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Bivalve Clam is a Mobian clam and member of the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters.


He appears to be the least mobile of the group, but can jump well. It was Bivalve who initially declared the Sea Fox "totaled", after the group narrowly rescued its pilot, Tails from Octobot (Ray later found someone that can repair it). He also decided that Bottlenose's victory over Eel Capone should be immortalized with a cruise over a "choral reef." (TMS: #1, MM)

He finally made use of his abilities during the battle of the Island of Misfit Badniks. His jaws were strong enough to crush Motobug. Additionally, he can withstand a punch from Ball Hog, and Buzzbomber's stings are a mere annoyance. Giant Pseudo-Sonic was another matter, and required aid from Big Fluke. (StH: #185)


  • In 2010, Bivalve began making odd cameo appearances in numerous issues. One appearance, of such, was in SU#28 as one of Enerjak's Prelates. In 2012, Bivalve made a cameo in SU: #37 in Akhlut's tank in the Death Egg Mark 2. He also can be spotted when the Grandmasters are teleported into the room, and when Eggman is talking to Akhlut.

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