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Sonic Underground
Beginnings (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "Beginnings".

[The Sonic Underground theme song plays]
Aleena (narrating): There was a time when Robotropolis was beautiful. It was then a peaceful city known as "Mobotropolis". But just after my children were born, the evil Doctor Robotnik used his technology... to turn our world...
Robotnik: [snickers]
Aleena (narrating): ...into a place of terror. As the source of Robotnik's money, the aristocrats were left to play, while our people were roboticized... and became slaves. Our royal family was outlawed, a price placed on our heads.
Sonic and Manic: [snore]
Aleena (narrating): Then, the Oracle of Delphius revealed the prophecy to me.
Oracle: Some day, you will reunite with your children to become the Council of Four... and overthrow Robotnik. But there is a price, Your Highness.
Aleena (narrating): For the prophecy to be fulfilled, I had to give up my babies.
Aleena: [sobs] [kisses]
Windermere: Huh? [sees Sonia] [gasps]
Father: Huh? [Sonic smiles at him] [gasps]
Woman: [gasps]
Manic: [baby-talks]

[Farrell smiles. He picks up baby Manic and pats him on the back as Manic smiles.]

Farrell: Have you been studying your lessons, Manic?
Manic: Yep!
Farrell: Well then...?
Manic: One sec.
Farrell: Oh my! Where is my wallet? [Manic presents him his wallet] Well done, lad. You're a good boy, a wonderful student. And as a reward... [fumbles] now where did I... oh, they were right ov- [Manic drums on the bench] [laughs]
Manic: Reppin' sticks, man! [puts his silver drumsticks in his pocket and hugs Farrell.]
Farrell: [gasps]
Manic: Thanks, Farrell.
Farrell: Always get the finest, my boy.
Windermere: Sonia, no! Come down from there instantly!
Sonia: Okay!
Windermere: Good gracious, child!
Sonia: Now may I go out and play?
Windermere: Of course, my dear. [Sonia somersaults away] [sighs]
Father: Come on, Sonic! Bath time!
Sonic: No bath! No bath!
Father: Sonic Hedgehog, I thought I said no revvin' in the house!
Sonic: Rev yes, bath no!
Father: Well then, I guess I'll just have to eat all those chili dogs by myself.
Sonic: Rub and scrub time!
Father: Sonic, listen to me. Run as fast as you can to Uncle Chuck's. Don't stop and don't look back!
Sonic: Why? What about you?
Father: We'll be okay, Sonic. But you know what I need to see? The biggest rev you've ever done!
Sonic: Really? You want me to rev?
Father: Sure do, pal. Let's see it.
Mother: We love you, son!
Father: Go, Sonic! GO!
Swatbot: Citizen. You are under arrest.
Sonic: [gasps] Oh no! [cries] [returns to the burning house] Noooo!
Sonic: [gasps]
Chuck: Sonny!
Sonic: Huh? [runs to his uncle's arms] Uncle Chuck! [cries]
Chuck: It's gonna be all right, sonny boy.

[years later]

Chuck: It'll take all your speed to get through that prototype shield Robotnik's puttin' up, sonny.
Sonic: No problemo, Uncle Chuck! "Fast" is my middle name.
Chuck: Eh, can't argue there! [chuckles] But just remember: you can't let Robotnik seize ya! Keep your speed up!
Sonic: Yeah, what's up with that, Unc? How come I have to be so careful?
Chuck: Eh, because if he found out who was takin' out all his factories, he'd be huntin' you all the time! Whoa, come on boy! Jelly and jam time!
Sonic: [coughs] That's juice and jam, Unc.
Chuck: Oh.
Sonic and Chuck: [laugh]
Chuck: Okay, boy. Be careful! [presses a button and lets Sonic out] Good luck, Sonic!
Robotnik: Shield status!
Robot: Shields ready, sir.
Robotnik: Good. Activate! [the robot pulls a lever to raise the shield] Now if the Resistance uses their secret weapon, they'll be in for a big surprise! [bellows with laughter]
Chuck: You don't have to do this, sonny.
Sonic: Got to, Uncle Chuck. If I don't bust through that force-field, Robuttnik'll put 'em around every factory. Not to worry, been practisin', Unc. Gotta do it to it! [zooms away] See ya!
Robotnik: Prepare to lift off!
Robot: Sir, motion sensors detect fast-approaching object.
Robotnik: Radar?
Robot: Too low, sir.
Robotnik: Ahhh, can't wait!
Sonic: [strains] Just... a little... faster!
Chuck: Almost there, sonny! Give it all you got!
Sonic: Yaaaahhhh! [penetrates the shield] No way I'm stoppin'! Just a little... more! [breaks the shield down] YEAH!
Robotnik: It destroyed my force-field! Nothing can be that fast! What is it?!
Sonic: Yes!
Robotnik: Explosives! The factory's going to blow! Lift off, military speed! Guhhh! [the ship takes off as the factory explodes] Whaaaaa! [the robot bumps into him] Oh, get off me, you stupid bag of bolts!
Robot: Analysis of secret weapon is now complete.
Robotnik: Excellent! Report.
Robot: Sensors indicate that the subject is blue, sir.
Robotnik: Blue? That's all?!
Robot: Yes, sir.
Robotnik: [growls]
Chuck: You cut 'em bad, sonny. Robotnik won't recover from that for a while. I'm gonna see if I can find a doctor, sonny. [sniffs] Don't you do nothin' stupid while I'm gone, you hear me? [sniffs]
Sonic: What? Who?
Oracle: The time has come, Sonic.
Sonic: Yeah, yeah, whatever.
Oracle: Sonic, your destiny awaits.
Sonic: Yeah, tell it to wait outside. I'm too tired to care.
Oracle: Easily remedied.
Sonic: Gooooood mornin' Robotropolis! Oh yeah, I'm up! [lands on the couch] Oof! I'm wide awake? How'd you do that? And who are you?
Oracle: I am the Oracle of Delphius.
Sonic: The what of who? [The Oracle magically creates a table and chairs] Oh, okay, I'm dreamin', right? [The Oracle creates a batch of chili dogs] Whoaaa, this dream is way past cool! [chomps] [slurps]
Oracle: Now that I have your attention, it is time you found out who you are... Prince Sonic!
Sonic: [chomps] [gulps] Mmm? Prince?
Oracle: Yes, Prince Sonic. And you are not alone in your quest.
Sonic: Yeah, I know, I got Unc and the other Freedom Fighters.
Oracle: You also have a brother and a sister.
Sonic: [spits] WHAT?!
Robotnik: Enter, bounty hunters!
Sleet: Oh, sir! Thank you for seeing us, sir! How may we serve Your Royal Greatness? Your wish is our command, sir. You have only to ask, Your Amazingness!
Robotnik: What I want from you is for you to swear to my service.
Sleet: Oh yes, Your Most Powerfulness! We are deeply flattered, but you see, sir, we are independent contractors.
Dingo: Yeah, we're in, erm... in... eh... we work, er, by ourselves.
Robotnik: SILENCE! From now on, you work for me.
Sleet: Oh, but sir, we have other- [Robotnik fires lasers at them] Whoa, ow, ow!
Dingo: Will you stop that! [splutters]
Sleet: Then again, perhaps it is time we made a change.
Robotnik: Excellent. I knew you'd see it my way. [switches on a monitor] This is the Freedom Fighters' secret weapon. It has plagued me for over a year, and I want it found and destroyed! Do you understand?
Dingo: Yes.
Sleet: Yes. Leave it to us, sir. Whatever it is, consider it destroyed!
Sonic: Sorry about spittin' the chili on you, Orc. Wow, a brother and a sister! But where are they?
Oracle: They are close. But to find them, you must sing the song that is in your heart, young hedgehog.
Sonic: Hey, whoa, whoa, wait! What song? How come nobody ever says what they mean? Song in my heart? What does that mean?! [his medallion glows] Whoa, my medallion... [a guitar appears] Huh?
["Someday" plays]
Manic: What was that?
Sonia: What was that?
Sonic: They're out there!
Sleet: Freeze frame and enlarge. How can anything go that fast?
Dingo: It, er, slows down when it hits that red thing.
Sleet: Well, well, well, once in a while you do come up with something, don't you? Advance to point of contact, extract image and enlarge. Aha! It's not a machine.
Robotnik: Hedgehog?! IT'S A BLASTED HEDGEHOG?!
Sleet: Yes, sir. Would you like us to-?
Robotnik: No! Dismissed.
Sleet: But Your Greatness...
Robotnik: DISMISSED! [Sleet and Dingo walk away] Hmm... could it be them? If it is... the prophecy!
Robotnik (hologram): Aahh!
Oracle (hologram): Robotnik, your days of tyranny are numbered!
Robotnik (hologram): Guards! [the Oracle freezes him with magic] Argh!
Oracle (hologram): You will listen. One day, Queen Aleena and her three children will form the Council of Four. On that day, your reign of tyranny will end!
Robotnik: They're still out there! Then I'm declaring war on the Resistance!
Manic: [gasps] I've heard that riff before!
Farrell: Riff? I don't hear any music.
Manic: Meet you back at the hideout.
Farrell: Manic, are you okay, kid?
Manic: I'm cool, Farrell! Later.
Bartleby: Good grief, Sonia! What kind of place have you brought us to?
Sonia: Hush, Bartleby! I know there's a club around here somewhere! And I've heard the music there really rocks!
Bartleby: Simply cannot wait(!)
Sonia: [gasps] I know that song!
Bartleby: What song? Oh, wonderful. You drag me to the bowels of the city to hear imaginary music. How could it get any better(!)
Manic: Mind if I sit in, dude?
Sonia: You guys are great!
Bartleby: [gasps]
[audience panics as a Swatbot arrives]
Sonia: Who are you guys?
Sonic: We're your brothers!
Sonia: Huh?
Manic: [gasps] We are?
Sonic: I'll get you out of here! Meet me in the public square in two hours. I'll fill ya in!
Robotnik: Monitor 1, repeat footage. Freeze! Bring up Queen Aleena's brats. Execute retinal scan.
Computer: Processing.
Robotnik: Your raids were very efficient, luckily for you.
Computer: Retinal scan completed.
Robotnik: Well...?
Computer: Retinal match confirmed for all three subjects. Probability: 100 percent.
Robotnik: It's them! Cross search against all known citizens.
Computer: One match only. Sonia: ward of Lady Windermere.
Robotnik: Seize the girl, and Lady Windermere, too!
Manic: Farrell! [picks up a shred of cloth] Farrell?
Swatbot: Citizens. You are under arrest.
Sonia: [gasps] [heads to the door] [gasps]
Windermere: Let go of me, you brutes!
Sonia: [gasps]
Windermere: Run, Sonia! Run!
Dingo: Ooh... pretty!
Sonia: Oh no!
Swatbot: Halt, citizen. You are under arrest.
Sonic: And they got my Uncle Chuck!
Sonia: We must find Lady Windermere!
Manic: And Farrell!
Sonic: You're right! Let's do it to it! [the Oracle appears] [gasps]
Oracle: I'm sorry, young hedgehogs. I'm afraid you're too late.
Manic: Farrell!
Sonic: No!
Sonia: It can't be!
Oracle: It is time for you to explore the power of your medallions.
Sonia: I always wondered why I had this.
Manic: Yeah, and why I couldn't bear to take it off!
Oracle: Are you ready to begin the journey?
Sonic: Journey? What journey? We have to fight Robuttnik-
Oracle: And to fight him, you must make this journey of discovery and bonding! You have powers within you!
Manic: We do?
Oracle: Powers which you will need to fulfill your quest. [gives them a map] Follow this map, and remember: you must learn to work with each other. The fate of Mobius is in your hands!
Manic: [gasps]
Sonia: And who was that?
Sonic: We've got a long way to go. Come on. I'll explain on the way.
Sonia: I'm all alone now.
Sonic: Not a chance, sis.
[The credits roll]