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The Emerald Hill Folk wired into the biological computer, from Sonic the Comic #98. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

The biological computer is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a massive egg-shaped supercomputer, constructed on the Floating Island by Doctor Robotnik, that used living brains instead of microchips. Robotnik wished to use the Emerald Hill Folk to power the computer, permanently and irreversibly combining their minds with the electronics of the machine.


Doctor Robotnik built the biological computer on the Floating Island after learning from the echidna scientist Doctor Zachary that the Emerald Hill Folk were hiding in the Mushroom Hill Zone.[1] Zachary used modern software to take control of the Floating Island's Guardian Robots,[2] and then Robotnik and Zachary used the Robots to capture the Emerald Hill Folk. Only Porker Lewis managed to escape.[3] (At the time, Knuckles the Echidna was on the surface of Mobius, bringing a chest of ancient documents back home to help him fix the Floating Island's broken systems.[4]) The Emerald Hill Folk were installed into the biological computer (although at this point it had not been activated).[1]

When Knuckles finally returned to the Floating Island, he met up with Porker, only for the two of them to be captured by Zachary's Guardian Robots as well.[3] Knuckles and Porker were installed into the machine alongside the Emerald Hill Folk, but before Robotnik could activate the computer and permanently fuse them into its circuitry, Knuckles escaped his restraints and destroyed the primary control panel. Knuckles was quickly subdued by Zachary and the Guardian Robots, and Robotnik still had the ability to activate the biological computer by means of a back-up control panel, but Knuckles' interference meant that Robotnik failed to activate the computer before the Omni-Viewer transported the Black Asteroid from the Special Zone.[2] When the asteroid exploded, the resulting electromagnetic pulse shut down all electrical systems on Mobius, including the biological computer, rendering it useless. The Emerald Hill Folk were able to escape their restraints, and managed to capture Doctor Robotnik while Knuckles took on Zachary.[5]


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