The Big Foot Type B[1] is an enemy that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a mass-produced GUN military fighter mech with bi-pedal locomotion derived from the F-6t Big Foot.


The Big Foot Type B is similar to the F-6t Big Foot, except for its camouflage paint. It is also equipped with a Gatling gun.


The Big Foot Type B is a fairly uncommon enemy in Shadow the Hedgehog. It appears in The ARK, GUN Fortress and Black Comet.

A Big Foot Type B in GUN Fortress.

The Big Foot Type B is the strongest enemy aligned with GUN that the player encounters. It is equipped with the 8-Shot RPG that lets it lock onto the target and launch quick bullets at the player. In gameplay, this enemy is usually in "stand by" mode until the target is in range (if it is not airborne), sitting on the ground until it detects it, then stands up to confront it. Unlike the F-6t Big Foot, it can pursue the player and can even destroy objects the player hides behind. Much like the F-6t, it can also fly, allowing it to pursue the player over hazardous liquids. Its armor is rather tougher, as it takes fifteen regular hits to destroy it. It awards 1000 points when destroyed and will drop its 8-Shot RPG as well. Damaging a Big Foot Type B will also fill up the Dark Gauge.


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