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For the vehicle in the Archie Comics, see Beetle 'Bot.

The Beetle Bot[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom franchise. It is a mass-produced, beetle-based Badnik model created by Dr. Eggman, and one of the doctor's newer classes of robotic foot soldiers.


Based on the male Japanese rhinoceros beetle, the Beetle Bots have oval-shaped figures, their head and body being nearly indistinguishable. On their heads they have red head armor, a gray jaw, and grey and black gun-like protrusions on their "mouth". They also have a long black horn shaped like the letter "Y" and with yellow tips, cyan eyes with slit-like pupils, and two cyan forehead lights. They also possess a black abdomen and a pair of cyan cybernetic wings, both of which are covered by a pair of red elytra with white tops and cyan outlines on the ends. Finally, they have six black legs attached to grey joints on their body, each with red armor on the lower half and two yellow claws. Their front legs in particular have thicker armor and a cyan outline.


TV series

Season two


A Beetle Bot working on the Super Slumber Satellite.

Multiple Beetle Bots were used by Dr. Eggman to assist the hypnotized villagers with the construction of the Super Slumber Satellite.[2] Another time, when Orbot became an independent villain, he took some Beetle Bot with him to attack City Hall, but these units were stopped by Team Sonic.[3] The Beetle Bots later aided Eggman on an excavation search for Ancient mech suits. On Eggman's order though, the Beetle Bots would attack Team Sonic when they showed up, only to get crushed by the heroes.[4] Another batch of Beetle Bots also got defeated by Team Sonic when Eggman used them for another onslaught on said team.[5] Later on, a Beetle Bot would capture a shrunken Nominatus, Beta and Retro in a jar for Eggman after the trio of viruses tried to take over the world.[6]

Eggman eventually attacked the Village with his Beetle Bots. There, they cornered a lone Sonic, as Eggman had intended. However, Sonic's team soon came and helped trash the Beetle Bots.[7] Later on, while holding Mighton and Bolts captive in his lair, Eggman had his Beetle Bots fight Team Sonic when they came to rescue his prisoners, but the Badniks quickly got smashed.[8] Within the hour, the others Beetle Bots got infected by malware from Hypnobot, who made them attack the Village alongside other infected robots. There, their onslaught was kept at bay by Team Sonic, whose members eventually split up, leaving the Beetle Bots with fewer foes to deal with.[9] As the battle raged on, the Beetle Bots slowly overwhelmed the remaining heroes, even after Og joined the fight, until the villagers began fighting back too. Hypnobot's control was subsequently broken, and the remaining Beetle Bots returned to Eggman.[10] The Beetle Bots fell under Hypnobot's command again though when he and Eggman made an alliance. Joining the villains' army for an invasion of Morristown, the Beetle Bots met opposition from Team Sonic and their allies after arriving in the city, until the heroes fell back when Hypnobot began turning the robots in the city against them. However, the Beetle Bots got beaten back when Team Sonic returned with Team Cybonic as support and destroyed Hypnobot, leaving those left to retreat with Eggman.[11]


Beetle Bots bombarding Sonic.

Eventually, T.W. Barker conned Eggman out of all his properties, effectively making the Beetle Bots his. The Beetle Bots would be used by Barker to attack Team Sonic, who had a hard time handling the Beetle Bots due to the strategies Barker deployed. However, the Beetle Bots turned on Barker when Eggman had them infected with a virus. After Eggman forced Barker to give him back his properties, the scientist deactivated his Beetle Bots' virus and had them battle Team Sonic again.[12] Sometime after, Eggman had one of his Beetle Bots help his robots turn his lair away from the Sunday breeze manually.[13] When Eggman then had to keep Sonic from delivering the doctor's order from Meh Burger to his lair within three minutes, in an attempt to humiliate Sonic for his incompetence at delivering his order on time, a Beetle Bot would serve as an obstacle at Eggman's lair. However, it could not keep Sonic from arriving on time.[14]

Eventually, Eggman had his Beetle Bots and other Badniks fight a losing battle against Team Sonic while he mo-capped the heroes' moves for a video game.[15]

Game appearances

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, the Beetle Bot made a cameo appearance amongst the sneak peaks at the concept artworks for the second season of Sonic Boom. Its concept artwork can be unlocked for one hundred Ragnium shards in Sonic's Shack.


Said to be bigger, meaner, and more dangerous than the classic Badniks,[16] the Beetle Bots only speak in shrills[11] and are single-minded, ruthless in battle and unquestioningly dedicated to their leader's orders. Other than that, they do not have any noteworthy personalities, despite possessing an AI.

Powers and abilities

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The Beetle Bot's force-field.

As per their design, the Beetle Bots can achieve flight using their wings.[2] In battle, they can generate force-fields for defense that can block attacks as powerful as Knuckles' punches and Sonic's spin attack without making the Beetle Bots flinch,[3][4] although enough sufficient blows will eventually break them down.[8] The Beetle Bots can also shoot electricity from their horns in the form of electrical bolts or long-ranged beams.[3][7] The fact that they are also able to dodge Sonic's highly accurate spin attack indicate they have surprisingly high agility as well.[7]

The Beetle Bots can be fitted with tethers carrying an attraction ray for picking up objects.[2] Their legs also serve as bombs which they can detach and drop on enemies from above.[12] As Eggman robots, they are also able to receive power remotely from Eggman's lair.[17]


Despite their updated design, the Beetle Bots are very fragile, just like the classic Badnik.[16] Also, their force-fields can only block frontal attacks, meaning their rears and sides are still vulnerable while their force-fields are up.[3]

Being Eggman robots, the Beetle Bots rely on Eggman's lair to provide them with power. As such, should the lair run out of power, then they will too.[17]


  • The Beetle Bots were first revealed in the concept art featured in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.
    • The Beetle Bots were the first new Badniks revealed in the concept art from Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice to appear in the Sonic Boom television series.
  • The Beetle Bot Bots were the first new Badniks introduced in season two of Sonic Boom to not engage in battle during their debut episode.
  • The Beetle Bots are the only Badniks with defensive abilities.
  • According to Bill Freiberger, the Beetle Bots were not based on a particular enemy from the Sonic the Hedgehog video games.[18]



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