Best of Sonic the Hedgehog

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Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Comics is the first volume in the Best of Sonic the Hedgehog trade-paperback series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

After nearly twenty years of comics, specials and mini-series, Sonic the Hedgehog has told hundreds of stories! Through the laughs and thrills, the action and adventure, the highs and lows, some stories stand out among the rest—presented here for the first time ever in this thematic graphic novel collection! From the titanic clash of "Mecha Madness" to the universe-shattering epic "Order from Chaos," join the Archie Comics Sonic team picks their favorite stories from the history of the series!

Reprinted stories

Selection by Ian Flynn

Race against the Machine

Mecha Madness

Selection by Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante

For Whom the Bell Tolls! (The Big Goodbye)

Selection by Tracy Yardley!

Order from Chaos Part One: The Gathering

Order from Chaos Part Two: The Great Harmony

Selection by Jamal Peppers

Future Tense - Part One


  • The art in the cover is a reference to the three-dimensional art seen in Sonic Channel and/or official video game artwork, even though the cover art is actually 2D art.
  • Knuckles's pose is strikingly similar to the one in the cover of Sonic the Hedgehog #164. Another hint as that both poses are located on the bottom right of their respective covers.
  • Despite appearing on the cover art, Metal Sonic does not appear in any of the featured stories.


Cover artwork

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