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Berruni is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). He is a cheerful and interesting man who works as a jeweler in Castle Town, crafting and trading various items of jewelry. Due to his profession, he is extremely wealthy. He claims to have assets worth ten billion Rings, making him the richest man in Soleanna.


Berruni trying to deny that Sonic has won the game.

In Sonic's story, Berruni gives Sonic his seventeenth Town Mission. He plays a game with Sonic where he has hidden one hundred rings around Castle Town. He bets Sonic that if he finds them all, he will be allowed to keep them. However, Berruni cheats at the game - in reality, there are only ninety-nine rings to be found in the town, as he has kept one concealed in his pocket. He is soon caught out when Sonic explodes a nearby crate, making him drop the ring. Berruni tries to assure Sonic he has failed, but quickly admits defeat and gives him the prize, concerned that he could become the second-richest man in Soleanna.


  • When Berruni introduces himself, his name is misspelted as "Berluni".
  • Berruni uses the same character design as Paganini.

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