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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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For the Badnik in Sonic X-treme, see Beebot.

The Bee Bot[4] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a mass-produced, bee-based Badnik model created by Dr. Eggman which makes up a part of Eggman's robotic foot soldiers. They are usually stationed at Dr. Eggman's lair where they guard Eggman's fortress[5] and have been used against Team Sonic on numerous occasions.


An alternate-colored Bee Bot.

The Bee Bots are diminutive robots about as tall as Tails at average, though their size vary. As indicated by their template, they resemble mechanical bees. They have a silver thorax with a cyan-glowing engine attached on each side by a short wing, a black and yellow-striped abdomen, a red stinger with a cyan tip, and two sets of transparent pink wings on their back. Some Bee Bots have a red-striped abdomen and a yellow stringer however.[6] Finally, they have a silver, rhombus-shaped head with a small serrated mouth, two antennas and white/cyan eyes with slit-like pupils.


TV series

Season one

Bee Bots surrounding Tails.

When Tails invaded Eggman's lair to free UT, some Bee Bots would corner him before he gave his services to Eggman in exchange for UT's freedom. More Bee Bots were later stomped when trying to stop Team Sonic's rescue of Tails.[5] A squadron of Bee Bots were also given to Orbot and Cubot which helped the duo rob a warehouse and keep Team Sonic busy while they escaped with their loot.[7] Another squadron was called to the Awardy Awards to make the people give the Awardy Award to Eggman, but they had to flee when Team Sonic started counterattacking.[8] The Bee Bots later called in to stop Team Sonic from breaking Amy out of Eggman's lair, only to get destroyed and mess up the lair for Modern Lair Magazine.[9]

More Bee Bots were called into battle against Sonic after Eggman turned Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks evil. However, they got caught in the crossfire between Eggman's new allies as they turned on each other and were destroyed by Sonic and Eggman (the latter having been turned temporarily good).[10] Eggman soon after brought some Bee Bots to a revenge attack against Sonic and Tails at Sonic's Shack, only for them to get trashed.[11] Several Bee Bots also participated in Eggman's surprise party for Orbot and Cubot where they enjoyed the festivities until Eggman ended them.[12] Later, when Eggman needed to practice his reflexes, a lone Bee Bot helped him with the exercise which it eventually lost.[13] Sonic (while stuck in Eggman's body) later assumed command of the Bee Bots and the other Eggman robots for an attempt to recover his body from Eggman.[14] A lone Bee Bot and other Badniks were later on called in to battle Sonic after Eggman got out of a depression, only to get smashed.[15]

Bee Bots vs Sonic.

When he failed to sue Sonic legally, Eggman brought in some Bee Bots to fight him and Team Sonic.[16] Discovering a rock monster, a swarm of Bee Bots were deployed by Eggman to capture the giant. When the Bee Bots failed to contain the rock monster, they engaged Team Sonic, who protected the rock monster, only for Sonic to turn the Bee Bots against Eggman, making him retreat.[17] A Bee Bot would also join Eggman in a battle against Team Sonic in the jungle, only to get driven off by the heroes.[18] A lone Bee Bot later got a fond farewell from Orbot when he and Cubot left from feeling neglected by Eggman in favor of his new friend Nominatus. Shortly after, the Bee Bots were taken over by the rogue Nominatus for the purpose of destroying all life forms, who had a swarm of Bee Bots pursue Eggman to Team Sonic's location. There, the heroes held off the Bee Bots while Eggman's underlings beat Nominatus and stopped the Bee Bots.[19] Later on, Eggman sent some Bee Bots and other robots after Sonic when he wanted personal payback at the hedgehog. The bots got trashed when Sonic's team came to the rescue however.[20] The Bee Bots were subsequently abandoned when Eggman chose to desert technology. As the incompetent Lightning Bolt Society claimed Eggman's lair, they sent Bee Bot swarms on random rampages across the Village and the lair until Team Sonic and Eggman took back the lair.[21]

Multiple Bee Bots and other Badniks were later summoned by Eggman to kill Dave the Intern and destroy Chez Amy, but due to Team Sonic, they only accomplished the latter.[22] Eggman also brought in his Bee Bots to force Monkey-Boy into his service. Team Sonic, however, would destroy all the Bee Bots.[23] When later Eggman finished his mind-enslavement movie, a number of Bee Bots attended its premiere, but when the movie ended up a failure, they were sent away by Eggman.[24] Another time, Eggman brought some Bee Bots with him on an attack on Seaside Island, only for Team Sonic to destroy them in their track.[25] The Bee Bots later tried miserably defending Eggman's lair from a Knuckles from another dimension until Eggman caught him.[26] One other time, a Bee Bot squadron followed Eggman to the Valley of the Cubots to destroy the residential Cubot prototypes. However, many of them were destroyed by Sonic and Tails who protected the prototypes while the rest retreated.[27]

Slow-downed Bee Bots coming to Eggman's aid.

On New Year's Eve, a squadron of Bee Bots were summoned by Eggman to fight Sonic. However, because Eggman had already activated his Slow Motion Machine, the Bee Bots were so slow that Eggman had to forget them.[28] The Bee Bots later joined Eggman on a mission he sponsored to remove Knuckles as the host of the Comedy Chimp Show as a part of a sponsor deal with Comedy Chimp (during which the Bee Bots advertised Eggman Industries). However, they got beaten back by Team Sonic.[29] Another time, the Bee Bots were assigned to protect Hypnobot which Eggman used to steal Tails' inventions. While the Bee Bots held off Team Sonic though, Tails got Hypnobot back and had it stop the Bee Bots.[30]

When Eggman had a surplus of solar power, remotely super-charged Bee Bots were sicced on the Village, but Team Sonic destroyed them. Eggman later hid the Bee Bots in his lair from the Archipelago Homeowners Association, who were onto his illegal housing of robots, while he had them over for dinner to convince them he had no robots, or risk eviction. However, the Bee Bots went haywire from power overload during a thunderstorm and blew Eggman's cover. While Eggman avoided eviction by convincing the association that his Bee Bots were art, he spent the night getting them under control.[6] More Bee Bots later came to Eggman's aid while he was stealing a trophy and for once managed to get some hits on Team Sonic, whose image specialist held them back. However, the bots got destroyed once Team Sonic got rid of their image specialist.[31] When Team Eggman later launched an attack on Team Sonic, the Bee Bots would join the villains in their fight. Regardless, Team Eggman still got defeated.[32]

Season two

A Bee Bot confronted by Sonic.

To retaliate against Tommy Thunder's "challenge" on TV, Eggman brought some Bee Bots with him to fight Tommy. However, they were destroyed when Sonic came to Tommy's aid.[33] Another time, the Bee Bots came with Eggman to ambush the Village while Sonic was stuck on another plane of existence. Though the Bee Bots and other Badniks overwhelmed Team Sonic at first, they were wiped out once Tails brought Sonic to the fight.[34] The Bee Bots later came with Eggman to attack Sonic while the hedgehog was stuck on a floe, but the rest of Team Sonic soon arrived and eliminated them.[35]

The Bee Bots were summoned alongside other Badniks by Eggman to fight Team Sonic when they broke free of Dreamcaster's mind-control, but they were all defeated.[36] On another occasion, the Bee Bots came with Eggman to attack the Village, but most of them got destroyed when their group tried to penetrate the Village's new defense.[37] Fed up with Eggman's callous attitude, the Bee Bots would join Orbot and Cubot's strike action while also scorning Eggman's replacement lackeys. As they were about to give up though, Eggman cracked and agreed to treat them better (but still without respect).[3] The Bee Bots later tried destroying the Fuzzy Puppy Warehouse to boost the value of Eggman's Fuzzy Puppies collection, but were stopped by Team Sonic. Then, when Orbot became an independent villain, he took a Bee Bot with him to attack City Hall, but this one was stopped by Sonic.[38] The Bee Bots would soon after engage Team Sonic again, but the heroes easily wiped them out.[39] Not long after, more Bee Bots would fight Team Sonic again and lose, despite the heroes being short one member.[40]

Amy and her Bee Bot pet, Bea the Bee.

When Eggman brought some Bee Bots along to steal the Fregosi Sapphire, Team Sonic smashed most of them. Taking pity on a surviving Bee Bot, Amy named it "Bea", had it modified, and adopted it. Seeing this, Eggman took Bea back and had her join several Bee Bot look-alikes. This kept Team Sonic from attacking these Badniks while they helped Eggman steal the Fregosi Sapphire. The Bee Bots tried the same tactic when the team faced Eggman, but Amy used her training of Bea to single her out, enabling Team Sonic to smash the others. Though Bea still got damaged, she was fixed and returned to Amy.[41] The Bee Bots later got infected by malware from Hypnobot, who made them attack the Village alongside other infected robots. There, their onslaught was kept at bay by Team Sonic, whose members eventually split up, leaving the Bee Bots with fewer foes to deal with.[42] As the battle raged on, the Bee Bots slowly overwhelmed the remaining heroes, even after Og joined the fight, until the villagers began fighting back too. Hypnobot's control was subsequently broken, and the remaining Bee Bots returned to Eggman.[43] The Bee Bots fell under Hypnobot's command again though when he and Eggman made an alliance. Joining the villains' army for an invasion of Morristown, the Bee Bots met opposition from Team Sonic and their allies after arriving in the city, until the heroes fell back when Hypnobot began turning the robots in the city against them. However, the Bee Bots got beaten back when Team Sonic returned with Team Cybonic as support and destroyed Hypnobot, leaving those left to retreat with Eggman.[44]

With his FleaBots hindering Team Sonic, Eggman had his Bee Bots help his Crab Bots steal candy from a local store.[45] Several Bee Bots later attacked Team Sonic when Eggman lured the team into a trap, only to be destroyed by the heroes. Eggman soon called the Bee Bots in to fight Team Sonic once more, but they quickly got overpowered by the team.[46] Some time after, Eggman had a Bee Bot help his robots turn his lair away from the Sunday breeze manually.[47] Several Bee Bots would afterward be used by Eggman to attack Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. While fighting however, they got shut down when baby Chumley messed with Eggman's remote console.[48] When Eggman later had to keep Sonic from delivering the doctor's orders from Meh Burger within three minutes, in an attempt to humiliate Sonic for his incompetence at delivering his order on time, several Bee Bots and Crab Bots were used by Eggman to attack Sonic. However, they were held off by Sonic's friends. When Sonic then arrived at Eggman's lair to deliver the final order, several Bee Bots tried to stop him. However, they too could not keep Sonic from arriving on time.[49]

The Bee Bots commandeered by the King of the Bee Bots.

Before going to the Villain Retreat, Eggman programmed his Bee Bots to attack Team Sonic on sight, which annoyed the team to no end. Unable to make Orbot and Cubot call off the Bee Bots with Eggman gone, Team Sonic trapped the Bee Bots in a cave. However, a straggler Bee Bot joined Tails when he tested his Matter Transporter on himself, which caused them to be merged into a cyborg. Corrupted by the Bee Network, Tails freed the Bee Bots and took control of them to attack Team Sonic, who fell back when they saw that destroying Bee Bots hurt Tails. Sonic later drew Tails and the Bee Bots out, and Team Sonic managed to subdue Tails and separate him from his Bee Bot half (which Sticks promptly smashed).[50] The Bee Bots soon after met up with Eggman after he stole Bolts' intelligence chip. When Team Sonic, Mighton and Cyborg Sonic fought Eggman for the chip however, it ended up in a Bee Bot. Although it benefitted from the chip, the Bee Bot passed it onto another Badnik before it got smashed by the heroes. This continued until Eggman surrendered the chip after it ended up in Mombot.[51]

Archie Comics

Boom Shaka-laka

Bee Bots, from Sonic Boom #5.

Some Bee Bots were called in by Dr. Eggman to destroy Sonic, only to get smashed by Team Sonic. At the Eggtoberfest, Bee Bots hordes attacked the villagers on Eggman's orders when he could not earn the villagers' trust. Fortunately, the bots were wiped out by Team Sonic.[52]

During the Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix, a group of Bee Bots were deployed by Eggman to take Comedy Chimp out of the race. From above, the Bee Bots created talking holograms of Comedy Chimp's shoulder devil and shoulder angel who convinced him to crash.[53]

Game appearances

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

The Bee Bot in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom.

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, the Bee Bot is one of the enemies encountered during the stages. In this game, they are referred to as Buzz Bombers. They always fly above ground, so the player has too jump to attack them. Sometimes, they also shoot a laser beam at the ground, making it impossible to pass under them unharmed. Like other enemies, they can be defeated with a single attack.

In later updates to the game, the Bee Bot makes an appearance on the High Score menu, holding the eleventh place with a score of 50,000 points.


Only capable of speaking in incoherent buzzing, the Bee Bots are on the most part ruthless in battle, single-minded and unquestioningly dedicated to their leader's orders. While they have no noteworthy personalities, they do possess an AI that grants them a degree of free will and emotional capabilities, allowing them to make their own choices and express things like dislikes, festive behavior and celebrative actions.[3][12] Regardless of this, the Bee Bots are weak-willed and depend on Eggman to avoid being sent to the scrapheap, meaning they cannot act independently for long before coming groveling back to the doctor.[3]

Like actual bees, the Bee Bots possess a hive mind-based intelligence through an interconnected Bee Network.[50] Also, as per their programming, the Bee Bots will only obey orders after being threatened.[14]

Powers and abilities

A Bee Bot deploying a separate unit from its stinger.

The Bee Bots are capable of high-speed flight, almost matching that of Sonic's running speed,[17] and are quite nimble and agile. Combined with their size, this make them hard to hit.[7] For armaments, they possess a stinger than can fire energy beams or small devices and tools with pinpoint precision, like Honeycomb Cage units or nails.[17][41]

A Bee Bot projecting a hologram, from Sonic Boom #6.

The Bee Bots possess a couple of additional abilities. They have laser targeting system on their forehead and they are capable of projecting talking holograms.[13][53] They can as well detonate themselves, although that ability will destroy them.[41] As Eggman robots, they are also able to receive power remotely from Eggman's lair.[6][54]

Thanks to their interconnected Bee Network, the Bee Bots possess a hive mind-based intelligence, allowing them to share a collective consciousness between multiple bodies and communicate with each hive member telepathically.[50]


Though speedy and agile, the Bee Bots are quite fragile robots, as a single hit is enough to destroy them. They are not waterproof either, meaning dowsing them in water will cause them to short-circuit and fall apart.[43] Also, being Eggman robots, the Bee Bots rely on Eggman's lair to provide them with power. As such, should the lair run out of power, then they will too.[54]


  • The Bee Bots are based on the Buzz Bomber, a Badnik who first appeared in both the Sega Genesis and the Game Gear version of Sonic the Hedgehog. However, their name is implied to have been changed so to better describe what they are.[55]
  • The Bee Bots are the only ones among the original Badniks whose Mirror Dimension counterparts have yet to appear.
  • Cubot once referred to a swarm of Bee Bots as "Henchbots" [7]
  • As demonstrated by Bea the Bee, Bee Bots can ingest materials like nuts and oil.[41]
  • The Bee Bots have their own override passwords which Dr. Eggman can use to control them when they go rogue.[41]

See also


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