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Black Arms vs Xorda

Sonic and Knuckles watching the war between the two races.

The Black Arms-Xorda War was a war between the Black Arms and the Xorda in 3237.


One battle took place over the planet of Argentium where the two alien factions battled by space-ship, causing a great deal of destruction on the planet below. Ironically, this war has spared Mobius the wrath of both races for the time being, as each had business with the planet that could destroy it. While the Xorda merely wanted to end all life on Mobius for past transgressions when it was Earth, the Black Arms and their leader, Black Doom, promised fifty years ago to return to the planet to collect Professor Gerald's creation: Project Shadow (which they assisted in creating) and use it as a weapon to further their conquests. Given the violent tendencies of both species, it is probable that neither will arrive at Mobius any time soon until the other is completely destroyed. (StH: #124, #170, #171)

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