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The Big Foot Type A[1] is an enemy that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a mass-produced GUN military fighter mech with bi-pedal locomotion derived from the F-6t Big Foot.


The Big Foot Type A is a newer version of the F-6t Big Foot. It is colored teal, yellow and red and is operated by a GUN Soldier.


The Big Foot Type A is the second-strongest standard enemy belonging to GUN that the player encounters in Shadow the Hedgehog, only second to the Big Foot Type B. Stages it appears in include The ARK, Black Comet, and GUN Fortress.

A Big Foot Type A in Iron Jungle.

In gameplay, the Big Foot Type A carries Gatling Guns, allowing it to shoot high-speed bullets that can travel great distances at Shadow. This enemy can be easily ignored since the player must be in a close range to it to make an attack, although this is not always the case. It can also be seen in a dormant state sitting on the ground, and will rise and engage enemies when they get close to it (unless it is flying, then it will fire on anything that comes into range as it strafes or hovers in place as it shoots). Like other enemies in the game, the Big Foot Type A automatically walks and attacks without spotting a target. Its walking range is limited though, being less than the Big Foot Type B. It can also fly, but very slowly.

A Big Foot Type A takes nine regular hits with the Homing Attack to be destroyed. It awards 500 points when destroyed and will drop its Gatling Gun as well. Damaging a Big Foot Type A will also fill up the Dark Gauge.


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