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For the robot referred to as the "Big Boy" in Sonic Colors, see Rotatatron.

Quotation1 Wha-ha-ha-ha!! The Big Boy marches into battle once again!! Quotation2
Dr. Eggman, Sonic Boom #3

The Big Boy is a machine that appears in the Sonic Boom comic series. It is a large super mecha created by Dr. Eggman which was used several times against Team Sonic, but was defeated during each encounter.



  • The Big Boy's cockpit.
  • The Big Boy's cargo hold.

The Big Boy is a large red and orange humanoid machine, big enough to hold people at Sonic's size in the palm of its hands. It has a spherical torso with no head, a yellow and orange-striped plating with spikes down its back and a cockpit on the front with a wind shield and three lights on front. Inside the cockpit, Eggman's Eggmobile can be inserted. Each arm has a shoulder guard with spikes, thick forearms, four-fingered hands and hazard stripes, and its lower legs are fairly large (having a foot size of 160[1]). It originally had a pair of exhaust pipes on its back, but those were removed after its second upgrade.

The Big Boy contains a small cargo hold in the back section of its torso which is connected to the cockpit.[2]

Powers and abilities

Due to its size, the Big Boy possessed incredible physical strength, enough to overpower Knuckles and stomp him halfway into the ground. According to Eggman, it also possessed a suite of targeting systems.[1]

  • The Big Boy's missiles.
  • The Big Boy's anti-air guns.
  • The Big Boy's buttgun.
  • The Big Boy's spike projectiles.
  • The Big Boy's hidden springs.
  • The Big Boy's slingshot.
  • The Big Boy's tennis racquet.

After its third upgrade, the Big Boy received several new weapons and arguably ridiculous (but also quite effective) gadgets which could counter all of Team Sonic's attacks. In terms of armaments, it received a series of missile launches, hand guns, stubby spikes to fire as projectiles, and cable-like guns on its upper body and buttock which countered both aerial and rear assaults. In terms of gadgets, its legs were equipped with hidden springs to reject attempts to scale it, the spike on top of its head carried a mechanical arm with a slingshot to bounce airborne targets back, and its right hand possessed a retractable tennis racquet to deflect projectiles.[3]


Archie Comics

Big Boy Mech 1

The Big Boy's first attack, from Sonic Boom #1.

The Big Boy v1.0[3] was first deployed by Dr. Eggman to fight Sonic the Hedgehog, only for Tails, Knuckles and Amy to show up too. Despite landing a hit on Knuckles, the Big Boy was brought down when Team Sonic struck its critical points, making Eggman retreat to his lair in it.[1]

Big Boy mech patched up

The Big Boy after its first battle, from Sonic Boom #2.

Patching the Big Boy up in a rush, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot used it to fight Sonic, Tails, Amy and Sticks. During the fight, the heroes was stopped by Knuckles, who helped Eggman store Team Sonic in the Big Boy's cargo. Eggman then headed for the Unnamed Village to attack it with the Big Boy, only for Knuckles to betray him and damage the mech, forcing Eggman to retreat again.[2]

Big Boy falls again

The Big Boy falls apart, from Sonic Boom #3.

Back at the lair, the Big Boy was repaired by Orbot and Cubot. Upon its re-launch, Cubot found Amy's Hammer inside the mech, which Orbot and Cubot would fight over. During their struggle, the Big Boy's alarms got turned off, leaving Eggman unaware of its structural instability when he deployed it. No sooner, Orbot and Cubot made Amy's Hammer ricochet throughout the Big Boy which fell apart as the hammer rejected itself.[4]

Big Boy fails

The Big Boy's final defeat, from Sonic Boom #4.

Upgrading and repairing the Big Boy (again), Eggman, Orbot and Cubot deployed it for a scheduled fight with Team Sonic. During their battle, the Big Boy managed to counter all of Team Sonic's attacks, but then Sticks showed up with a weapon she claimed could defeat the Big Boy: the Rock of Justice. Throwing a tantrum over being humiliated with how a rock could beat his Big Boy, Eggman continued the fight, which went in his favor, until Sticks threw the Rock of Justice at the Big Boy, which ricocheted into the mech, causing its innards to explode and making the mech fall apart.[3]


  • Protection: Tri-polymer armor,[1] anti-hammer armor[3]
  • Energy source: Hybrid fuel cells[1]
  • Power plant: 5.000 horsepower central engine[1]
  • Out-put of primary drive: 1.21 gigawatts[1]
  • Acceleration: 0 to 60 in under a minute[1]



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