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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Big Daddy (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Big Daddy."

[The opening scene is a canyon with many volcanoes; Sonic runs up in the form of a blur. Coconuts is chasing him in Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic having taken it without Robotnik's permission.]

Sonic: Hey, monkey butt! How did you get Robotnik to let you use his ride?
Coconuts: I'll tell ya when I catch ya, hedgehog! You're mine, mine, mine!
Sonic: Dream on, circuit head! Afterburners!

[Sonic runs really fast and performs a U-turn at the cliff's edge; he collides with Coconuts, causing him and the Egg-O-Matic to go in reverse] [Sonic is running backwards with Coconuts and the Egg-O-Matic behind him]

Sonic: I even hold the speed record for running backwards.
Coconuts: Huh? Hey, where'd the cliffs go?

[Sonic runs forward and stops; he turns around and waves]

Sonic: Happy landings!

[Coconuts screams as the Egg-O-Matic flies toward the cliffs; he looks in the side mirror to see the cliffs coming up]

Coconuts: Oh, there they are.

[The Egg-O-Matic flies into the cliffs and crashes; Sonic looks at the event with closed eyes and a grin]

Sonic: Major fender-bender. Robotnik is not gonna be happy.

[The scene changes to an outside view of Robotnik's fortress]

Dr. Robotnik: You did what with my Egg-O-Matic?!

[The screen shakes for about two more seconds and then stops. Apparently, what Sonic said a few seconds ago is true.]

Coconuts: Uh, I sorta borrowed it.

[The scene changes to Robotnik moving his face toward the camera; he then pulls out and starts spinning his arms in small circles; he then points his finger]

Robotnik: "Borrowed it"? You stole it, you pseudo-simian sap! Give it back at once!

[The scene changes to Coconuts leaning toward a wall in fear with Robotnik towering over him while he growls]

Coconuts *stammering* Oh, right. Give it back, ye-yeah-yeah, I'll give it back. I... Oh, uh... I can't.

[Spit is seen flying out of Robotnik's mouth]

Robotnik: You can't?!

[He and Coconuts turn their heads to see Scratch and Grounder bring in what was left of Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic]

Scratch and Grounder: We can!

[The robots throw the trashed Egg-O-Matic on the floor in front of Robotnik; the hovercraft's steering wheel flies out and rolls toward Robotnik's feet; Robotnik looks at his ride in disappointment]

Robotnik: My Egg-O-Matic, oh no!
Grounder: Coconuts totaled it, your supreme sliminess.

[Robotnik gives Coconuts an angry glare]

Coconuts: I had a little accident. Eh, just a little accident. Heh-heh.

[Robotnik angrily jumps; Coconuts shrieks]

Robotnik: You ruined my baby! Oh, I need to sit down. No, Coconuts, you need to sit down!

[He leans over to his computer and presses a button; a chair on a pole is seen sliding down from the ceiling; Robotnik runs toward the chair with Coconuts in his grasp]

Robotnik: It's over, monkey-butt! I'm sorry I ever made you! Good-bye!
Coconuts: Am I going somewhere?
Robotnik: You're going on vacation. A permanent vacation!

[He pushes a red button to open a hole in the ceiling; Robotnik then pulls a lever that sends Coconuts flying into the air; Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all watch as Coconuts flies away]

Grounder: Hey, how come we never get a vacation?
Robotnik: You'll get a vacation when I finish the secret project that I've been working on.
Scratch: Which secret project is that?

[Robotnik pulls his mustache with two fingers]

Robotnik: "Which secret project"? Why the one THAT'S A SECRET!

[Robotnik heads to his basement and slams the door shut; Scratch and Grounder yelp]

Grounder: Ooh. Do you suppose he means the big monster in the basement?
Scratch: Beats me.

[The scene changes to Robotnik standing next to a cage with a huge gorilla inside it]

Robotnik: Soon, you'll be completely in my power, and I'll use you...

[The gorilla roars, causing the screen to shake and Robotnik to move backwards]

Robotnik: control the entire universe, and lots of other stuff too.

[The scene changes to a purple jungle; Boom-Boom, a two-ton baby ape wearing a diaper, is seen sitting under a coconut tree, holding a rattle in his left hand and sucking his right thumb; a coconut falls out of the tree and hits Boom Boom on his head, causing him to cry]

Coconuts [heard offscreen]: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Stop blubbering and help me get down from here, would ya?

[Boom-Boom stops crying and looks around]

Boom-Boom: Who talk?
Coconuts [heard offscreen]: Up here, ya big ape!

[Another coconut falls and hits Boom-Boom's head]

Coconuts: Could you help me up here? Huh? Could ya?

[Boom-Boom gets up]

Boom-Boom: Boom-Boom help!

[Boom-Boom picks up the tree with both his hands and slams it on the ground; Coconuts rubs the dust off of his right arm with his left hand]

Coconuts: Dr. Robotnik sure gets upset over a little thing like wrecking his Egg-O-Matic.

[Boom-Boom puts the tree back in its original spot.]

Boom-Boom: Are you my daddy?
Coconuts: Ha ha ha ha! Your daddy! Ha ha ha ha! Oh. Do I look like your daddy?
Boom-Boom: Uh-huh. Feed me, Daddy!
Coconuts: Uh, uh, look, kid. I've got my own problems. Uh, chomp on a banana or something.

[A pair of bananas appear in Boom-Boom's eyes.]

Boom-Boom: Uh, Boom-Boom like banana!

[Boom-Boom reaches offscreen with his right hand and pulls out a vine. He grabs the vine with both his hands and swings on it. He then come back, holding a banana in both his hands. He puts the banana in his right arm and inadvertently squeezes it, causing the fruit to squirt Coconuts.]

Coconuts: Uh-hoo!

[Boom-Boom walks up to Coconuts and picks some of the fruit up with his left index finger He then puts it in his mouth.]

Boom-Boom: Daddy like banana?

[Coconuts wipes the fruit off himself with both his hands.]

Coconuts: Oh, stop calling me that, would you? I gotta get this banana slop off of me and figure out how to get back in good with Robotnik!
Boom-Boom: Boom-Boom sorry!
Coconuts: Sorry, huh?

[Coconuts opens his chest compartment with his right hand, and fruit falls out of it. He then closes it.]

Coconuts: My life's falling apart, and he's sorry!
Boom-Boom: Ha! Boom-Boom make bath time! Clean you up!

[Boom-Boom grabs the vine on the branch above him with both his hands. He then swings on the vine, and lands in the river. He picks up a boulder with both his hands and holds it above his hands, then walks across the river with it. He then tosses it in front of him, which creates a giant wave, which heads towards Coconuts, who stares in shock.]

Coconuts: Oh no! [yells]

[The wave splashes Coconuts, and when it clears, Coconuts has what looks like a fish in his ears, with the tail in his left, and the head in his right.]

Coconuts: Hmmm?

[Coconuts pulls the fish out of his left ear with his left hand, revealing it to have a head in his own. The fish in Coconuts' right ear is a second fish.]

Coconuts: Huh?

[Coconuts tosses the fish aside, then hits his left ear with his left hand, causing the fish in his right ear to fall out of it and into the water. Boom-Boom gets out of the water and sets the boulder down in front of him.]

Boom-Boom: Ha ha! There. Boom-Boom's Daddy all clean!
Coconuts: Stop calling me "Daddy"!

[Coconuts stands up.]

Coconuts: What would I want with a two-ton baby ape who can lift giant rocks, fire bananas like a shotgun...

[Coconut's jaw drops when he comes to a realization that Boom-Boom might be just what he needs to capture Sonic and get back on Robotnik's good side.]

Coconuts: Huh? And help me capture that pesky hedgehog so Robotnik will take me back!

[Coconuts pretends to be Boom-Boom's father, and pretends to cry, with tears flowing from his eyes.]

Coconuts: Boom-Boom! My long-lost son!

[Boom-Boom gasps.]

Boom-Boom: Daddy!

[Boom-Boom cries, with tears flowing from his eyes.]

Coconuts: Huh?

[Boom-Boom scoops Coconuts in his arms and hugs him, causing Coconut's light bulb to fall off his head in the process.]

Coconuts: Say, uh, why are you called "Boom-Boom" anyway?

[Boom-Boom is now holding Coconuts in his right hand, and repeatedly slams him against the ground.]

Boom-Boom: Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
Coconuts: Whoa! Yipes! Whoa-ho-ho! Ow! Ooh! Ow! Oh! Okay, I-I get it, I get it, uh, put me down!

[Boom-Boom stops slamming Coconuts against the ground.]

Boom-Boom: Okay, Daddy.

[Boom-Boom tosses Coconuts, causing him to land on the ground.]

Coconuts: Oof! Okay now, here's your first lesson.

[Coconuts stands up. He also picks up his light bulb with his right hand and puts it back on his head.]

Coconuts: Daddy is always right, and Sonic the Hedgehog is wrong!

Boom-Boom: Who's he?

Coconuts: Daddy's worst enemy, and together, we're gonna make Mobius a Sonic-free zone!

[In the next scene, Coconuts and Boom-Boom are standing next to a cliff.]

Coconuts: Ready to help Daddy get rid of that nasty hedgehog?
Boom-Boom: Uh-huh!
Coconuts: First, a detour. Yeah! Yeah! Hoo hoo hoo! Move that road so it runs into the cliff!
Boom-Boom: Ha ha! Okay, Daddy!

[Boom-Boom grabs the road with both his hands. He pulls on it, breaking it into two pieces. Coconuts smiles immensely as Boom-Boom places the road near the cliff. He then jumps repeatedly and his lightbulb flashes.]

Coconuts: Ha ha ha ha! Dead end! No outlet! Not a thru street! Ha ha ha!

[Coconuts stops jumping.]

Coconuts: Now, put that banana peel here.

[Boom-Boom is now holding a banana in his right hand. He squeezes it, and the fruit flies into his mouth. He then tosses the banana peel onto the road.]

Coconuts: Perfect! Do you see the plan? Do you? Huh?
Boom-Boom: Um, nope.
Coconuts: Sonic comes zooming down the road, he slips on the banana peel, and then smashes into the cliff.

[Coconuts points to the top of the cliff with his left index finger, specifically a boulder perched at the top.]

Coconuts: Then, when I say, "Drop the boulder!", you bean him with that rock! Now do you got it?
Boom-Boom: Uh, ha ha, nope.

[Coconuts jumps furiously, with his lightbulb bouncing off his head.]

Coconuts: Oh! Look, I'll show you!

[Coconuts backs up. He then runs in place.]

Coconuts: Sonic comes zooming down the road,

[Coconuts runs down the road and slips on the banana peel.]

Coconuts: Slips on the banana peel,

[Coconuts slams into the cliff.]

Coconuts: Smashes into the cliff, and then you...

[Coconuts falls down.]

Coconuts [wearily]: Drop the boulder on him.

[Coconuts looks up and stares in shock when he sees that Boom-Boom did indeed drop the boulder.]

Coconuts: Whoa!

[The boulder falls on and flattens Coconuts. Boom-Boom is standing from atop the cliff.]

Boom-Boom: Ha! Boom-Boom learn fast! Now I get it, daddy!

[Coconuts' light bulb flashes from under the boulder.]

Coconuts [in a muffled voice]: And when I catch Sonic, you'll really get it!

[Coconuts' light bulb stops flashing. In the distance, Sonic and Tails are watching from behind the tree.]

Sonic: Hear that, Tails?

[Sonic pretends to tremble.]

Sonic: The robot's fiendishly wicked plan spells curtains for Sonic the Hedgehog!
Sonic and Tails: Not!
Sonic: Somehow, ol' Coco-nerd's got himself a jumbo-sized friend!
Tails: What are you gonna do, Sonic?
Sonic: Throw a monkey wrench into the works. Check it out!

[Sonic runs away, with Tails flying behind him. Coconuts is now on his segway and Boom-Boom is holding the boulder above his head.]

Coconuts: Now remember, drop the rock the second you hear Sonic crash into the cliff!
Boom-Boom: The second I hear crash?
Coconuts: Yeah, yeah! The second you hear the crash!
Sonic [heard offscreen]: Hey, you! Yo, bolt-brain!

[Coconuts turns around and stares in shock when he sees Sonic in the distance.]

Coconuts: Yipes!

[Sonic blows a raspberry at Coconuts, then runs away. Coconuts starts up his segway.]

Coconuts: The second you hear the crash, bean him!

[Coconuts sets after Sonic on his segway.]

Boom-Boom: The second I hear crash... uh... uh... what's "Bean him"?

[Sonic runs down the road, with Coconuts following behind him on his segway. They run past a Witch Doctor, who pulls severed head out of a stewpot with his right hand.]

Witch Doctor: Who was winning?
Severed Head: I think the blue one was a little ahead.
Witch Doctor: You're one to talk!

[The Witch Doctor puts the severed head back into the stewpot. Sonic runs towards the cliff, with Coconuts following behind. He looks up, and sees Boom-Boom holding the boulder above his head.]

Coconuts: You're history, hedgehog!
Sonic: History's not my best subject! How bout' physics?

[Sonic runs around Coconut's segway, spinning it around.]

Coconuts: Whoa! Ha! You think you can fool me again, huh? Well, I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid!

[Coconuts scratches his head with his right index finger.]

Coconuts: Sonic's ahead of me, running backwards, so it looks like I'm going forwards.
Sonic: Oooh, you're so smart, it smarts!

[Sonic runs up the cliff. Coconuts stares in shock when he sees the cliff in the distance.]

Coconuts: Whoa!

[Coconuts' segway slips on the banana peel. Coconuts falls off it and slams into the cliff.]

Coconuts: Ooof!

[As Coconuts falls onto the road, Sonic reaches the top of the cliff.]

Sonic: That crash means you can drop the rock.
Boom-Boom: Oh, bean him! Thanks!

[Boom-Boom tosses the boulder down. Coconuts wearily gets up.]

Coconuts [wearily]: Hey, Boom-Boom, remember what I said about droppin' the rock? You can...

[The boulder lands on Coconuts, flattening him.]

Coconuts [in a voice muffled by the boulder]: Forget it.

[Sonic runs down the cliff and stops near the boulder with the flattened Coconuts underneath. Tails flies up to him, and Boom-Boom walks to the other side of the boulder.]

Sonic: Coconuts is definitely between a rock and a hard place!
Tails: Slick trick, Sonic!

[Boom-Boom begins crying.]

Boom-Boom: Bad hedgehog hurt Daddy!

[Streams flow from Boom-Boom's eyes. Sonic pulls out an umbrella with his left hand and opens it to avoid getting wet.]

Sonic: Daddy? Look, diaper-drip, I hate to break this to you, that's not your daddy!

[As the stream of tears stop, Sonic closes the umbrella and tosses it aside. Boom-Boom jumps furously and points at the flatted Coconuts with his right index finger.]

Boom-Boom: He is Daddy! He say so! Daddy always right! Sonic always wrong!

[Boom-Boom picks up the boulder with both his hands. The flattened Coconuts walks wearily out of it, and falls over.]

Coconuts: Ooof!

[Three miniature versions of Coconuts fly around Coconut's head. A spring flies out of Coconuts' back compartment, and Sonic picks up the spring with his right hand.]

Sonic: If he's your daddy, I'm a slow-mo! He's a robot, kid. Nuts and bolts from top to toe.

[Sonic hands Boom-Boom the spring, which he now holds in both his hands. Boom-Boom starts crying again.]

Boom-Boom: But if he not my daddy, then who is?
Sonic: Good question. When did you see your daddy last?
Boom-Boom: Long time. Bad man come, take Daddy away in cage. Boom-Boom never find Daddy!

[Streams flow from Boom-Boom's eyes again. Sonic pulls out the umbrella with his left hand again. This time, the umbrella is already open.]

Sonic: Don't sweat it, kid! We'll find your pops!

[Unknown to Sonic, Coconuts gets back up, and cups his right hand to his right ear.]

Tails [heard offscreen]: You will?
Sonic [heard offscreen]: Sure! It'll just take a little detective work!
Tails: Cool!
Sonic: What do you think, Tails? Who do we know that's sleazy enough to kidnap the daddy of our bouncing baby buddy?
Tails: Dr. Robotnik! But why?

[The next scene takes place outside Robotnik's fortress.]

Robotnik: At last, I've finished the control device for my ultimate weapon!

[Robotnik is standing atop a platform as he puts a mind-control helmet on Big Daddy.]

Robotnik: And here it is!

[Robotnik pulls out a remote control, which he holds in his left hand.]

Grounder: Gee, it's small for an ultimate weapon!

[Scratch hits the back of Grounder's head with his left hand.]

Grounder: Ouch!

[Grounder scratches his head with his left drill.]

Scratch: That's not the weapon, dim-dim! That's just the remote control!
Grounder: I knew that.

[Robotnik points at Big Daddy with his right hand.]

Robotnik: He is the weapon! [to Big Daddy] Now, walk!

[Robotnik presses the button on the remote with his right index finger. This sends a signal to Big Daddy's mind control helmet, and he walks.]

Robotnik: Smash that bridge!

[Robotnik presses the button on his remote with his right index finger again. Big Daddy walks toward a rope bridge and pulls it out by one end. He then tosses the bridge aside.]

Robotnik: Break that dam!

[Robotnik presses the button on his remote with his right index finger again. Big Daddy walks towards a dam and smashes it with his right hand three times, causing water to flow from it.]

Robotnik: It works! And now I'm ready to conquer every inch of the planet Mobius!

[Robotnik moves two fingers on his right hand in a walking motion, and the screen fades to black. The next scene takes place outside Robotnik's fortress. The screen then transitions to a view inside, where Robotnik and Big Daddy are standing next to Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: Do you two realize what an evil genius I am?
Scratch: You were evil-geniusy enough to make me, your maliciousness!
Grounder: And eviller and geniuser to realize, you could do better and make me!

[Robotnik turns to face Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: And now, in my wicked wisom, I'm about to make you both... unnecessary!

[Robotnik points to Scratch and Grounder with his left index finger, and is now holding a remote control in his right hand.]

Scratch: Oh ho ho ho! Did you hear that? "Unneccessary"!
Grounder: Hehe heh, yeah! Great! We got promoted from useless!

[A signal emits from Big Daddy's mind-control helmet, and Big Daddy salutes with his right hand.]

Robotnik: With this creature in my power, we could conquer Mobius once and for all!
Scratch': How are you gonna do that, your putridity?
Robotnik: I'm so glad you asked. Activate the computerized simulation screen!

[The sound of a machine lowering can be heard.]

Grounder: Heh heh. Oh, boy! We get to see what's gonna happen!

[A computer screen falls on Grounder, smashing his head.]

Grounder: Yeah, but, do we have to feel it, too?

[Robotnik pushes a button on the screen with his right index finger. A view of the planet Mobius appears on the screen. Robotnik is now holding a pointer in his left hand, and points to a view of Mount Mobius, which can now be seen on the screen.]

Robotnik: Mount Mobius. No one's ever climbed it, until now. My Gorilla Grandé will climb to the top and install the most powerful laser cannon ever built!

[A simulation of Big Daddy, who is now holding a laser cannon in his right hand, climbing Mount Mobius is shown on the screen.]

Robotnik: From that spot, it will be capable of blasting any city on the planet!

[A simulation of Big Daddy firing the laser cannon is shown. Scratch stares at it in shock.]

Scratch: Whoa!

[The screen clears.]

Robotnik: Mobius will be forced to surrender to me!

[Robotnik pushes a button on the remote with his left index finger, which sends a signal to Big Daddy's mind-control helmet.]

Robotnik: Come, you simian simpleton, it's time to display your monstrous talents!

[Big Daddy walks away. Scratch and Grounder stare in shock and gasp at him, and Big Daddy creates an enormous hole in the wall. Robotnik slides up to Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: The ape and I are going to conquer Mobius! I'll deal with you dumb-bots later!

[Robotnik runs out the giant hole in the wall. Outside the window, Coconuts is waving at Scratch and Grounder with his left hand.]

Coconuts [in a voice muffled by the window]: Hey! Hey, you guys! Hey, over here!
Scratch: It's Coconuts!
Grounder: What's he doing here?

[Scratch and Grounder run up to the window. Coconuts stares at them in shock.]

Coconuts: [yells]

[Scratch opens the window, causing Coconuts to fall off it.]

Coconuts: Whoa!

[Grounder turns his right drill into a hand, and extends it to catch Coconuts.] Coconuts: Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho! [Grounder grabs Coconuts by the back of his neck with his right hand. He then pulls Coconuts back up to him and Scratch.]

Coconuts: Uh, hiya, guys. Hiya. Heh heh. I thought maybe we could make a little deal, maybe.
Scratch: Deal? With you? No way!
Coconuts: Wait, wait, wait! I got a plan that'll get us all back in good with Robotnik!

[Scratch and Grounder look at each other, then back at Coconuts.]

Scratch: We're listening.
Coconuts: That big ape has a little kid. Yeah, he does! Ha! I met him!
Scratch: So?
Coconuts: So, the little kid is looking for his daddy, and Sonic is helping him! Yep, yep, yep! The hedgehog himself!
Scratch: What does that have to do with us?
Coconuts: So, we disguise ourselves as the kid's daddy, and capture Sonic!
Grounder: We do?
Coconuts: Yeah, we do! And when we hand Sonic over to Dr. Robotnik, he'll love us! Love us!
Scratch: That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard!
Grounder: Completely stupid! Hopeless
Scratch: But it just might work!
Grounder: Loads of potential.
Scratch [heard offscreen]: We'll do it!

[Grounder pulls Coconuts back in. In the next scene, the three robots, who are now stacked on top of each other, are putting on a costume that resembles Big Daddy. Scratch, who is wearing anvils on his feet, is on the bottom, Grounder is in the middle, and Coconuts is on top. Scratch pulls the costume up with both his hands.]

Scratch: How come I have to be on the bottom?

[Scratch hands the costume to Grounder, who is now holding it in both his drills.]

Grounder: Cause your scrawny legs fit the costume.

[Grounder hands the costume to Coconuts, who is holding the costume in his left hand and a walkie-talkie in his right.]

Coconuts: And I'm the brains of this operation!

[Coconuts puts the head of the costume on.]

Coconuts [heard inside the costume]: Brains to body, forward, march!

[The costume loses its balance.]

Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts [heard inside the costume]: Whoa!

[The costume falls over.]

Grounder [heard inside the costume]: Ooof!
Scratch [heard inside the costume]: Oh-ho-ho-ho! Grounder, I think I'm sitting on our brains!

[Meanwhile, Sonic, Tails, and Boom-Boom are standing near each other a short distance from Robotnik's fortress.]

Tails: We're gonna storm Robotnik's fortress?
Sonic: Sure! Robotnik's not gonna bring Boom-Boom's daddy to us, so we gotta go get him!

[A rumble can be heard in the distance.]

Sonic: What's that?

[The gorilla costume walks towards Sonic, Tails, and Boom-Boom.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Guess we don't need to attack.

[Sonic is quick to take notice of the costume.]

Sonic: If that's an ape, I'm a monkey's uncle!

[Boom-Boom points at Sonic with his right index finger.]

Boom-Boom: You my uncle?

[Coconuts raises the costume's arms up.]

Coconuts [heard inside the costume]: Boom-Boom, my long-lost son!
Boom-Boom: Daddy!

[Boom-Boom jumps towards the costume and gives it a hug.]

Sonic: Time for a visit from the S.P.C.A.!
Tails: The who?

[Sonic runs away, then runs up to Boom-Boom and the costumed robots, disguised as an elderly lady. He is even holding a purse in his right hand.]

Sonic: Stop! This is an official inspection by the Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to apes!

[Boom-Boom and the costumed Robots look down at Sonic.]

Sonic: Now, come down here, little baby.

[Boom-Boom drops down next to Sonic.]

Sonic: Do you have the proper qualifications to take care of this child?

[Inside the costume, Coconuts looks down at Scratch and Grounder. The inside of the costume is so dark, that can be seen of the robots are their eyes.]

Coconuts: What do I do? What do I do?
Scratch [whispering]: Play along!
Grounder: Yeah, never mess with the S.P.C.A.!

[Coconuts moves the costume so that its right hand goes over its mouth.]

Coconuts [heard inside the costume]: Uh, uh, ahem, yes, ma'am!
Sonic: Well, you'll have to prove to me that you're a fit parent. Can you burp him? Show him how you liked to be burped, Boom-Boom!

[Boom-Boom is now standing behind the costume.]

Boom-Boom: Pat on back, like this!

[Boom-Boom hits the back of the costume with his left hand, causing the costume to fall over.]

Scratch: Oh-ho-ho!
Grounder: Oof!
Coconuts: Whoa!
Sonic [heard inside the costume] And you must always call him by name. What's your name, sonny?

[Boom-Boom grabs the costume by the back of its legs with both his hands and slams it against the ground.]

Boom-Boom: Boom-Boom!

[Inside the costume, the three robots are feeling the pain of being slammed against the ground by Boom-Boom!

Scratch: Oh-ho-ho!
Grounder: Oh!
Sonic: And most important, you must know his favorite lullaby! What's your favorite lullaby, Boom-Boom?
Boom-Boom [singing]: Rock-a-bye Baby, on the tree top,

[As he sings, Boom-Boom grabs the costume and tosses it onto a tree.']

Scratch [heard inside the costume]: Oh-ho-ho!
Grounder [heard inside the costume]: Oh!
Boom-Boom [singing]: When the wind blows, the cradle will rock,

[Boom-Boom blows at the costume, and the enormous wind causes the costume to hold onto the tree for the robots' lives.]

Scratch [heard inside the costume]: No-ho-ho-ho!
Grounder [heard inside the costume]: No, help!

[Sonic runs up to the tree.]

Boom-Boom [singing]: When the bow breaks, the cradle will fall,

[Sonic spins through the tree, slicing it off the stump, and causing the costume with the robots inside to fly away.]

Scratch [heard inside the costume]: Yeow-how-how-how!
Grounder [heard inside the costume]: Yipes!
Boom-Boom [singing]: And down will come baby,

[The costume with the robots inside lands with a crash.]

Scratch [heard offscreen]: Ow! Ow-how-how!
Grounder [heard offscreen]: Oh!

[The costume is now in pieces, and the Robots have fallen out of it.]

Boom-Boom [singing]: Cradle and all!

[Grounder's head is sitting on a rock, next to his body.]

Grounder: Oooh. Being a daddy ain't all it's cracked up to be!
Sonic: Sorry, Boom-Boom. That wasn't your daddy, either. Just a cheap imitation!

[Boom-Boom begins to cry again.]

Boom-Boom: But, if that not Daddy, where is he?

[A laser can be heard firing in the distance.]

Sonic and Boom-Boom: huh?

[A laser burns down some trees. Tails walks up to Sonic and Boom-Boom.]

Tails: What was that?
Sonic [heard offscreen]: Sounds like it came from Mount Mobius!

[Sonic runs up to Grounder's body, and pulls a pair of binoculars out of it with his left hand. He looks through the binoculars.]

Grounder: Hey! Get your own binoculars!

[Sonic looks up at Robotnik and Big Daddy, who are at the top of Mount Mobius, through the binoculars.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Uh-oh!

[Tails and Boom-Boom run up to Sonic Sonic holds the binoculars up to Boom-Boom's eyes with his left hand.]

Sonic: Does that big guy look familiar?

[Boom-Boom sees Big Daddy through the binoculars.]

Boom-Boom: Daddy!

[Boom-Boom whimpers. Sonic takes the binoculars away from Boom-Boom's eyes.]

Sonic: They can attack half of Mobius from up there! We gotta stop em'!

[Sonic runs away.]

Tails: Come on, Boom-Boom! We gotta follow him!

[Tails and Boom-Boom follow Sonic. The screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place at the top of Mount Mobius. Boom-Boom, after climbing up the mountain, is panting heavily.]

Boom-Boom: Big climb!

[Boom-Boom continues panting as Tails flies next to him.]

Tails: Where's Sonic?
Boom-Boom: Sonic down there.

[Boom-Boom points to the ledge below with his left thumb. Tails looks down and sees Sonic.]

Tails: Huh?
Sonic: Just waiting for you guys...

[Sonic runs up to the mountain.]

Sonic: To get out of the way!
Robotnik [heard offscreen]: They'll be out of the way, all right!

[On the ledge above, Robotnik is holding the remote in his right hand, and Big Daddy is holding the laser cannon in both his hands. He points it at Sonic.]

Robotnik: And so will you, you perpetual pest of a hedgehog!

[Boom-Boom looks up at Big Daddy and gasps.]

Boom-Boom: Daddy!

[Boom-Boom climbs up the ledge where Big Daddy is. Big Daddy is still under Robotnik's mind-control as Boom-Boom hugs his left leg.]

Robotnik: Forget it, you simpering little simian! Your daddy is under my control now!

[A signal is sent to Big Daddy's mind-control helmet, and Big Daddy kicks Boom-Boom onto the ledge below with his left leg.]

Boom-Boom: Ouch! Oof!

[Robotnik laughs evilly.]

Robotnik: As soon as I take care of you, hedgehog, Mobius will be mine! Fire, you ape monster! Fire!

[Big Daddy fires the laser cannon at Sonic.]

Sonic: [yells]

[Sonic runs away, to avoid getting zapped. Tails flies up to him.]

Tails: Look out, Sonic! It almost got you!

[Sonic grabs Tails' left arm with his right hand, and runs away just as Big Daddy fires the laser cannon, to avoid them getting zapped. Sonic then screeches to a halt.]

Sonic: I know! That thing can't be plugged in up here! It must be running on a battery! And batteries don't just keep going and going and going!

[Big Daddy aims the laser cannon at Sonic.]

Sonic: Here I am! Hit me!

[Big Daddy fires the laser cannon at Sonic, but Sonic moves out of the way to avoid getting zapped. Big Daddy then aims at Sonic again.]

Sonic: Over here!

[Big Daddy fires the laser cannon at Sonic again, but Sonic moves out of the way to avoid getting zapped. Big Daddy then aims at Sonic again.]

Sonic: Now over here!

[Big Daddy fires the laser cannon at Sonic yet again, but Sonic moves out of the way to avoid getting zapped. Sonic then jumps onto the ledge where Big Daddy is.]

Sonic: I figure that battery should run out of juice right about...

[Big Daddy aims the laser cannon at Sonic, but the battery in the laser cannon runs out. Big daddy then tosses the laser cannon aside with his right hand.]

Sonic: Now!

[Big Daddy grabs Sonic in his right hand.]

Sonic: Huh?
Robotnik: I still have the ape under my control, hedgehog!

[Big Daddy holds Sonic over the edge. Sonic looks down and sees a long fall below him.]

Boom-Boom: Daddy! No!
Robotnik: Yes!

[Robotnik turns the knob on his remote control with his left hand.]

Tails: Keep talking to him!
Boom-Boom: Daddy, it's me! Boom-Boom!

[Big Daddy stares in confusion.]

Boom-Boom: Ha ha! Boom-Boom!

[Robotnik presses the button on his remote control with his left hand three times, sending a signal to Big Daddy's mind-control helmet. Big Daddy gives an evil grin, then lifts his right hand, preparing to toss Sonic over the edge.]

Boom-Boom: Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! You know!

[Boom-Boom walks up to Robotnik. he grabs him by his legs with both his hands and repeatedly slams him against the ground.]

Boom-Boom: Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
Robotnik: D'ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

[Robotnik loses his grip on his remote control. It falls out of his right hand, bounces off the ledge, and lands on a rock, which smashes it, destroying it and disabling the mind-control effects over Big Daddy.]

Big Daddy: Boom-Boom?

[Big Daddy removes his mind control helmet with his left hand and smashes it with the same hand.]

Big Daddy: Boom-Boom!

[Boom-Boom is now holding Robotnik by both his legs with his right hand.]

Boom-Boom: Daddy!

[Big Daddy tosses Robotnik aside and runs up to Big Daddy. Robotnik lands on his back on the ledge.]

Robotnik: Oh!

[Boom-Boom jumps up to Big Daddy and they hug each other. Sonic sniffles, then wipes his eye with his left hand.]

Sonic: Family reunions always get to me.

[Tails sniffles.]

Tails: Me, too.

[Boom-Boom cries, with streams of tears flowing from his eyes.]

Big Daddy: What's the matter, Boom-Boom?

[Boom-Boom continues crying.]

Boom-Boom: Boom-Boom lost his rattle!
Big Daddy: There, there. Daddy get you new toy!

[Big Daddy sets Boom-Boom down and walks up to Robotnik.]

Robotnik: Oh no! No-o-o-o-o!

[Big Daddy grabs Robotnik with his right hand and picks him up. Boom-Boom is now holding Robotnik by both his legs with his left hand and shakes him like a rattle. Robotnik growls furiously, and Boom-Boom giggles. Sonic and Tails laugh, and Sonic even points at the apes and Robotnik with his left index finger.]

Robotnik: I... hate... that... hedge... hog!

[The screen fades to black, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Sonic is sleeping in a hammock, until Big Daddy pulls the trees holding the hammock up out by their roots. Sonic falls out of the hammock and wakes up.]

Sonic: [yells] Yeow!

[Big Daddy looks down at Sonic.]

Big Daddy: Boom-Boom?
Sonic: I'l Boom-Boom you, you muscle-bound ape! What's the big idea?
Big Daddy: Boom-Boom gone!
Sonic: No problem, I'll find him for you!

[Sonic runs away, then comes back, carrying Boom-Boom in both his hands. Boom-Boom is holding his rattle in his right hand. Sonic sets Boom-Boom down.]

Sonic: But next time, don't wander off without letting your daddy know where you're gonna be!

[Boom-Boom, who is now holding the rattle in his left hand, shakes it. Sonic then turns his attention to the viewers.]

Sonic [to the viewers]: That goes for you too, pals! Always tell your folks where you're going, and when you'll be back. Bad things can happen if you don't!