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Belle D'Coolette is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. She is the daughter of Antoine and Bunnie D'Coolette in the Light Mobius universe.


Belle is a brown cybernetic rabbit with blue eyes. Designed by writer Ian Flynn and artist Tracy Yardley, Belle, while taking after her mother's species, takes most of her color scheme from her father; this was done in response to the common fan complaints that children were often designed as carbon copies of one parent (mothers for daughters, fathers for sons) with no traits from the other. As such, Belle inherits her brown fur, blond hair and and blue eyes from her father. Her tank top and shorts are red and blue, reminiscent of Antoine's uniform. Despite these efforts, however, in her first appearance Belle was mistakenly given Bunnie's exact color scheme; this was later rectified.

Belle's left leg and right arm are robotic; like her mother, Belle's robotic arm features a built-in laser cannon, only sleeker and more rounded in design. She wears a single sandal on her non-robotic foot. Her ears tend to flop backwards and her blond hair is worn in a loose ponytail.


Arriving with her brother Jacques D'Coolette to hear King Sonic's celebratory speech on the Five Years of Peace, Belle was invited to the home of Argyle the Crocodile after word reached her friend of the Dark Presence's takeover of Castle Mobius. The two joined Sonic, Argyle, Lara-Su, Skye, and Melody Prower in becoming members of the Future Freedom Fighters, who then stormed Castle Mobius. Belle and her brother teamed up with Sonic, tackling the Dark Presence head on while the others sneaked into the castle. They were met, however, by the creature Tikhaos, whom King Shadow had unleashed and evolved into Perfect Tikhaos.

Lara-Su commanded a direct assault on the enraged water god, with Jacques and Belle working together on the frontal attack while she prepared the Tikal's Prayer ritual. Belle kept a close eye on her teammates, saving Skye from one of Tikhaos's arms at one point, and warning her brother of similar danger at another. During Sonic's assault to subdue the creature, she and Jacque held down one of Tikhaos' arms to give Sonic a clear shot. Unfortunately, Sonic was still blasted by Tikhaos, but Manik and Sonia were able to take advantage of the distracted monster to finish the job. With Tikhaos defeated, she regrouped with the new team of Freedom Fighters and celebrated their success.


Belle is sweet, but also a tomboy like her mother. She, too, likes to play rough as seen that she was smiling while she, her brother and King Sonic confronted the Dark Presence outside the castle. Belle is also a flirt, like when she made advances toward Argyle much to Lara-Su's dismay. She also seems to be fond of Skye.

Powers and abilities

Using her robotic limbs, she can fly quickly and jump high. Her strength far exceeds a normal Mobian thanks to her cybernetic parts.


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