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Big Daddy

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"Big Daddy" is the tenth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the tenth episode, it aired as the fourteenth episode during the show's original run.




Sonic's costumes

  • SPCA agent (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Apes)


Coconuts pursues Sonic in Robotnik's Egg-O-matic. Sonic tricks Coconuts into crashing and smashing up the vehicle. When Coconuts goes home and tells Robotnik, the furious doctor fires him and launches him out of his fortress. Robotnik goes to his basement to talk to Big Daddy, a giant gorilla who he has caged up and plans to use to take over Mobius. Big Daddy roars at Robotnik as he is not under Robotnik's control yet.

Coconuts lands in a tree next to a large baby ape named Boom-Boom who thinks Coconuts is his daddy. Coconuts realizes Boom-Boom has super strength and decides to use him to help capture Sonic and get back on Robotnik's good side by pretending to be his daddy.

Coconuts and Boom-Boom set a trap for Sonic. But Sonic and Tails spy on them and decide to get it to backfire on Coconuts. Sonic tells Boom-Boom that Coconuts is not his Daddy. Boom-Boom cries and tells him that a bad man took his daddy away in a cage, and that he never found his daddy.

Robotnik attaches a mind control device to Big Daddy and tests it by making him destroy things using a remote control. Robotnik plans to have Big Daddy climb Mount Mobius, the largest mountain on the planet, and install a giant laser so everyone on the planet will have to do what he says. Robotnik tells Scratch and Grounder that they are no longer necessary, and he leaves with Big Daddy. Scratch and Grounder are pleased that they "get promoted from useless". Coconuts comes and tells Scratch and Grounder a plan to get all three of them back on Robotnik's good side.

The three Badniks dress up in a big gorilla costume and go find Sonic and Boom-Boom. Sonic uses a disguise to reveal them as frauds. They then see a big laser fry a tree and Sonic looks up with Grounder's binoculars to see Robotnik and Big Daddy on top of Mount Mobius. Boom-Boom says' Daddyyyyy!' and laughs excitedly at finding where his daddy is.

Sonic, Tails and Boom-Boom climb up the mountain and Robotnik had Big Daddy fire at them with the laser. Sonic realizes the laser gun must be running on batteries, so he decided to run around until they run out of juice. His plan works perfectly, but Big Daddy Ape grabs Sonic and holds him over the edge of the cliff. Tails tells Boom-Boom to try talking to his father, but the mind control device was too strong. Boom-Boom then picks up Robotnik and smashes him on the ground multiple times which breaks the remote control. Big Daddy snaps out of the mind control and recognizes his son. The two apes reunite and Boom-Boom tells his daddy that he lost his rattle. Big Daddy gives Boom-Boom Robotnik to shake around instead.

Sonic Sez

Big Daddy is looking for Boom-Boom. Sonic quickly finds him and gives him to his father. Sonic tells Boom-Boom and the audience not to wander off without your parents knowing.

(Sonic is sleeping in a hammock until Big Daddy uproots the trees waking him up)

Sonic: "Hey!"

Big Daddy: "Boom-Boom?"

Sonic: "I'll boom-boom you, ya muscle bound ape! What's the big idea?"

Big Daddy "Boom-Boom gone!"

Sonic: "No problem! I'll find him for ya! (speeds off, then reappears with Boom-Boom in his arms) Next time, don't wander off without telling your daddy where you're gonna be, (turns to the kids) and that goes to you too pals, always tell your parents where you're going and when you're going to be back. Bad things can happen if you don't."


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  • This episode is listed as "King Coconuts" on Netflix and other websites.
  • Pierre De Celles, an animation director, described "Big Daddy" as an episode he felt "really proud of." He described the editing as "poor." He described the animation process as taking "4 times longer than usual" since the animator of the episode was deaf and mute; De Celles described his translator as "just great."[1]
  • When Coconuts lands in a tree, he throws a coconut at Boom-Boom, which is his signature move from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • Sonic says "Batteries don't just keep going and going and going". This is a reference to a popular Energizer battery commercial.
  • The plot of a baby Gorilla saving his large powerful father from a mean mustached man in red is identical to the plot of the classic video game: Donkey Kong Jr..
  • This episode has had the following DVD releases:
  • The DVD says that Big Daddy takes Boom-Boom and Coconuts away for a spanking. However, this never happens.

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