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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Bike Chain Bandit[2] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an anthropomorphic opossum and a criminal maniac residing on Seaside Island. He gets his nickname from the numerous bicycle chains he carries around.

Concept and creation

The Bike Chain Bandit is loosely based on Mr. Hitcher from Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation.[3]


An unkempt character, the Bike Chain Bandit is a large, skinny anthropomorphic opossum with black fur, pink skin, a long, pointy muzzle covered in grey fur, long cheek tufts, and medium-long ears, with his right ear missing a couple of notches. He also has messy hair on top of his head, four crooked whiskers, a pink nose and tail, and a wide, snaggletoothed mouth, which is missing some teeth. Matching his deranged appearance, he has bloodshot eyes with a bulging right eye and his left eye always being kept half-closed. His pupils are also small and slit-like. For attire, he wears a light brown trenchcoat with worn edges, light grey socks and gloves, and dirty, grey and black boots. He also usually carries around a duffle filled with bicycle chains.


TV series

Season two

Sonic meets the Bike Chain Bandit.

Notoriously infamous, the Bike Chain Bandit went into Seaside Island's forests to "bide his time" while on the run from the law. There, he got picked up by Knuckles when he and his crew came by in the Dude-Mobile. When the van's radio revealed his identity to the crew though, the Bike Chain Bandit attacked Knuckles, prompting the crew to kick him out of the van and escape. He later tried to flee on an old lady's scooter when Sonic and co. came to capture him so they could clear their names after the police mistook them for his associates. Once Sonic stopped him, the Bike Chain Bandit got apprehended by a local officer.[2] However, he soon escaped captivity and was on the loose again.[4]


A notoriously dangerous criminal, the Bike Chain Bandit is sociopathic, maniacal, and unstable. In addition to a demeanor that unnerves even seasoned heroes, he twitches constantly, usually keeps a deranged smile on his face, and tends to twiddle with his fingers when sitting still. He is also aggressive, impulsive, highly unpredictable, and has zero concern for the consequences of his actions. He thus holds no qualms about committing abhorrent or even illogical criminal acts, be it either assailing an old lady to steal her scooter, or attacking the driver of a car he is riding in.[2]

Despite his insanity, the Bike Chain Bandit is not without fear, being scared when Sonic screamed at the sight of him. The Bike Chain Bandit is also not one to give direct answers, preferring instead to give cryptic responses that keep his motives enigmatic.[2]

Powers and abilities

The Bike Chain Bandit possesses above-average durability, able to survive falling out of a moving van with seemingly no injuries.[2]


Befitting his nickname, the Bike Chain Bandit carries around bicycle chains, which he uses as garrotes to restrain his opponents.[2]




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