The Bishop is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). He is an important religious figure from Castle Town with a high status in Soleanna, possessing profound knowledge about the nation's monarchy. He is responsible for showing people to the ancient holy castle at Kingdom Valley, which can only be entered by the royal family; all others must accomplish three trials in order to enter it. However, he claims it has been a long time since anyone has asked him the way to the castle.



In Sonic's story, the Bishop introduces Sonic to his final three Town Missions. The entrance to the Kingdom Valley castle is blocked by a special seal which tests anyone who tries to enter. In order to access the castle, one must overcome three "trials of life and death." The Bishop takes Sonic to a secret location in the Forest, where three priests wait in the area to give him his three trials, namely "The Test of Intelligence", "The Test of Courage" and "The Test of Love".


The Bishop telling Silver about Sonic's whereabouts.

The Bishop plays a similar role in Silver's story, introducing him to his final three Town Missions. Like in Sonic's story, these are trials which must be conquered before entering Kingdom Valley. The Bishop informs Silver that Sonic has completed his trials and is looking for Dr. Eggman at the castle, telling Silver that he must complete his own trials if he wants to follow Eggman as well. However, the Bishop does not take Silver to the trials, telling him to make his own way to the Forest, where the priests give him his challenges: "The Test of Friendship", "The Test of Memory" and "The Test of Heart".

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