the ship, emitting a cloud of smoke and launching Robotnik into the air. Robotnik groans as he flies through the sail, ripping a Robotnik-shaped hole in it. Robotnik then lands on the steering wheel and gets spun around by it.]

Robotnik: Whoa!

[The ship's wheel launches Robotnik in the air, and Robotnik groans as he lands with a thud, and the spokes of the wheel hit his face. Scratch and Grounder look around, and unknown to the latter, Tails sneaks up behind him.]

Grounder: Sonic has got to be around here somewhere!

[Tails pulls out a set of cardboard quills that have glue on the bottom with his left hand, and puts them on the back of Grounder's head. He is also holding a bucket of blue paint in his right hand and pulls the brush out of it with his left, whic h he uses to paint Grounder blue with. He then pushes Grounder forward with both his hands.]

Grounder: Huh?

[Tails flies away as Grounder looks around. Tails flies up to Scratch and points his right index finger at Grounder.]

Tails: There's Sonic! Get him!

[Scratch looks over at the blue cardboard quills on Grounder. He aims the cannon at him, then pulls out a match with his right hand, which he lights the cannon's fuse with. He then plugs his ears with his index fingers as the cannon fires a cannonball at Grounder. Grounder's head lands near Scratch.]

Scratch: Whoo-hoo-hoo! I got him! I got him!

[Scratch picks up Grounder's head with both his hands and runs toward Robotnik with it.]

Scratch: Dr. Robotnik, look! I got Sonic! Bwahaha!

[Robotnik growls as Grounder's head emits electric sparks and flames.]

Grounder: I'm sorry. You have reached a disconnected robot head. Please hang up and dial again.

[Robotnik growls as he swats Grounder's head with his right hand. He then groans as he pulls his right hand down his face.]

Robotnik: I'm surrounded by defective circuitry!

[Sonic chuckles as he stands atop the mast and the camera zooms out on him. He points his right index finger at Robotnik.]

Sonic: You tell him, Robotnik! The least they could do is give me a challenge!

[Black Bot walks up to Sonic. He swats his sword at him, but Sonic dodges.]

Black Bot: I'll give you one, you blue bilge rat!

[Sonic backs up, but loses his balance over the edge of the mast.]

Sonic: Whoa-oa!

[Tails stares in shock.]

Tails: Sonic, watch out!

[Black Bot pokes his sword at Sonic's stomach, and Sonic grins nervously.]

Black Bot: Any last words, Hedgehog?
Sonic: Now that you mention it, I do!

[Sonic hits the mast with his right foot, causing it to shake.]

Sonic [singing]: Rock-a-bye, Black Bot, on the mast top!

[Sonic jumps into the air, and lands on the other side of Black Bot.]

Sonic [singing]: When Sonic spins, get ready to flop!

[Sonic cuts through the mast, and Black Bot stares in shock at him.]

Sonic [singing]: When the mast breaks, the pirate will fall, and down will come Black Bot,

[Black Bot falls through the deck of the ship, leaving a Black Bot-shaped hole in it. Tails runs up to the hole.]

Sonic [singing]: Peg leg and all!
Tails: Cool move, Sonic!

[The camera moves behind Tails as Black Bot breaks another hole in the ships deck. He is holding a rope in his left hand as he grabs Tails with his right.]

Tails: Hey!

[Black Bot walks away. In the next scene, Tails is tied up in the rope and backs onto the plank as Black Bot points his sword at him.]

Black Bot: Start walking, lad!
Tails: Sonic!

[Sonic looks down at Tails.]

Sonic: I'm coming, bro!

[Sonic jumps into the water. Tails then walks off the plank and falls.]

Tails: Help!

[Tails falls in the water. He gasps for air as he pokes his head out. A blue fin circles counter-clockwise around him, and Tails keeps his eyes on it.]

Tails: Sonic, where are you?

[Sonic pokes his head out of the water, revealing his top quill to have looked like a shark's fin.]

Sonic: Right here, Tails!

[Black Bot walks up to Robotnik, who looks down at Sonic.]

Robotnik: My Robot-Transmogrifier Ray will take care of you!

[Robotnik pulls out his Robot-Transmogrifier Ray with his right hand. He aims it at Sonic, and Sonic and Tails both gasp as they duck into the water. The beam misses them. They then poke their heads out of the water.]

Sonic: Boy, is he a bad shot!

[The camera zooms out on Robotnik.]

Robotnik: That's what you think!

[Robotnik laughs evilly as a loud rumbling sound can be heard. A robot whale swims out of the water, and Sonic and Tails stare in shock at it.]

Sonic and Tails: Whoa!

[Sonic and Tails try to swim away, but they scream as the robot whale closes its mouth over them, swallows them, and dives back into the water. The screen fades to black. In the next scene, a view of Black Bot's pirate ship is shown as Scratch and Grounder are on a lift. Grounder is hammering planks of wood with a hammer he is holding in his right hand.]

Robotnik: How are those repairs coming?
Scratch: Almost finished, Dr. Robotnik! We need one more piece of wood!

[Grounder turns to face Scratch.]

Grounder: Oh, sorry, I just used the last one!
Scratch: Well, I'm not telling Robotnik we've got nothing to patch the hole with!

[Scratch points his right index finger at Grounder.]

Scratch: You tell him! You're his favorite robot!
Grounder: Oh no! I'm not telling him, he likes you best!

[Grounder points his left drill at Scratch.]

Grounder: You tell him!
Scratch: You're right, he does like me best! he won't get upset when I tell him!

[Scratch and Grounder turn to face their respective ropes and pull on them with both their hands, lifting the lift. When they reach the top, Scratch chuckles nervously.]

Scratch: Uh, excuse me, your good-naturedness, but uh, we ran out of boards!
Robotnik: So?
Scratch: So there's... there's nothing to patch the hole with! Please don't hit me! Please! Oh-ho-ho-ho!
Robotnik: Why, don't be absurd, Scratch. I wouldn't hurt you. After all, you are my favorite robot.

[Scratch turns to face Grounder.]

Scratch: Told you so!

[Robotnik holds up his right index finger.]

Robotnik: I know just the thing to patch the hole with!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Robotnik is now on the lift, hammering with the hammer he is holding in his right hand.]

Robotnik: There, that should do it!

[Scratch is revealed to be nailed to the ship by his hands, feet, and tail feathers.]

Grounder: Gee, being favorite isn't all it's cracked up to be!

[Black Bot is now steering the ship as Robotnik, who is holding the map in his right hand, walks up to him.]

Robotnik: Get us to the island!

[Robotnik unfolds the map with both his hands.]

Robotnik: Full speed ahead!
Black Bot: Aye, captain!

[As Black Bot sails his ship away, the robot whale continues swimming underwater. Inside him, Sonic tries to spin his way out, but the tempered steel of the robot whale only sets his quills a fiery red. Sonic pants heavily as his quills turn blue again.]

Sonic: Whoa! I'm overheating!

[Tails point his right index finger at Sonic.]

Tails: Looks like you won't be cutting us out of this robo-whale!
Sonic: There must be some way out of here, and there it is!

[Sonic points his right index finger at a cable.]

Sonic: Follow that cable!

[Sonic walks to where the cable leads as Tails follows close by. They soon reach the robot whale's control panel.]

Tails: We're in the whale's head?
Sonic: Right, and where there's a head, there's a brain! Except, of course, in Robotnik's case!

[Sonic walks up to the circuit breaker and pulls out a circuitboard with each hand.]

Sonic: I'll just rearrange these computer control circuits!

[Sonic puts the circuitboards in the places opposite of where they were before. The robot whale then swims confusedly. Sonic then pushes some buttons with both his index fingers, then pulls a lever with both his hands. He then runs up to a plug, unplugs it with both his hands, and takes it over to the other socket, where he unplugs the other plug with both his hands. He then runs up to the control panel, grabs a lever in each hand, and pulls them back.]

Sonic: Time to sail, whale!

[The robot whale jumps out of the water and spins.]

Sonic: Up, over, and gone!

[The robot whale swims in the opposite direction. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Black Bot's ship approaches Shark Island, which is shaped like a Giant X. Robotnik and Black Bot walk out of the water and onto shore.]

Robotnik: Grounder, get a move on!

[Grounder is on the lift, holding a hammer in his right hand, which he uses to pull the nails that board Scratch over the hole out with.]

Grounder: Coming!

[Grounder pulls the nail in Scratch's right foot's right toe out.]

Scratch: Yeow! Oh-ho-ho! Oh! Careful! Oh-ho!

[Grounder pulls the nail in Scratch's right hand out. Robotnik hands Black Bot the map he is holding in his right hand, and Black Bot unfolds it with both his hands.]

Robotnik: Lead the way, Black Bot!

[Black Bot folds the map back up and walks away, with Robotnik following behind him. Grounder follows behind Robotnik, and Scratch limps behind Grounder. As Black Bot cuts through the forest with the sword he is holding in his right hand, Robotnik, Grounder, and Scratch all follow behind him.]

Black Bot: Be careful, mates! There's plenty of booby traps along the way!

[Grounder turns to face Scratch.]

Grounder: Booby traps? Ha! What does he think we are, boobs?

[Grounder rolls into a net trap, with Scratch limping behind him. Scratch and Grounder scream as they get bounced around by the tree. Back at the shore, the Robot whale reaches dry land and opens his mouth as Sonic and Tails run out of him. Sonic turns to face Tails and holds up his left index finger.]

Sonic: Robotnik can't be far ahead! Time to speed, keed!

[Sonic runs away.]

Tails: Wait for me!

[Tails flies into the air and follows behind Sonic. The screen transitions to a view of the forest as Black Bot continues slicing through the trees with his sword, with Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder following behind him, until he comes to a stop and puts his sword in his holster.]

Robotnik: What are we stopping for?!
Black Bot: X.
Robotnik: Eggs?

[Black Bot points his right index finger at the X below.]

Black Bot: Not eggs, X! X!

[Robotnik looks down at the X.]

Robotnik: The treasure! Well, what are we waiting for? Start digging!

[Robotnik points his right index finger at the X. Scratch and Grounder run up to the X and dig through it with their hands and drills. They toss the dirt at Robotnik, who groans in disgust. As they dig deeper into the ground, Sonic and Tails peer from behind palm leaves.]

Sonic: If those badniks get the Emerald of Invisibility, we're in big trouble!
Tails: I can dig it!
Sonic: Yes, but I can dig it faster than you can, and more importantly, I can dig it faster than they can!

[Sonic points his left index finger at Scratch and Grounder.]

Tails: Oh, I get it!

[Sonic and Tails turn around as Sonic spins into the ground.]

Tails: I'm right behind you, Sonic!

[Tails flies into the hole. The screen transitions to a view over the hole that Scratch and Grounder dug as Robotnik looks down into it.]

Robotnik: Anything yet?

[Inside the hole, Scratch digs through the ground with both his hands.]

Scratch: Lots of dirt!

[As Scratch digs through one side of the hole, Grounder digs through the opposite side with both his drills. Grounder tosses his dirt at Scratch, who turns to face him, but more dirt hits his face. Grounder continues digging.]

Scratch: Ahem!

[Grounder stops digging, and a speech balloon with a question mark appears in front of him. He then turns to face Scratch, who is covered in dirt, and stares angrily at him. Scratch then walks offscreen and punches Grounder.]

Grounder: Ow!

[Meanwhile, Sonic continues spinning underground, with Tails flying behind him. They stop when they reach the treasure chest.]

Tails: The treasure!
Sonic: Now all we have to do is set up a decoy for those dumbbots!

[Scratch digs through the dirt with both his hands, then stops.]

Scratch: I hit something!

[Scratch continues digging. Above the hole, Robotnik looks down.]

Grounder: We found it!

[Grounder lifts the chest up to Robotnik's level.]

Robotnik: Ah! Careful with that!

[Robotnik grabs the treasure chest with both his hands, then groans as he lifts it, then stumbles back. He drops the chest.]

Robotnik: Oh, I've done it! The first Chaos Emerald is mine!

[Robotnik opens the treasure chest with both his hands. The chest explodes, creating a large cloud of smoke as the words, BOOM!, BANG, and POW! appear onscreen. Scratch and Grounder, who are now out of the hole, stare in shock.]

Robotnik: Ah! I'm invisible!
Scratch: Uh, I don't know how to break this to you, Dr. Robotnik, but you're definitely not invisible!

[Robotnik walks in, looking like a semi-defeathered bird.]

Robotnik: What?

[Robotnik reaches behind his back with his right hand and pulls out a mirror. He looks into it, stares in shock, and screams. He then shakes his left fist in anger.]

Robotnik: I hate that hedgehog!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic spins out of the ground, and pulls out the treasure chest with both his hands as Tails climbs out of the hole. Sonic sets the chest down.]

Tails: Let's open it, Sonic! I bet being invisible would be really cool!

[Sonic holds out both his hands like stop signs.]

Sonic: No way, bro! We gotta get rid of this thing before Robotnik gets his sinister fingers on it!

[Robotnik grabs Sonic with both his hands and pulls him away, and Black Bot does the same with Tails.]

Tails: Let me go!
Robotnik: Thanks for bringing me the treasure, Hedgehog!
Sonic: I don't get it; no one's ever been fast enough to sneak up on me before!
Robotnik: It was simple. I just went back a few moments in my time machine,

[The camera moves over to Robotnik's time machine.]

Robotnik: Dragged it over here, then came back!

[Robotnik, who is no longer holding Sonic, runs up to the treasure chest. He opens it with both his hands.]

Robotnik: At last! The Chaos Emerald of Invisibility is mine!

[Robotnik looks inside the chest, but is shocked when there appears to be nothing inside it.]

Robotnik: There's nothing here!

[Robotnik turns to face Sonic.]

Robotnik: Where is it, Hedgehog?
Sonic: I never touched it!

[Sonic walks up to the treasure chest and looks inside. A butterfly flies into the chest and lands on the Chaos Emerald of Invisibility, revealing it to be invisible itself. The emerald makes the butterfly invisible, and Sonic stares in amazement. The butterfly becomes visible again as it flies off the emerald and away.]

Sonic: Aha! The emerald's invisible!
Robotnik: You better tell me what you did with it!
Sonic: Or what? You'll put me in the chest and bury me?
Robotnik: No, I'll... Yes! That's just what I'll do! Black Bot, put him in the chest!

[Black Bot grabs Sonic with both his hands and puts him in the treasure chest, then closes the lid.]

Robotnik: You'd better tell me where the Chaos Emerald is, or you'll be dug up by treasure hunters, in 300 years, that is!
Sonic: Okay, I'll tell you! Open up!

[Robotnik grins evilly as he opens the chest with his left hand. He is surprised when it appears that Sonic isn't there.]

Robotnik: Where did he go?

[The invisible Sonic kicks Robotnik's butt.]

Robotnik: Ow!

[Robotnik looks behind himself.]

Sonic: I'mm right here, Roblobnik!

[The invisible Sonic twists Robotnik's mustache, then flicks his nose.]

Robotnik: Huh?

[The invisible Sonic punches Robotnik in the chest.]

Robotnik: Ow!

[The invsible Sonic kicks Robotnik, causing him to fall over.]

Robotnik: Oh!

[Tails is standing next to Scratch, who is biting his fingernails nervously.]

Tails: Cool! Sonic must have found the Chaos Emerald!

[Scratch grabs Tails with both his hands and holds him up like a shield.]

Scratch: Keep away from me, Sonic! I know you're out there!
Sonic: Relax, Scratch! I'm not gonna touch you!

[Scratch sighs with relief, then sets Tails down.]

Sonic: I'm just gonna rap on your head!

[Scratch groans as Sonic pounds on his head multiple times. Scratch then puts both his hands over his head.]

Tails: Slick dancin', Sonic!

[Tails high-fives the invisible Sonic.]

Sonic: Sit back and relax, Bro! The show's just gettin' started!

[Grounder is looking at the radar from his chest.]

Grounder: I'm picking him up on radar! He's getting closer... closer...

[The invisible Sonic unscrews Grounder's head.]

Grounder: Something tells me he's awfully close!

[Sonic tosses Grounder's head, and Grounder screams as his head flies through the air. Robotnik catches it with both his hands.]

Robotnik: Ha! Interception!

[Robotnik runs, then screeches to a halt.]

Robotnik: What am I doing?

[Robotnik kicks Grounder's head with his right foot, and Grounder screams as his head flies through the air. Footprints made by the invisible Sonic appear in the sand, and Black Bot walks up to them. He pulls out his sword with his right hand, and follows the footprints, until he comes to a stop. He looks at the footprints in confusion, then shrugs his shoulders. He then walks up to two lone footprints, and points his sword at them.]

Black Bot: There he is! I'll cut him to ribbons!

[Black Bot slashes his sword at the invisible Sonic. Sonic then becomes visible again as he spins.]

Sonic: Thanks for the haircut! Only next time, don't cut my sideburns so short!

[Sonic spins at Black Bot, who flinches. Black Bot then falls to pieces, and the now-invisible-again Sonic picks up his mouth and one of his eyeballs.]

Sonic: Any way you slice it, this hedgehog comes out on top!

[Sonic drops Black Bot's mouth and eyeball.]

Robotnik: I've got that blue rodent now!

[Robotnik scoops up sand with both his hands and tosses it at the invisible Sonic, exposing him. Sonic rubs his left eye with his left hand.]

Robotnik: Peek-a-boo! I see you!
Sonic: Throwing sand in people's eyes is way uncool!

[Robotnik takes the emerald Sonic is holding in his right hand with his right hand, making Sonic visible again.]

Robotnik: Got it!

[Tails runs up to Sonic and points his left index finger at Robotnik.]

Tails: Sonic! Grab him!

[Sonic tries to pounce at Robotnik, but Robotnik is now invisible, and Sonic misses. Sonic grunts as he lands with a thud.]

Robotnik: Nyah-nyah, you missed me!

[Sonic rubs his nose with his left hand.]

Robotnik: And without these time boots, you'll be stranded in the past!

[Robotnik removes Sonic's Atomic Relativity Boots, and tears them up.]

Sonic: Why you...

[Sonic tries to pounce at Robotnik again, but misses, and grunts as he lands with a thud. He gets up, and spits out some sand. He then looks over at the invisible Robotnik, who is now in the driver's seat of his time machine, and Scratch and Grounder, who are in the passenger seats.]

Robotnik: You're history, Sonic, and so am I!

[Robotnik laughs evilly, and Sonic stands up and watches as the time machine disappears. Tails then walks up to Sonic, who has a smirk on his face.]

Tails: What are we gonna do now, Sonic? Without your time boots, there's no way to get Robotnik, or back home!

[Sonic waves his right hand at Tails, then points his right index finger at himself.]

Sonic: Relax, Tails! I got it covered!

[Sonic reaches into his chest with his left hand and pulls out a clipboard with the same hand, and a pencil in his right hand. He writes on the clipboard with the pencil, then tears the paper off with his right hand. He is now holding the piece of paper in his left hand as he walks up to the empty treasure chest and puts the piece of paper in it. Tails follows behind him as he closes the chest with his left hand, then picks it up with both his hands. He walks away, carrying the chest, and Tails follows behind him. Sonic drops the chest into the hole, then covers it up with sand, using both his hands. Tails runs up to Sonic, who is now impatiently tapping his right foot.]

Sonic: I'm waiting!

[A new pair of Atomic Relativity Boots suddenly appears, and Sonic catches them in both his hands.]

Tails: How did you do that?

[Sonic sits down and puts the Atomic Relativity boots on his respective feet with both his hands.]

Sonic: Simple. I figured the treasure chest would be dug up in the future,

[Sonic stands back up, then looks over at Tails.]

Sonic: So I wrote a note addressed to Professor Caninestein, asking him to send me back another pair! Spin those tails, Tails! Time to boogie!

[Sonic runs away, and Tails flies behind him. Sonic runs into the air, and circles the planet Mobius multiple times. Eventially, the planet flashes, and the flash is used as a transition to a view inside the time warp as Sonic runs through it. Robotnik is now visible again as he drives his time machine through the warp, and looks back at Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: Lock the time-space coordinates for the next Chaos Emerald, Scratch!

[Scratch turns the knob behind him with his right hand.]

Scratch: Roger!

[A police siren blares. Sonic, who is now dressed in a policeman disguise resembling the one from "Blank-Headed Eagle, runs up to Robotnik, and Tails flies behind him.]

Sonic: Don't you know it's illegal to go 50 years per second in a 45-year zone?
Robotnik: Sonic?

[Sonic grabs the bag with the Chaos Emerald of Invisibility in it with his left hand.]

Sonic: You won't be needing this anymore!

[Sonic runs away as Robotnik tries to grab him, but misses. Sonic then tosses the bag back through the time warp.]

Robotnik: No! Not my Chaos Emerald!

[Robotnik stops his time machine, then turns it around. The bag lands in a forest, as does Robotnik's time machine. Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder wander through the forest, looking for the bag.]

Robotnik: It landed around here somewhere!

[Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all stop. They all stare in shock and scream as a troop of fox hunters, one of whom is holding a bugle in his right hand, ride their horses towards them. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all run away as the fox hunters and their horses chase them. Back in the time warp, Sonic, who is no longer in disguise, pulls Tails up by his left arm with both his hands.]

Tails: Have a nice century, Robotnik!

[Tails chuckles.]

Sonic: Hang on, Tails! We're heading back to the future, juice factor nine!

[Sonic grabs Tails' left hand with his left hand, and runs back through the time warp, with Tails in tow. The screen flashes, then fades to black, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Black Bot's ship is sailing on the water. Tails and Black Bot are on the deck.]

Tails: Aw, come on, Captain Bot! Let me play with your sword!
Black Bot: Shiver me timbers! It's not a toy!

[Sonic runs up to Tails.]

Sonic: Hold it, Tails! Captain Bot is right!

[Sonic puts his right hand on Tails' right shoulder and they walk away together.]

Sonic: Real swords and knives are not toys; they're sharp! You could hurt yourself, or your friends and family! Remember, you must have your parents' permission to use one!

[Sonic holds up his left index finger as he turns to face the viewers.]

Sonic: Be careful with knives! That's good advice, any way you slice it!