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Beige berry trees

An orchard of beige berry trees.

Beige berries are a flora that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. They are a breed of fruit that grows on Seaside Island.


Beige berry seeds

Beige berry seeds

The beige berries are, as their implies, beige-colored round fruits that grow in clusters, similar to grapes. They grow from stereotypical-looking trees, a few meters tall, with thick trunks and green foliage. Beige berries are edible and can be made into different food products, such as pie and jam.[1]


TV series

Season one

Mutated Beige berry plants

Mutated beige berry plants.

Needing beige berries for a pie, Sticks visited a beige berry orchard on Seaside Island which was destroyed by Tails' Deforestation Machine when he tried to help Sticks. As Tails worked to replant the orchard, Dave helped him with the Mutant Seed Gun. However, the weapon turned the seeds into vicious mutant flowers, which Team Sonic later destroyed with Tails' machine.[1]


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