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Bio-Hazard from Sonic the Comic #116. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

Bio-Hazard is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He was a member of Lord Sidewinder's gang from the Special Zone. He first appeared in Sonic the Comic #85.


Bio-Hazard appears to be wholly or partly mechanical, with copious amounts of smoke constantly being emitted from pipes on the top of his head and back.



Bio-Hazard's first appearance, from Sonic the Comic #85. Art by Richard Elson.

Bio-Hazard was a member of Lord Sidewinder's gang when the crime lord first encountered Super Sonic. When Super Sonic betrayed Sidewinder, Bio-Hazard attempted to stop him, only to be batted aside with ease.[1] When Chaotix arrived in an attempt to rescue Sonic the Hedgehog, Bio-Hazard fought against Espio. The fight was not conclusive, and Bio-Hazard eventually escaped with the rest of the gang.[2]

Soon afterward, Bio-Hazard accompanied the Sidewinder gang when they infiltrated Chaotix's asteroid base in order to abduct the Omni-Viewer and the suspended Super Sonic within. During a brief conflict with Sonic, Bio-Hazard attacked with his toxic vomit, but missed Sonic and struck Lord Sidewinder instead. Realising that the poison was fatal and that Bio-Hazard had the antidote back at their hideout, the gang fled.[3]

When the captured Super Sonic prepared to escape the Black Asteroid by heating it to millions of degrees, Bio-Hazard joined Sidewinder on a rocket heading for the Asteroid so that Sidewinder could steal Super Sonic's powers.[4] Along with Mr Fry, Bio-Hazard became concerned that the gang was positioned too close to the exploding Asteroid, and when he learned that Sidewinder's plan was to "call [Super Sonic] to me with the power of my mind", Bio-Hazard declared the Sidewinder was a "loony". Before the argument could go further, Sonic and the Chaotix Crew arrived to stop Sidewinder and Bio-Hazard was knocked out by Mighty.[5]

Sidewinder and his gang were arrested and sent to prison, although they eventually managed to escape. Sidewinder, still obsessed with Super Sonic, sent Bio-Hazard to Mobius by means of a Dimensional Teleporter in order to track down Super Sonic and bring him back to the Special Zone. Bio-Hazard found Super Sonic (currently powerless and amnesiac) at a coffee bar owned by Ebony called The Groovy Train.[6] Bio-Hazard proceeded to smash up the bar. Ebony tried to fight him off, only to discover that her direct magical attacks (such as the Golden Rays of Adezza) did not work on him because he was so stupid. Instead, she used her magic to create an illusion and convince Bio-Hazard that he was surrounded by multiple copies of Super Sonic. Despite having been ordered not to, Bio-Hazard used his toxic vomit to try and take down the Super Sonics, only realising they were illusions once they had vanished.[7] Bio-Hazard cornered Super Sonic, Ebony and Pyjamas in Ebony's office, and broke in by smashing a hole in the wall. However, before he could grab Super Sonic, Lieutenant Furor shut down the Dimensional Teleporter and Bio-Hazard was sucked back to the Special Zone, where he was arrested along with the rest of Sidewinder's gang by the New Tek Police.[8]


Bio-Hazard is not particularly smart and has a heavy accent, saying "yuh" instead of "you" and frequently punctuating sentences with the word "duh".

Powers and abilities

Bio-Hazard's armor is very tough and durable, being able to withstand direct attacks from Super Sonic[1] and Mighty the Armadillo without taking damage (although in both cases Bio-Hazard himself was knocked aside and rendered unconscious).[5] He also appears to be immune to Ebony's magic spells (such as the Golden Rays of Adezza), and since magic works primarily on the mind Ebony assumed this was because Bio-Hazard was "seriously thick".[7]

He also has the ability to vomit deadly toxic waste onto his enemies, which once lead Espio the Chameleon to comment that he was "the most disgusting villain in the business!"[2]


  • Bio-Hazard was originally designed by artist Richard Elson (along with other members of Lord Sidewinder's gang), and Nigel Kitching then developed the story ideas to incorporate these characters.[9] Elson originally called the character Atomic Pile, but Kitching renamed the character.[10]


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