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This is about Big the Cat's attack in Sonic Heroes. You may be looking for the game Big's Fishing.

Big Fishing (ビッグフィッシング Biggufisshingu?) is a Power Formation maneuver and the Wide Power Attack used by Team Rose in Sonic Heroes. When using this technique, Big the Cat swings his fishing reel around to strike his opponents with its lure with effects depending on Big's level.


When performing the Big Fishing, Big stands firm in one place and raises his fishing rod as high as he can above himself. He then reels out his fishing rod's lure, which is attached to his fishing rod's line, and starts swinging it around dangerously in a circular motion damaging anything caught within its radius.

By collecting red Power Cores during gameplay, the player can increase the power, nature, and radius of the Big Fishing. The levels of power are as follows:

  • Level 1: Big pulls out his fishing rod and swings a burning, oversized red lure around in a circle.
  • Level 2: Big pulls out his fishing rod and swings a burning orange and white striped lifebuoy with anchor symbols around in a circle. Attack radius is slightly increased and the resulting damage dealt is doubled.
  • Level 3: Big pulls out his fishing rod and swings a large, burning metal mace with spikes around in a circle. Attack radius and damage is at maximum.

To perform this technique in gameplay, the player must have Team Rose in Power Formation and must have performed the Fire Knock. Right after finishing the Fire Knock, the player then has to press XboxX.png/PSSquareButton.png/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png to use the Big Fishing. While using Big Fishing, the player can jump to prematurely end the move.


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