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Beta[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He is a computer virus and one of the minions of Nominatus. Alongside Retro, he aids Nominatus in his attempts to conquer the world.


Beta is a large and muscular humanoid with black skin, white eyes with purple sclera, a grey face, and a purple-glowing mouth. He has a roundish torso with a broad chest, large and thick arms, big hands, fairly small legs by comparison, and grey two-toed feet. He also has purple-glowing pattern-stripes on his body. These include outlines below his chest and down his belly, stripes on the sides on his abdomen, and circles on his shoulders. Finally, he has a pair of pointy, vertical ears. For attire, Beta wears a pair of metal wrist cuffs with purple spikes on them, and a matching spiked belt with a skull-emblem as a buckle.


TV series


Having become Nominatus' minion at some point, Beta would face a number of foes alongside Nominatus and Retro.[1]

Season two

Stuck in cyberspace, Beta would escape into the real world with Nominatus and Retro using Tails' Build-it Box to help Nominatus infect and conquer earth. However, the machine shrunk them when they emerged, so the trio had to take a dangerous trip to the machine's controls and rescale themselves. Beta then helped Nominatus bring his army and weapons into the real world with the Build-it Box, only to come under attack by Team Sonic, Ms. Tomatopotamus, Eggman and the Badniks. The trio tried to escape as they stood to lose, but were shrunk by the Build-it Box and captured by Eggman, who kept them as his pets.[1]


Although imposing in size, Beta is not very intelligent, slow on the uptake, and a bit of a klutz. However, he is nonetheless a loyal follower. Beta also appears to have a soft and vulnerable side to himself, as he often displays a meek disposition and appeared sad when Nominatus rejected any notion of friendship between them.[1]

Powers and abilities

Beta possesses high physical strength, enough to sent Retro flying with a single punch.[1]


Beta wields a handheld ray gun which can fire a barrage of red lasers, though he lost it after Sonic disarmed him.[1]



Beta is one of Nominatus' personal virus minions. Despite Nominatus treating him as dirt and giving him nothing but insults and neglect in return for his assistance, Beta serves Nominatus faithfully and refers to him as "boss" respectfully. A part of him, however, wishes that Nominatus considers him his friend.[1]




"Eh, square pixels make us look fat?"
—Beta answering Nominatus' rhetorical question about what Nominatus has on mind, "Nominatus Rising"
"For prison food, this isn't so bad."
—Beta contend with his status as Eggman's pet prisoner during feeding time, "Nominatus Rising"


  • The word "Beta" is the second letter in the Greek alphabet and is also used to refer to the the last testing stage of software.


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