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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Best Hedgehog

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"Best Hedgehog" is the thirteenth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the thirteenth episode, it aired as the first episode during the show's original run.




Sonic costumes

  • Dr. Pimento
  • Chef
  • Lucinda


The story starts as Tails and Sonic sneak through the fortress of Dr. Robotnik. In there, they find Lucas, who has been locked up by Robotnik for thirty years. Sonic immediately frees Lucas, but it triggers Dr. Robotnik's robot armies, who were later defeated by Sonic. In anger, Dr Robotnik decides to use his secret weapon, the eggbomb. That too, was countered by Sonic, and together with Tails, Sonic escaped the fortress. When they escaped to the forest, Lucas decided to tell them what this was all about in a flashback. In his story, Lucinda liked Lucas and in return, Robotnik was jealous and imprisoned Lucas. Hearing this Sonic decides to help him find Lucinda. Meanwhile, back in the fortress, Scratch and Grounder also gets curious about this whole thing and Dr. Robotnik tells them what happened, only it was completely opposite from Lucas's story. Then Dr. Robotnik decides that he'll give any prize to one who captures Lucas, who stole "something" from him other than his power. Scratch and Grounder go out to capture Lucas, only to fail and accidentally blurt out the location of Lucinda. Now knowing the location, Sonic, Tails, and Lucas go out to get Lucinda and Lucas back together. When they arrived, Lucas decided to call Lucinda, despite his nervousness, only to be captured by Scratch and Grounder. Lucas was thrown into a volcano, and Dr. Robotnik goes to see Lucinda, not knowing that Sonic actually made it out of the volcano with Lucas. Sonic decides to dress as Lucinda and fool Dr. Robotnik. The plan works and Lucas and Lucinda got back together again.

Sonic Sez

Sonic tells the kids how wonderful reading is, then he tells them what they should do if they meet someone who is illiterate.

"I love reading! Books can take you to far-away lands, and exotic places, or show how to see everyday things in a way cool way! Too bad some people have a problem learning how to read. If you know who has trouble reading, tell them to ask a teacher, or get help at a local library. All they have to do is ask. I'll tell ya, there's worlds of fun at reading!"


  • In the scene when Tails is trying to convince Lucas to ask Lucinda to marry him; the collar of his shirt is tan.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French La Meule de foin ambulante The walking haystack
German Alte Liebe rostet nicht Old love doesn't rust
Italian Il riccio migliore del mondo The best hedgehog in the world
Japanese 一番ヘッジホッグ Best Hedgehog
Portuguese (Brazil) O Padrinho Porco-Espinho The Godfather Hedgehog
Portuguese (Portugal) O Padrinho Ouriço The Godfather Hedgehog
Spanish (Spain) El erizo padrino The godfather hedgehog
Spanish (Latin America) La bella Lucinda The beautiful Lucinda


  • In some syndication, the fight in the flashback between Lucas and Robotnik is shortened.
  • This episode was criticized for transvestism, including a scene where Sonic, disguised as Lucinda, tricks (and kisses) Robotnik at his last-minute wedding.
  • The Sonic Sez segment in this episode is the most well-known in Japan, (similar to how the one in "Lovesick Sonic" is the most well-known in the USA) this may be in part to the second Japanese dub, which made the segment straight and to the point, the actress said she made Sonic sound very honest, and it revealed a lot of things about his personality.