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The Beehive is an enemy that appears in Tails Adventure. Akin to an obstacle, it is a hive for bees that will attack the player.


Exclusive to Green Island, the Beehives can be found in the trees where they contain tiny worker bees. These bees will come out of the beehive in an endless stream if the player gets too close to the hive and target Tails, causing damage to him upon touch.

Since the bees are relatively small, getting rid of them can be tough and passing by the hive is not easy. The player has to use bombs to destroy the hive, though using Napalm Bombs exclusively makes it easier. After destroying the hive though, the queen of the hive wakes up and starts ramming towards Tails. The player has to use another bomb to take the queen down. Like every other enemy in the game, Beehives and queen bees may drop one Ring each after being destroyed.

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