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Bert is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an anthropomorphic bull and a member of B.A.R.F., a Badnik repair service that works under Dr. Ivo Robotnik.

Concept and creation

Bert was created by Mark Eyles. His and Cam's names were derived from the French cheese camembert.[1]


Bert is an anthropomorphic bull with light brown fur and messy black hair. He wears turquoise overalls and a purple shirt. Later on, he donned a blue jumpsuit akin to that worn by Cam.


Bert was first seen called to the Green Hill Zone by a Trooper to repair some broken Moto Bugs with his partner Cam. While Bert worked on the repairs, Cam discovered a Nicenik virus had infected the Badnik remains.[2] Bert would soon after smash a Trooper upon learning it had let two Niceniks get away.[2][3] Following Cam's plan, Bert would use the Triple-S to weed out the Niceniks, but grew weary (and hurt) after inspecting over two hundred Badniks.[2] When the duo finally found the Niceniks, Bert hunted them down with Cam and smashed them up after they tried to attack them. Bert then used their remains to create a Badnik that used both their organic batteries while Cam removed its Nicenik virus.[4]

Little over a year later, Bert and Cam were repairing some Badniks in the Hill Top Zone when Dr. Robotnik ordered them to transport Badniks from the Palmtree Panic Zone to the Green Hill Zone.[5] Ignoring the mission's danger, Bert went to the Miracle Planet with Cam in the Ark Pod and forced the obstinate Badniks into coming with them.[5][6] However, the new Badniks began attacking the native Badniks in the Green Hill Zone when Bert and Cam brought them there. As Bert realized they could not contain the situation, he and Cam evacuated the surviving Green Hill Zone Badniks.[6] After the dust settled, Bert proved unable to threaten the new Badniks into behaving, so he came with Cam and personally constructed the Seven Badniks from the Green Hill Badniks' remains.[7] These Badniks forced the renegade Badniks into submission, allowing Bert and Cam to take them back to the Palmtree Panic Zone (where they were promptly smashed by the vacationing Freedom Fighters).[8]


Bert is the general 'handy-man' (with a strong fondness/obsession for hammers and hitting things with them). When he is not hammering something, he is busy thinking about hammering. However, outside of repairing Badniks, Bert is not very intelligent, often relying on Cam to explain the situation at hand or their plans.[3] He also appears to have a childishly streak, like pretending to be in the Thunderbirds on a trip to the Miracle Planet.[5]

When dealing with obstinate Badniks, Bert would display his authority by smashing said Badniks with his hammer.[6]

Powers and abilities

Bert has high physical strength. Also, despite his dimwitted demeanor, he is smart enough to build the Seven Badniks, showing an expertise in mechanics.[3][8]

Weapons and equipment

Bert has a number of hammers which he uses to repair and built Badniks. He utilizes his largest hammer in combat as well, using it to smash away at his opponents.


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