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For the Beaver Policeman's counterpart from another dimension, see Beaver Policeman (alternate dimension).

Quotation1 Not to alarm everyone, but eh... Eggman's attacking! Every man, woman and child for him, her and/or itself! But me first. Quotation2
— Beaver Policeman, "Tommy Thunder: Method Actor"

The Beaver Policeman[4] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He is an anthropomorphic beaver and a police sergeant[3] from the local police force in Hedgehog Village.


The Beaver Policeman is an anthropomorphic beaver with mostly brown fur, a round torso, relatively short legs, and thin arms. He also has beige fur on his stomach and wide muzzle, a slightly lighter brown beaver tail, small round ears, a medium-sized black snout, purple eyes, and a single large front tooth. For attire, he wears a police uniform which includes a blue jacket with a white shirt underneath it, a brown belt with a star emblazoned on the golden buckle, black gloves, and a blue police hat with a star emblem. He also carries a baton on his belt, a radio on his left shoulder and sometimes a whistle.


TV series


In the past, the Beaver Policeman underwent some form of training for his profession as an officer of the law.[5]

Season one


The Beaver Policeman meeting Orbot and Cubot.

The Beaver Policeman was among those that caught Willy Walrus when he broke into a helium warehouse. The next day, he was surprised by Orbot and Cubot who were looking for a "loud, stocky fellow." Assuming it was Willy, the Beaver Policeman told them he was in jail.[2]

With Eggman filling a lawsuit against Sonic, the Beaver Policeman served as the bailiff of the subsequent trial between the two foes, but left after the trial's dance party.[6] He and the Wolf Policeman were later called in to banish Sonic from the Unnamed Village when the hedgehog lost a bet, and kept him from returning. However, they let Sonic back once the Village Council unbanished him.[7]


The Beaver Policeman investigating the theft of Eggman's Particle Accelerator.

The Beaver Policeman later came to Eggman's Lair to investigate the theft of Eggman's Particle Accelerator. As Eggman accused Sonic of the theft, the Beaver Policeman was reluctant to arrest Sonic until the Wolf Policeman brought photos that tied Sonic into it. Before he could bring Sonic in though, he escaped and cleared his name.[3] Some time later, the Beaver Policeman came to the Robot Battle Royale, where he saw Eggman steal Tails' Hypnobot at the end.[8] Then, when it seemed like the Lightning Bolt Society tried to destroy Puppy Con, the Beaver Policeman arrested one of the members, Dave the Intern, although it later turned out that Eggman had framed them.[9]

Later on, the Beaver Policeman was enlisted by Knuckles the Echidna to act as a go-between the echidna and Charlie, a supervillain with a grudge at Knuckles, only for the officer to be scared out of his lunch money by Charlie's Mech Suit.[10]

Season two


A frighten Beaver Policeman warns about Eggman.

When Dr. Eggman attacked the Village Center, the Beaver Policeman formally warned the bystanders before making a cowardly escape himself.[11] He and the Wolf Policeman would later (with some aid) arrest Sticks for destroying Comedy Chimp's studio.[12] A while afterward, the Beaver Policeman faced some Mantis Bots when malware-infected robots overran Hedgehog Village, but quickly lost his cool. Spurred on by Knuckles though, he held his ground until the robots withdrew.[5] The Beaver Policeman would some time after help quarantine Team Sonic upon learning that they had fleas. He and his associates would later release the team after they realized that they needed them to stop Eggman's latest mischief, but left them to solve their flea problem.[13]

When T.W. Barker acquired a "haunted lair", the Beaver Policeman went to visit it. However, he forwent the lair when he heard Eggman, who got tossed out of the lair, rant about it being a hoax.[14] Another time, the Beaver Policeman used his authority to disperse a crowd, only to try calling them back to see a crime scene he had noticed. He soon after helped arrest Wolf Sidekick, who had seemingly stolen Amy's Hammer. When Vector and Sonic discovered that the real thief was Dixon however, the Beaver Policeman helped arrest Dixon.[15]


The Beaver Policeman is a dutiful and diligent police officer with experience in tense situations.[3][7][10] Not reckless in the usage of authority, he refuses to make arrests unless the evidence is clear.[3]

Although dedicated to handling mundane tasks, the Beaver Policeman shows a somewhat cowardly side when he feels threatened, and, while he will not let this stand in the way of his duties, he priorities his own well-being in such cases.[10] He also usually leaves Team Sonic to handle the more violent attacks on the Village and is rather contend with his police force's sloppy dedication.[13] The Beaver Policeman also has a curious quirk that makes him spit out his drinks over the smallest of surprises or comments.[2]

Powers and abilities



The Beaver Policeman's baton.

For self-defense, the Beaver Policeman carries around a black baton with a brown wrist strap. He also carries a radio for staying in contact with the authorities.[7]


  • The Beaver Policeman's character model is derived from Admiral Beaverton's.
  • Over the course of the Sonic Boom television series, the Beaver Policeman has had different English voice actors. According to Bill Freiberger, this is because the developers were still in the development of the characters' voices while the episodes were being produced.




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