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Elite soldiers armed with teleporters and Refractors.

— Description, Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia

The Black Assassin[1] (ブラックアサシン Burakku Asashin?) is an enemy that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a breed of Black Arms, and the elite soldiers of their species.[2]


A Black Assassin from the back.

Black Assassins look like a more well-armored version of the Black Warrior. Each one has three horns on the head and wear an orange backpack-like device on their backs that give them extra endurance. This device has two "horns" that extend from the top. Black Assassins also has a small tail on their lower back. Their skin color is the same as the Black Warriors, but with orange-red shades from the ankles to the feet, and from the humerus to the hands.


The Black Assassins appear as enemies in Shadow the Hedgehog. According to Black Doom, they are easy to contain, meaning that it is easy to control them.[2] In this game, they are only encountered in Black Comet, Final Haunt and The Last Way.

In gameplay, the Black Assassins are some of the strongest Black Arm enemies encountered. When facing them, it takes about eight Homing Attacks to defeat them. In terms of attack patterns, they are capable of teleporting across short distances, an ability of which they usually invoke when the playable character attacks them. The Black Assassins also wield Refractors which they will use against the playable character. They are also regularly seen riding Air Saucers to traverse treacherous alien goop. Once a Black Assassin is defeated, they will drop their weapon and/or vehicle, allowing the playable character to use them themselves. They each also grant 400 Hero points upon defeat.

Powers and abilities

The Black Arms are described as the "elite Black Arms solders",[2] suggesting they are rather powerful by Black Arms standards. They are quite durable compared to the rest of their fellow soldiers, and are capable of teleporting short distances.


The Black Assassins' weapon of choice is the Refractor, a Black Arms-exclusive laser-type weapon that can fire destructive laser shots.

In other media

Archie Comics

A Black Assassin in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, the Black Oaks have the same background as their game counterparts. A bunch of them under Black Death's control returned for another invasion of Sonic's World, but perished in the ensuing battles.




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