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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

I've stood on the sidelines too long, watching that pudding-head Eggman and my inept husband fail time and time again! Now Mama B wants a piece of the action!

— Belinda, "Sticks and Amy's Excellent Staycation"

Belinda[4][5] is an antagonist that appears in the Sonic Boom series. She is an anthropomorphic goat from Hedgehog Village and the wife of Charlie. When Charlie turned to a life of crime, Belinda joined her husband as his partner in villainy.[5]


Belinda without her hat.

Belinda is a thin anthropomorphic goat of average height with brown fur, a tan muzzle with a black nose, blue eyes, and a short bushy tail. She has long hair that she keeps together in a braid, a short hair turf on the back of her head, curved ears and stubby white horns. For attire, she wears a straw hat with a light blue band and a yellow flower, a long green dress with butterfly symbols on it and a darker green upper section, a yellow necktie, white gloves, a brown belt with a side pocket that is braided with a flower, and brown shoes.


TV series


Some time in the past, Belinda was warned by her mother that Charlie did not have the fortitude to stand up to anybody. Belinda, however, disregarded her warning, and eventually married Charlie, whom she would live a good life with.[2][3]

Season one

Belinda having Knuckles over for dinner.

When Knuckles began hanging around Charlie, Belinda invited him over for dinner, much to her husband's grief. During the dinner, Belinda expected Charlie to speak his mind when he disapproved of Knuckles' presence. However, she got mad when he tried to talk around it. After being told by Knuckles that Charlie had been fired from his job though, Belinda had enough of her husband's meek disposition and kicked him out. However, when Charile stood up to Knuckles by becoming a supervillain, Belinda withdrew her decision and cheered for Charlie when he fought Knuckles. After Charlie lost to Knuckles, Belinda faked a truce with Knuckles on behalf of Charlie, and praised her husband's growth and new career choice.[2]

Season two

While with Charlie, Belinda met Knuckles while he was looking for a foster family. This gave Belinda an idea for revenge against the echidna: she and Charlie would take Knuckles into their family, bond with him by preying on his vulnerabilities, and then turn him to the side of evil. Carrying out her plan, Belinda soon convinced Knuckles to become their fellow villain. When their family attacked Team Sonic however, Knuckles would rejoin his friends, forcing Belinda to retreat with Charlie when the team beat him.[5] Soon after, she would vote in a referendum for a new name for the Unnamed Village.[6]

Belinda using Charlie's Mech Suit.

At the spa, Belinda overheard from Amy that Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were out of town. Informing Charlie that the Village was theirs for the taking, she took matters into her own hands when Charlie was too busy digging for artifacts. Taking Charlie's Mech Suit, Belinda attacked Amy, Sticks and the villagers, but was defeated by the two former. Returning home, Belinda got a winged Ancient armor from Charlie (which he had excavated) as an anniversary gift. Trying out her gift, Belinda looked forward to do more evil with Charlie.[3] When local gossip later revealed that Dr. Eggman was no doctor, Belinda began seeing him as a joke. She thus joined the villagers in mocking Eggman during the scientist's next trip to the Village. Belinda soon after joined Professor Kingsford's Evil Science class to get a doctorate. Over the next eighty-seven weeks, she witnessed her fellow student Eggman face continuous failures and ruin her point grade average. However, Belinda failed the final exam by not cheating (unlike Eggman).[7]

When Race Day arrived several months later, Belinda would watch said event's auto race competition at its site.[8] Some time afterward, she went to the Villain Retreat and had some rest and relaxation.[9]


Belinda encouraging violence.

Belinda is a good-mannered hostess as seen when she invited whom she thought to be her husband's friend over for dinner. However, she is quite short-tempered, explosive and assertive. She also has little tolerance for people unwilling to stand up for themselves or too inept to speak their mind.[2]

Since Charlie became a supervillain, Belinda has embraced the life of villainy, quickly adapting a sense of maliciousness and the ambition to take over Hedgehog Village.[3] Befitting the classic villain, she also has an evil laugh. Cunning, vengeful, vindictive, dishonest, composed and manipulative, Belinda can quickly formulate evil plans on the go and knows how to exploit people's weaknesses to her advantage. She also displays a preference for violence, having encouraged the most brutal behavior possible on multiple occasions.[2][5] She will likewise gladly employ indecent tactics if it means victory, like the usage of human shields.[5]

After standing on the sidelines and watching other villains fail for too long, Belinda grew in arrogance, believing that she could do better than any of them. This prompted her to become a more active supervillain. During her first rampage, Belinda showed the full extend of her cruelty, proving herself a ruthless and merciless foe willing to attack innocent bystanders out of sheer malice or over petty annoyances. However, she still has her soft side, as shown in how she loves her husband and appreciates what he is willing to do for her.[3]

Powers and abilities


Belinda with her flight harness.

Belinda wields a blue, grey and yellow chest harness with retractable wings from the Ancients that she received from Charlie after he excavated it from some ruins. This harness gives her the ability to fly, and can fire deadly blasts from midair. After receiving it, Belinda has demonstrated great mastery over it.[3]



Belinda and her husband being evil together.

Charlie is Belinda's husband. The two of them are very close, although they have their fair share of arguments.[2] There is also a strong contrast between them in their relationship, with Belinda being assertive and outgoing, and Charlie being reserved and submissive towards Belinda. When Belinda is in a bad mood, she makes Charlie the receiving end of her frustrations. Despite this, she genuinely loves her husband.[3]

Belinda has a problem with Charlie's general unwillingness to stand up for himself. This discontent with Charlie's ineptness eventually made her kick him out. However, she took Charlie back after he proved his assertiveness by becoming a supervillain. Afterwards, their bond became stronger than ever, as Belinda not only praised her husband's growth, but also lied for him so he could remain a villain and torment Knuckles.[2]

Since then, Belinda has become Charlie's partner in villainy, often acting as the brain and tactician behind their schemes and attacks. Her composed demeanor effectively makes her a counter to Charlie's otherwise aggressive impulses.[2] Their new closeness briefly faltered when Belinda thought that Charlie had gone back to his old ways (although it pushed her to become a better independent villain), but it later became stronger than before when Belinda got a weaponized flight harness from Charlie that let her become just as active a supervillain as him.[3]

Team Sonic

Belinda has held a genuine dislike for Team Sonic ever since becoming a villain. Despite having no real beef with the group, she considers them obstacles standing in the way of her and Charlie's goal of taking over Hedgehog Village. As such, she holds no qualms about fighting them, and will do so in the most violent and low way as possible if it means victory. However, she is careful about not engaging them recklessly unless the group is at a disadvantage.[3][5]

Dr. Eggman

In spite of Dr. Eggman being the top villain on Seaside Island, Belinda holds little respect for the scientist due to his constant failures, having referred to him as a "pudding-head". His failures were some of the factors that made her step up her game as a supervillain.[3]


Although Belinda lives among the villagers of Hedgehog Village, she holds no loyalty towards them and dislikes them for being general annoyances; when she fought Amy and Sticks with Charlie's Mech Suit, Belinda would go as far as to attack the surrounding villagers out of sheer malice and dislike for them. Of all the villagers, she dislikes the Male Fennec for his snarkiness, Fastidious Beaver for his tendency to make grammatical corrections, and Lady Goat for the way she looks.[3]




"I don't recall any thing. If you're trying to imply that you don't want someone here, perhaps you should just say it!"
—Belinda response to meekness, "Counter Productive"
"Alright Charlie! Crush him!"
—Belinda encouraging brutality, "Counter Productive"
"Great job Charlie! You stood up for yourself and got a new job as a supervillain."
—Belinda praising Charlie's life choices, "Counter Productive"
"Now, Knuckles. Be a good boy and... THRASH HIM! GO FOR THE JUGULAR!"
—Belinda instructing Knuckles, "Knuck Knuck! Who's Here?"
"They won't fight Knuckles. Use him as a human shield!"
—An example of Belinda's battle tactics, "Knuck Knuck! Who's Here?"


  • Belinda's character model is derived from Lady Goat's.
  • Belinda is the first female antagonist in the Sonic Boom franchise.
  • Despite being a goat, Belinda does not bleat during her sentences like Lady Goat. This is because the writers for the Sonic Boom television series did not want to use the same joke for two characters.[10]
  • Belinda received her name as a part of the contents for season two of the Sonic Boom television series rather than season one.[11]


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